Correcting Lip Asymmetry With Dermal Fillers

It’s been a few years since I last had my lips filled and as temporary dermal fillers naturally dissolve and are metabolised by the body, asymmetry can occur when certain areas retain volume and others don’t. It’s well passed time for a top-up, so I popped to Aesthetic Clinic London, on New Cavendish Street, on my lunch break for a touch of TLC.

In my one hour appointment I had 1ml of dermal filler to my lips as well as anti-wrinkle injections to my forehead, frown lines and crows feet and I’m absolutely thrilled with my results. Here’s what’s involved in the maintenance of dermal fillers…

I’ve had my lips filled a handful of times over the past several years and as such my lips are able to retain previous filler, which means that they don’t completely empty and return to looking like my natural lips which lacked shape and volume.

Having fillers added to already filled lips is more of an art form as there may be lumps of old filler, asymmetry and migration to contend with, so it’s important to find a practitioner who is skilled in working with non-virgin lips.

(L) My Lips Before My Dermal Filler Top Up (R) My Lips Directly After My Dermal Filler Top Up

As you can see from my before and after pictures here, my top lip was asymmetrical with one side higher than the other due to the loss in volume caused by time and my previous filler breaking down. My bottom lip was also smaller than my top lip which had also lost definition.

It’s down to personal preference wether you want your top and bottom lip to be different or the same sizes. You can also decide how many appointments to have to achieve your desired size as 1ml of filler is added each time before healing in between. As I’ve had previous filler I only needed a 1ml top-up which took place in a 1hr appointment.

Having My Lips Topped Up With 1ml Of Dermal Filler

Having lip fillers in previously-filled lips doesn’t feel any more uncomfortable to me, as in all honesty I can’t remember exactly how painful it was the very first time for me as it was so long ago. However, the difference for the practitioner is that a greater pressure is applied when injecting the filler into the lip, but as a patient I really couldn’t tell.

My lips were completely numbed prior to my treatment with a topical cream so that the needle felt like a short sharp scratch that lasts less than a second for insertion only and wasn’t painful at all. Listening to music, closing my eyes and chatting in between injections, the time passed so quickly and within around 20 or so short injections my lips were complete.

Having An Anti-Wrinkle Treatment To My Forehead, Frown Lines & Crows Feet

I then had anti-wrinkle injections to my forehead, frown lines and crows feet which didn’t require numbing as the needle is far smaller than the one used for filler. My facial muscles were marked with a white pencil as I frowned, smiled and raised my eyebrows and a series of injections were administered across several minutes before my treatment was complete.

I am absolutely thrilled with my results, with my lips being swollen immediately after my treatment and my anti-wrinkle injections taking effect over the next ten days to relax my muscles and remove my fine lines and expression lines. I was given my aftercare advice and lip balm at the end of my appointment and free to continue my day.

(L) During My 1hr Aesthetics Appointment (R) DIrectly After Treatment With My Wonderful Practitioner

I’m thrilled with my results at Aesthetic Clinic London and had the most wonderful experience. My practitioner really took the time to listen to what I wanted and explain to me what was realistically achievable and what would suit me. She talked me through my face structure and symmetry as well as assessing my previously-filled lips to determine which product and procedure would create the best results for my needs, as believe it or not, there are many techniques that can be used to fill lips.

Much like having a hairdresser who understands your vision inside and out for your perfect hair, finding an aesthetic practitioner who is sympathetic to your features and is capable of creating individual results is absolutely priceless. The information, advice and aftercare have been exceptional and I highly recommend this clinic to my friends, family and followers who are local to London.

24hrs After Treatment

One day after my treatment the extent of swelling and bruising from the procedure is now visible which is completely normal and nothing to be concerned about. This will reduce over the coming days and around a weeks time I will be able to see my full and final results.

My lips feel like they are swollen, I can’t whistle or suck a straw properly, much like after being at the dentist and having a numbing injection, but this will return to normal over the coming days and weeks as they heal.

(L) My Lips Directly After Treatment (R) My Lips 24hrs After Treatment

Having any form of injection can lead to bleeding, bruising and swelling and it’s impossible to predict how severe it will be in the lips from one treatment to the next. I’ve had my lips bleed heavily in the past and several bruises that make my whole lip look like I’m wearing purple lipstick, but this time I’ve been very fortunate to have avoided noticeable bruising and just have a little redness at the injection sites which will soon heal.

I always enjoy the swelling process as my lips look and feel so big and juicy, but this will go down as they heal to a smaller size and then I will miss the plumpness of swelling. I’d recommend if you’re considering having lip filler or a filler top up and are concerned with swelling and bruising that you aim to have your treatment on a Friday, or towards the end of the week, so that you can relax over the weekend and allow swelling and bruising to come out before returning to work.

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