How To Get Voluminous Curls For Your Next Event

Curling your hair can be one of the most awkward ways to style it – and this largely depends on the type of hair you have. Some hair doesn’t like to stay in places and no matter what you do it will feel like no style will ever work – but don’t worry – we have the solution! 

How To Get Voluminous Curls For Your Next Event


Today we are going to talk about the steps you can take to create the most stunning voluminous curls that will last for hours and give you a beautiful classic look. Here are the steps you should take before your next big event. 

Wash the night before 

The first step actually happens the night before you go out. You should wash your hair thoroughly as well as condition it, and allow it to air dry for a while as you continue with your evening routine.Joico shampoo is a great choice here and it will prepare your hair for heat as well as styling naturally overnight. 

Sleep with heatless curls 

The second step in your curling process is a pre-curl process that will add volume, a curl pattern, and some stunning waves to the hair even before you refine with with a curling iron. When your hair is about 80% dry, brush it well and place it high on top of your head in a scrunchie. Once you have your hair in a high pony it is time to take small sections and wrap them around your finger to form a curl. Once a curl is formed, Bobby pin this close to the scrunchie. Repeat around the head and you should have a bun which is full of curls. Sleep in this overnight. 

Brush hair out and curl 

Once it is time to get ready for your event the next day, take out your curls and high pony. The high pony will have lifted your roots up to provide volume, and you should also have some stunning bouncy curls. Now it is time to brush out the curls gently and watch your hair bounce into place. 

Now take a curling iron and start to go over your curls to refine them and reshape any that you don’t like. After every single piece, hold it in your hand as it cools and spray it with hairspray. 

Use hairspray on every strand 

It is important to cover your hair in hairspray if you are the kind of person who never manages to keep curls in. Don’t be shy here, spray as much as you can and this will hold you hair in place and ensure it stays voluminous. Allow all curls to cool completely. 

Use a wide tooth comb 

Once cooled, take a wide tooth comb and gently comb through the curls to separate them and make the curls look more voluminous. Once you have done this, once last blast of hairspray will keep everything in place and allow you to maintain stunning looking curls for hours and hours. 

Try this method and go to your next event looking stunning with bouncy curls. 

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