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Having rather fine and flyaway hair, following my second pregnancy and transition to veganism I noticed that my long glossy locks have become damaged and weak with age, lifestyle and time. My hair was so thick and healthy as a child, yet years of bleaching, heat damage and bad hair extensions have really taken their toll on my tresses.

No more pain, unnecessary damage or exposed extensions tape and clips – halo hair extensions are a groundbreaking new beauty craze and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a set!

Halo Hair Extensions Are Every Girls Best Kept Secret!

Halo hair extensions are a revolution in instant hair extensions as they work by simply hanging a set of hair extensions in place onto your head with an invisible wire rather than binding them to your existing hair. Much like putting on a hat, the hair extensions sit under your natural hair and are perfectly undetectable as they can be fitted and removed in seconds.

Whilst I’ve previously had hair extensions glued, sewn and clipped into my hair, after just half an hour of wearing heavy extensions my scalp always begins to ache from the excess weight and it pulls at and breaks the existing healthy hair that I do have left. My head is left feeling sore and itchy where the skin and hair has been pulled, irritated and damaged and so this is something that prevents me from wearing traditional hair extensions for as long and as often as I’d like to.

My Hair Before & After Halo Hair Extensions

Having never used rings or tape-in hair extensions before I decided to give halo extensions a go for the very first time as a quick and easy instant way to have thicker, fuller and longer hair without the hassle of needing extensions fitted professionally at a salon. Whilst I wouldn’t wear hair extensions everyday, it’s nice to be able to choose how and when to style my hair and feel more glamourous by having extensions to hand with very little skill or experience necessary to use them. If I can do it then anybody can!

My AmazingBeauty Halo Hair Extensions are super easy, safe and instant to apply with no clips, beads, or glue and it’s just as straight-forward as tying up your own hair. I slip the halo band onto the top of my head, lift the top section of my hair with my fingers and smooth it into place over the extensions to hide them. The hair extensions are of a beautiful quality, glossy, rich, lightweight, comfortable and undetectable once applied as they are made from 100% Remy Virgin human hair with a silky straight texture.

Amazing Beauty Use The Finest 100% Remy Human Hair For Extensions

Seeing as I have shoulder length hair I have my halo hair extensions at a 16″ length in a colour #30 light auburn to match my dyed hair. The extensions come with an adjustable clear halo wire attached to the hair so that I can shorten or lengthen how my extensions hang in place, which means that I don’t need to worry about my hair growing or being shorter after having a trim as I can simply adjust the band length of extensions to suit my own hairline.

The hair weighs just 100g which is incredibly comfortable and lightweight which means that it doesn’t tug or pull on my existing hair, and it can be heat styled and dyed as if it were my own with a life expectancy of a year with proper maintenance.

Halo Hair Extensions Are Instant To Apply & Completely Undetectable

Whilst more and more ladies turn to wigs, extensions and hairpieces to achieve the perfect locks – sometimes at the cost and health of their own natural hair – I’m pleased to have found a pain-free solution to my naturally fine hair. AmazingBeautyHair have such high quality human hair at a very reasonable price – something that shouldn’t be compromised with extensions as it’s obvious to spot fake, cheap and plastic-looking clip-in’s.

Halo hair extensions are perfectly undetectable, easy to use and transform my hair and appearance in seconds – these will undoubtedly become every girls best kept hair-secret!

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