Break the Mould: How & Why You Should Embrace New Makeup Looks

We all have our signature makeup routine that makes us feel confident and ready to take on the day. But let’s be honest, sometimes a little makeup rut can set in and ten or so years later you suddenly realise that you’ve had the same look since you were a teenager. The smoky eye and liner flick that you perfected years ago starts to feel, well, predictable. That’s where stepping outside of your comfort zone comes in!

I fondly look back at my differing hairstyles over the years, from blonde to brunette, green, blue and orange, yet despite the many stages of my colour changing mane, my makeup has stayed exactly the same. Time for a glow up? I think so!

Why Embrace New Makeup Looks?

Playing with makeup is more than just about looking good, although that’s definitely a perk! Let’s take a minute to ponder why you should consider shaking things up:

  • Boost Your Creativity: Makeup is a beautiful form of self-expression and trying out new techniques and colours can truly spark your creativity, allowing you to explore different sides of yourself and personality.
  • Discover Hidden Gems: You might be surprised by what you love. That bold lip colour that you’ve always avoided might now become your new go-to for a night out. Just like our taste in food preferences and music changes with time, so does our style.
  • Up Your Skills: Experimenting with different makeup looks can help you hone your application skills, making you a more confident makeup artist, if only for yourself and friends for a night out!

Conquering Your Comfort Zone: A Step-by-Step Guide

So if you’re feeling a tingle of inspiration to break free from your old makeup routine, then let’s get ready to make the jump:

  • Start Small: Don’t dive headfirst into full-on avant-garde makeup. Instead we can begin with subtle changes such as trying a new shade of lipstick or a different style of eyeliner and building from there.
  • Find Inspiration: Social media is an absolute treasure trove of makeup looks! I personally follow makeup artists and stylists that I admire and browse beauty hashtags for inspiration to screenshot and refer back to at a later date.
  • Practice Makes Progress: We shouldn’t expect perfection right away as it takes time to build skills and get that iconic eye flick or flawless lip line. Let’s treat makeup application as a fun activity to experiment with and enjoy this act of self-love and discovery. Ultimately, the more that you practice anything, the more comfortable you’ll eventually become at it.
  • Embrace the Mistakes: We’ve all been there – the eyeshadow that went rogue or the blush that landed in an unexpected spot. But don’t get discouraged! See it as a learning experience and have fun fixing it – makeup wipes are definitely my friend!

Oulac Cosmetics Mystery Makeup Bundles

Confession time: I am rubbish at shaking up my makeup routine, as I’ve had the same finger-tapping eyeshadow application technique since I was a teen and still use the same foundation that I randomly chose several years ago because I know the exact placement on the shelf in the store next to my gym and it’s conveniently familiar and routine.

So when I saw that vegan-friend, Peta Approved, Oulac Cosmetics have mystery makeup bundles at such bargain prices I couldn’t resist making great savings whilst experimenting with my style. Sometimes the more choice that you have the more overwhelming change seems, so having somebody pick something out for you and being open-minded towards trying new things can remove that first hesitant step.

Within the Oulac Cosmetics Mystery Makeup Bundles you receive a random selection of three of their amazing products, which range between $9.95 to $15.95 in full retail value, totalling a minimum of $29. The selection of the products that you receive is entirely random and you’re guaranteed to receive goods that are worth more than the price that you paid for the bundle.

The mystery bundles consist of a wide selection of products ranging from Metallic Shine Lipstick, Infinity Moisture Shine Lipstick, Liquid Diamond Eyeshadow, Moisture Shine Lipstick, Crystal Shine Gloss Lipstick, Cream Color Eyeshadow, Blush Mono, Kissproof Liquid Matte Lipstick, Sensual Glow Rich Crème Lipstick, Cream Shadow Stick, Velvet Matte Lipstick, Bronzer, Brow & Eye Perfect Finishing Compact, Stay Real Sculpting Concealer, Nourishing Skin to Skin Matching Foundation, Oulac Face Powders and more.

In my mystery bundle I received Oulac Metallic Shine Lipstick in shade 10 Sahara Gold, Oulac Liquid Diamond Glow Colour eyeshadow in shade SA05 Freshwater and Oulac Moisture Shine Lipstick in shade 07 First Love giving me a new colour palette of deep rose and warm brown lip colours with a light teal liquid eyeshadow. A far cry from my usual black eyeliner and brown eyeshadow combo that I’ve fallen into a rut with.

Having blue eyes, I’ve never thought to wear blue eye shadow before, let alone experienced a liquid version which glides on so smoothly comapred to powder without creasing and looking heavy or caked. I used it lightly across my eyelids and more concentrated on my waterline without eyeliner and love the naturally bright look that it achieved. This liquid tint colour can be used anywhere across the face, on lips and cheeks as well as the eyes, but would perhaps be more suited to browns and pinks in this instance as a blush or contour.

The lipsticks are so pretty and leave my lips so kissably soft thanks to the 90% moisture emollients and flower extracts, creating the most glossy, effortless sweep of rich colour with a dewy shine like a balm. The metallic gold sahara shade works so beautifully with my blue eyeshadow and comes in the most stunning gold case. The more compact and deeper rosy shade of first love is perfect for popping into a small clutch bag for afternoon to evening glam and gives me such Audrey Hepburn vibes.

I hope that in sharing my willingness to embrace change here, the next time that you reach for your makeup bag you’ll take a deep breath and grab that bold eyeshadow palette or bright lipstick you’ve been eyeing up but talking yourself out of. Makeup is for everyone! There are no rules or limits and you should never be afraid to try something new because you think that it won’t suit you – how can you possibly know what you like until you try it for yourself first? Makeup is all about having fun and expressing yourself, ultimately enhancing your unique and natural beauty as an individual.

Wear whatever makes you feel good. If a new trend doesn’t resonate with you then there is no need to force it. There are endless possibilities to explore, so have fun finding what makes you shine brightest and grab yourself a mystery box or two to get started on your own journey of self-discovery!

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