Correcting Lip Asymmetry With Fillers

I’ve been having lip fillers since my mid to late twenties as it only really became fashionable just a handful of years ago. Being of Hungarian heritage, most people in my family have very flat and undefined top lips – myself included – and as such I benefit greatly by using temporary fillers to balance out my upper and bottom lip ratio. Here I’ve returned to Vie Aesthetics for a routine top up of lip filler.

Vie Aesthetics Correcting Lip Asymmetry With Fillers

Looking at my before and after pictures here it’s clear to see that my upper lip still has remnants of my previous filler, as there is still some height and definition, but this lessens with every passing month where temporary fillers naturally dissolve and are metabolised by the body. Each individual person is unique and therefore it varies as to how long the results will last. As a rule of thumb I have lip fillers every 4-8 months to maintain a natural shape and size.

For this procedure I had 0.5ml of Juvederm Voluma filler – half of a syringe – to balance out the height and volume of my upper lip which sticks further out than my bottom lip. Into my top lip I have had around one third of my 0.5ml syringe and my bottom lip has been plumped and the corners upturned with the remaining two thirds of the syringe. If my lips were totally free from filler then I would have had a full 1ml syringe to achieve this same look which is about one teaspoon of filler in volume.

My Vie Aesthetics Lip Filler Results Have Plumped Up My Lips & Provided Greater Protrusion

Prior to treatment commencing I spoke with Dr Ioannis Liakas about the desired look that I wanted to achieve and always feel at ease and in safe hands as he is so highly skilled and professional having spent many years worthing within medicine and aesthetics. I know wholeheartedly that the results will be precise, flawless and perfectly undetectable which I feel is very important when preventing a fake or over-done appearance with fillers – unless you want it to be very obvious of course!

I would recommend to anybody starting out with temporary fillers, or considering trying them for the first time, to begin with a minimal volume to best understand how they work and effective ways to balance the appearance of the face. Temporary fillers can be removed with a dissolving injection, but if applied professionally in small amounts to begin with there will be no need to undo them. We are all born to be naturally asymmetrical, which isn’t a bad thing as it makes us the unique and beautiful creatures that we are, but the smallest of tweaks and corrections in alignment and sizing of our features can really make the biggest difference to our appearance which I have discovered since reaching my thirties and looking to regain the plumpness and volume of my youth lost to ageing.

My Lips Are Numbed With A Local Anaesthetic Prior To Treatment

Whilst I used to rely on heavily applied makeup in my youth to correct the size and shape of my features with clever tricks and pencilled and powdered contours, fillers now allow me to look and feel my best whilst being totally makeup free and because of this I spend my days with just a light amount of foundation, a bit of bronzer or a flick of neutral eyeshadow to feel glam when going out rather than spending hours upon hours in the mirror caking on makeup before going out.

A local anaesthetic is applied to the lip prior to treatment to entirely numb the area and make the fine needle used to inject the filler far more comfortable. The most noticeable part is the cupids bow which is the ‘m’ shape at the centre of the top lip, for this I feel a small pinch which lasts around a second whilst the needle is inserted, but thanks to the anaesthetic within the filler, with every injection the skin becomes number. The process takes around ten minutes in total and results are instantly noticeable which then continue to develop for the following week when the final shape and size has settled. The way filler works is by absorbing liquid naturally within the body to bring volume to a specific area which in turn then looks more plump and youthful – think of it like lots of tiny grains of sand soaking up water and then expanding.

Using Authentic High Quality Fillers & Understanding Proper Aftercare Will Maximise Results

Juvederm filler is the highest quality filler on the market and I recommend patients always ask to see the product prior to treatment; firstly to check that it is authentic with the certification hologram, for peace of mind that the product is in date and finally to know that you are not being sold a cheaper alternative that has been passed off as the real thing. With fillers you get what you pay for so only go for the highest quality and have it administered by a qualified professional in order to achieve the best results that will last for the longest time. The white sticker on this Juvederm packet has been peeled off  for privacy as it is a prescription and contains my patient details.

Following my procedure the doctor recommends using a cool compress on the lips to minimise swelling and reduce the risk of bruising which is possible with any injection site in any area of the body. Because of this my lips don’t swell excessively or bruise at all and are less likely to bleed from the injection sites with the numbness of the local anaesthetic cream wearing off within an hour or so.

I’m Thrilled With Natural Results Vie Aesthetics Have Created

I’m absolutely thrilled with my natural results and appreciate the difference that bringing balance to my lips has made to my overall appearance. With an alarming amount of highstreet clinics and shop doorways popping up offering botox and lip fillers within nail bars and hairdressers, as well as cheap vouchers online, it’s more worrying than ever to regulate, identify and protect consumers against cheap and unqualified practices using unofficial products.

I would strongly recommend that you only seek an experienced professional to administer fillers rather than being lured in by cheap deals and opening offers – your health, wellbeing and appearance is far too precious to leave to the chance of cowboys. Take time to think it through and decide if this procedure is best for you, start off gradually with volumes of filler and ensure that you follow the aftercare instructions carefully to maximise your results. Administered by a professional, used in proportion and with realistic expectations fillers can be a very discreet and natural way to turn back time and restore a plump youthfulness for men and women of all ages.
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