Ditching The Salon: Why At-Home Manicures Are The Secret Weapon For Busy People

We all know the feeling, you desperately want a fresh manicure, but squeezing a salon visit into your already packed schedule feels absolutely impossible. Enter the wonderful world of at-home manicures! Never underestimate the power of painting your own nails, because DIY manis might just be the perfect solution for you…

Saving Time And Money

Salon appointments can eat up a big chunk of your busy day, not to mention your purse. Doing your nails at home allows you to not only skip the chaotic commute but the cost of the service itself. Simply invest in a good base coat, some polish colours that you love, and voila – salon-worthy nails whenever you want, without the hefty price tag.

Freedom And Flexibility: 

Who says you have to be stuck with the same nail colour for weeks on end? With an at-home manicure, you can change your polish as often as the mood takes you. Feeling sassy on a Tuesday? Rock that bold red! Want something calming for the weekend? Why not go for a serene lavender! The choice is entirely yours, whenever you have a free moment.

Self-Care Sanctuary

You can easily transform your manicure routine into a mini spa day! By lighting some candles, putting on your favourite tunes and donning a face mask, you can take some well deserved time to focus on your self-care which can be a surprisingly relaxing, loving and meditative experience.

Boost Your Confidence 

There’s something undeniably empowering about a well-done manicure. Those perfectly polished nails can instantly elevate your look and make you feel more put-together and confident, no matter what you’re wearing. Practice makes perfect!

Learning A New Skill

Mastering the art of the at-home manicure can be such a fun and rewarding experience. There are tons of tutorials online to guide you through the process, and with a little practice, you’ll be a pro in no time. Plus, you’ll gain the satisfaction of knowing that you can achieve a beautiful manicure yourself, and treat your friends and family too, if you’re feeling generous.

Manucurist Paris LED Gel Polish Green Flash Set

The Manucurist is dedicated to offering clean, green and innovative at-home nail products to support not only healthy hands, but also a happy planet. Curated from carefully selected clean ingredients, their formulas have a strict black list to exclude toxic, sensitising, petroleum-based and otherwise harmful ingredients.

They never use animal products or ingredients in their formulation, production, or manufacturing which I find to be such a huge plus point that their products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals. Made in France, they work with suppliers who align with their heartfelt values to assure constant improvements to their environmental and social commitments.

Striving for the cleanest, safest formulas possible, I adore how they are always looking to replace toxic and sensitising chemicals with plant-based options wherever possible, making all of their products proudly vegan, cruelty-free and up to 99% plant-based. They’ve certainly earned the label Green Flash!

Green Flash is the first LED nail polish to replace traditional gel, offering long-lasting colour and super easy self-removal to prevent damage to your natural nails. Most gel polish allergies come from the twelve most common toxic chemicals found within traditional varnishes, including methyl acrylate monomers, for which this multi award-winning nail polish contains none of them.

I’m so excited to have the Green Flash Gel Polish essentials set which contains: 1x base coat, 1x top coat, 1xGreen Flash Gel Polish Remover, 1x nail clips and 1 x slim nail travel lamp, along with three beautiful nail colour shades for everything that I need to get started from home, or on the go, to achieve and maintain the nails of my dreams.

This stunning nail polish dries instantly under an LED lamp for an ultra long-lasting glossy and luxurious finish, which can conveniently also be removed in a flash. Some may say that it’s the ultimate clean alternative to traditional gel polish, and is certainly a breeze to apply, without the need for a nail technician or beauty training.

Achieving flawless nails takes just a matter of minutes with the easy application of four coats of polish; a clear base coat is followed by two coats of the colour of your choice, and a final clear top coat for which the lamp has its own time setting for each of these three stages of curing, labelled “base” “colour” and “top”. I love how shiny, strong and long-lasting the vibrant nail colours look, keeping my nails looking and feeling their best from the gym floor to doing the dishes, typing all day at my desk and cooking up a storm.

Removing the nail polish is equally as straightforward, as you soak a cotton pad with the nail polish remover and use the clips provided to hold it in place for one minute before wiping it off. To think that I can have a whole new set of nails in the comfort of my own home, in just thirty minutes, when I’d previously spend 20mins under the dryer at the salon for my final top coat is mind-blowing. No more driving to the salon, hunting out a parking space in thew rain or spending £70.00 per month on silently toxic nails, before tipping the technician.

With up to ten days of stunning shiny colour, it makes so much sense to go green, and I’m over the moon to have discovered such an eco-conscious cruelty-free brand. I’m confident that if I can do it, anybody can. From the clearly labelled three-step colour application, to the pre-programmed LED lamp, they’ve clearly put so much thought into the consumer experience to make it a relaxing and low-maintenance form of self-love and self-care.

Reassuringly, Green Flash meets all European standards, and in not containing any sensitising substances or monomers and methyl acrylate which are found in many traditional gel polishes, many of their customers have testified how they have been able to use their products safely from home, despite being allergic to salon gel polish.

So, why not ditch the appointment book and embrace the world of DIY manicures from home! You might just surprise yourself with your skills, and enjoy the many benefits that come along with taking care of yourself from the comfort of your own home. And the money that you’ll save in the process? Why not invest it in an adventure, holiday, new hobby or gym membership to make every aspect of your life as beautiful as your nails!

Use code “GLOWFORTRACYY” for 15% off at Manucurist!

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