Meeting Boditronics Fitness Model Frankie Boers

Now I’ve been guilty of following the public’s mass opinion that if you want to lose weight then you should eat less, as every delicious morsel of food that graces your lips spends a lifetime on your hips and don’t I know it! Therefore in order to become slim surely you have to live with constant hunger pains, the denial of any flavoursome food, have the willpower of a God to live on crazy diets of only apples or mounds of meat and drink smelly blended baby food for the rest of your life; not true.

I Met With Frankie Boers, A Female Bodybuilder For Training And Diet Advice

I Met With Frankie Boers, A Female Bodybuilder For Training And Diet Advice

Today I met the gorgeous and inspiring Frankie Boers, a Boditronics fitness model for the past six years who blew me away with her positive attitude, bags of energy, insane strength and refreshing outlook on food. She talks to people about adapting supplements into their daily nutrition to help them to achieve their fitness goals within a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle whether it be to trim off excess fat or bulk up their muscle mass.

She advises people not to starve themselves to lose weight or try fad diets, but instead to eat six real meals across the day to keep the body fuelled with supplements added in to meet your training needs. As a former bulimic, Frankie beat her eating disorder and became a health conscious body builder and is living proof that fit doesn’t mean thin. With the ability to lift six-times her body weight she’s far from the average female, yet says that every girl can achieve the same. Favouring weight training five times per week Frankie has a body that women aspire to have and through her fantastic work and team of girls they educate the public to eat well, exercise and lose weight the safe way with long term results.

How refreshing it is to meet a real woman with the drive and determination to make such a life changing decision on their outlook on food; literally from one end of the scale to the other Frankie is living proof that we are all capable to eat well, enjoy a little bit of what we fancy (in her case two whole pizzas in one sitting) and still look amazing.

Boditronics Fitness Model Frankie Boers And Tracy Kiss

Boditronics Fitness Model Frankie Boers And Tracy Kiss

So wether you are looking to lose those excess pounds, bulk up, increase your stamina or even compete at a professional level get in touch with Boditronics and find out how best they can help you to achieve your goals. It isn’t about starvation, living off of powdered shakes or denying yourself everything you love, but striking a balance and helping to enhance your workout with the correct supplementation. Have a look at my chat with the fabulous Frankie here:

Speaking after with Tom Davenport a personal trainer at The Gym Works in Tring, I found out more about why ladies are turning to expensive fad diets and yo-yoing with their weight because of it.

“It is a business. The fact is people who are looking to lose weight have a poor diet to start with and could easily lose the excess pounds if they just ate the correct amount of real balanced foods. The ‘lose weight quick’ fix doesn’t exist, it is all full of fillers and proteins that are waste products of milk and do nothing to help you maintain your weight longterm. All it is doing is limiting calories and chucking a powdered vitamin pill into the mix to make it look nutritious, but through clever marketing it sells, hence the amazing claims. People who are unmotivated and hate the thought of exercise will cling to anything that sounds good. Sadly the people who sing the praises of these fad shakes are either make money from it so they are protecting their invested interest by defending it, or they were committed to using it to get fast results in the short term that they would have gotten anyway if they had adjusted their diet, but once they begin to eat real food again the weight will go straight back on. You cannot really beat real food, it’s what you are designed to live off of and it’s far more enjoyable and satisfying than starving yourself with a ‘miracle shake’. Living off of shakes destroys your metabolism by slowing down your peristalsis and your ability to deal with solid food; it also wrecks your stomach acid balance and leads to a myriad of problems further down the line. Not only is it an unsustainable way to live, but it’s also expensive and sooner or later you will have to go back to a normal diet having wasted a tonne of money. Once you begin eating solid food again you will put more weight back on, then go back on the powder shakes in order to lose the weight and before you know it you’re hooked and it’s a vicious and expensive cycle of yo-yo dieting, which is exactly what these companies selling it want – repeat custom! All you really need to do is address your food intake and take regular exercise and you’ll lose weight through a balanced lifestyle.”

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