Introduction To Modelling

If you wish to become a model then one of the most important things you need to do is join a good modelling agency. Selecting the right agency for you is not a decision that should be taken lightly. After all, this agency is going to have a massive bearing on whether you make it in the industry or not. Thus, you need to research each and every agency with extreme care.

An Introduction To Modelling

Read reviews that have been left by previous models and look at the work they have done so far in order to be confident that they are right for you. Nonetheless, before you can consider any of this it is important to be knowledgeable regarding the role of an agency. How do they actually work? Let’s find out…

A modelling agency will work to get you jobs. They give you the exposure you need and in return they will take commission from your pay cheque. They amount of money they take differs from agency to agency. Most tend to take around 20 per cent whicg tends to work better than simply paying the agency a set fee. After all, if the agency knows they have to find you work in order to get paid you know that they are going to work a lot harder to ensure you are getting a constant flow of modelling jobs.

On a final note, you will also typically be assigned an agent as well. This individual is responsible for scrutinising every job that comes their way and determining whether you will be right for it or not. After all, you cannot turn up to each and every modelling audition. There’s no point if you do not fit the criteria set in place. In addition to this, your agent will be responsible for sending out your composite card as well. This shows you in approximately five different poses and is necessary prior to auditions in most instances.  

There are several different techniques used by agencies in order to ensure you are getting modelling work. Firstly it all begins with giving you the right amount of exposure. You will have a page on their website providing potential clients with your key details and a diverse selection of photographs to look at. Modelling agencies also keep books of their models containing photographs and a list of the clients you have worked for so far. You will of course be featured in this as well.

In addition to this, a lot of model agencies help you to get jobs by bettering you. They will give you the advice you need in order to have a better chance of making it in the industry. They may provide you with information regarding perfecting your catwalk or the latest makeup techniques. They will tell you how to act when you turn up to a casting. Or, if you are struggling to make bookings they will advise you on where they think you are going wrong. They can be your point of call whenever you have a concern or a query.

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What to Look for in a Commercial Modelling Agency

The world of modelling is appealing to most. It is an illustrious career that many dream of having. But unfortunately the popularity of modelling has resulted in a lot of rogue agencies appearing as a result. These are companies who are using people’s dreams to try and fund their own monetary gain. They lack the experience, qualifications and know-how to take your career to the next level. It can be a trap that is easy to fall into.

Aside from this, you also need to make sure you find a commercial modelling agency that suits your wants and needs too. Different agencies are suited to various types of models and thus you need to find one that fits into your vision.


One of the first things you need to look out for in a commercial modelling agency is whether they are going to provide you with enough exposure in order to be booked for modelling jobs. There is no point in going for an agency if their website is rarely viewed and if they do not have substantial contacts in the industry. Start-up companies may offer you cheaper prices and better rates but that is because they are unknown, and being unknown isn’t great in the world of modelling.

Current models

Take a look at the models represented by the agency at present. Do you fit into their mold? There are some agencies that represent a diverse selection of people, yet others are a lot more niche. If you are the girl next door and want to be used in commercial advertisements then you won’t reap much benefit from high fashion and quirky editorial style modelling agencies. You need to find a company who plays towards your strengths.


An Agent Will Be Able To Find You Assignments That Are Most Suitable

Experience relates to the earlier point regarding exposure. After all, the more experience a company has then it is likely that they will have a higher level of exposure and better contacts in the industry too. Nevertheless, experience is also important because it means that the company has a higher chance of knowing how to get the best out of you. They will have been around long enough to know all of the tricks of the trade to improve your chances of booking a modelling job.

Their human side

Unfortunately, there have been a lot of stories about modelling agencies that do not have any thought or feeling for the people on their books. This is why it is so important to find an agency that cares about you as a person. They should encourage you to better yourself in other aspects of your life, whether this means taking a course in business administration online (MA) or learning how to fulfil another passion so that you have multiple options. If you don’t want your entire life to revolve around modelling then it shouldn’t have to. Your modelling agency should respect that and cater their approach to suit you.

Frequently updated website

In addition to this, you need to make sure the agency’s website is frequently updated. The company should be doing all in their power to ensure you have the best chance of attracting attention. A great way of ensuring this is the case is by analysing several agencies’ websites over a certain period of time. Take a look to see who is updating their website frequently and who is being lackadaisical.


And finally, you should also do your research on the agency in order to decipher whether they have a credible reputation or not. The last thing you want to do is to associate yourself with a company who has received negative attention in the industry as this may reflect badly on you. 
Now you should have a better understanding when it comes to modelling and what is entailed. There is a lot to consider but a good agency is the best starting point.

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