PRP & Biotin Hair Regrowth Treatment

After having two children, bleaching my hair back to blonde for the past year and turning 34yrs old, it’s safe to say that my locks have been through the mill and back!

My hair very noticeably thinned following my pregnancies and my hairbrush nowadays looks fuller than my own scalp most weeks, so it would be fair to say that hair thinning is an aesthetic concern of mine.

The Expert Centre, just a short stroll from Oxford Street in London, have a safe and effective way to prevent hair loss with their popular Plasma Hair Regrowth Treatment for which I shall share my experience here.

Both men and women can face excessive hair fall and thinning which can be caused by a variety of different factors leaving the market saturated with wild and wonderful lotions and potions to prevent this from occurring, yet without always providing satisfactory results. It can therefore be a bit of a mine field to find a treatment that is attainable, effective and affordable but thankfully Expert Centre have just that.

Blood Was Extracted From My Arm And Spun In A Centrifuge To Separate The Blood Plasma

Expert Centre’s innovative Plasma Hair regrowth treatment restores limp and thinning locks back to beautiful, thick and lustrous hair through an advanced non-surgical cosmetic treatment. Plasma hair regrowth treatments combined with biotin are said to be one of the best ways to regain a naturally thick mane of healthy hair through a professionally customised treatment.

Their experts first carefully analyse the condition of your hair and discover the reason behind your hair loss in order to prevent future issues and create a personalised treatment plan to resolve specific hair concerns quickly and effectively.

The Front And Sides Of My Scalp Felt More Delicate Than The Back

This innovative plasma hair regrowth treatment is suitable for men and women alike who are seeking an effective, safe and natural way to regrow thinning hair using your own plasma rich in platelets (PRP) for the treatment. 

My blood plasma was collected from just 20cc of blood from my arm and spun in a centrifuge for 8mins to separate it from red blood cells before being mixed with biotin and injected with a fine needle into my scalp. The growth factors present in your natural blood cells remove the risk of allergies and stimulate natural hair growth to provide more dense and healthy hair and are involved in clotting and healing whilst also benefitting the skin.

The results of a PRP treatment take around 4-6 months to become noticeable when the new hair begins to appear and you’re most likely to notice a dramatic improvement in your hair quality and volume around this time, however the benefits of PRP therapy continue for about a year following the treatment.

Minutes After The Treatment The Redness From The Injections Subsides And I Can Carry On With My Day

There is no downtime from this treatment which means that you can resume your daily routine and activities directly afterwards, however it is recommended that you avoid taking hot showers, saunas, steam rooms and exercise for the first 48 hours. Directly after treatment, as with any use of needles, the skin can feel tender, bleed or bruise at the injection site and may momentarily turn red but this quickly subsides and following my appointment my treatment was undetectable, leaving me free to continue with my day and meet up with friends for lunch.

The treatment took around 45mins in total and felt very similar to having botox, as I simply felt a short sharp scratch upon each injection site that lasted less than a second, with the front and sides of my scalp feeling more delicate than the middle and back which is normal.

This was a very quick and convenient treatment to slot into my day and I cannot recommend the Expert Centre and staff more highly. They are so incredibly knowledgable, professional and understanding of all aesthetic and beauty needs. I will certainly be having this treatment as annual maintenance in order to keep my hair looking and feeling its very best so that I may continue to enjoy life as a blonde! I hope you’ve found this blog helpful and welcome you to leave any comments and questions that you may have for me.
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