Ditch the Foundation, Embrace the Glow: Why Skin Boosters Are Your Summer Skin BFF

Summer is upon us, and with it comes the desire for fresh, radiant skin. But the heat and humidity can make heavy makeup feel suffocating, not to mention prematurely ageing, as it inconveniently clings to every fine line and wrinkle. Enter skin boosters, a revolutionary treatment that gives you a naturally healthy, dewy complexion with or without wearing makeup.

Deep Hydration

Skin boosters work by delivering hyaluronic acid deep into the skin, locking in moisture for a plump and more hydrated appearance. Unlike topical creams, it bypasses the surface layer, providing far long-lasting benefits throughout the hot summer months.

A Natural, Radiant Look

Who needs foundation when you have a beautifully natural glow? Skin boosters stimulate collagen production, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and gives your skin a bright and youthful bounce. The result? A radiant, even complexion that shines on its own.

Freedom From Heavy Products

I find that dry summer heat can make layering skincare products feel rather overwhelming. Skin boosters triumphantly offer a one-stop solution for deep hydration and rejuvenation so that you can ditch the heavy creams and serums, and enjoy a lighter, more comfortable low-maintenance skincare routine.

My Skin Before Treatment Has Fine Lines & Makeup Cakes From Dryness

Confidence With Or Without Makeup

Skin boosters are a skincare must-have to boost your skin’s natural beauty, so that you’re free to feel confident whether you choose to go barefaced or add a touch of makeup. It’s also the perfect accompaniment for those who go to the gym, swimming or saunas and on holiday when wearing makeup may not be possible or practical.

Perfect For All Skin Types

Whether your skin is dry, oily, or somewhere in between, skin boosters can be tailored to address your specific skin needs with results lasting up to six months which can be topped up when necessary to saty looking and feeling your best all year.

My Skin Booster Treatment At The Sorellina Clinic

Based in Maida Vale, London, the Sorellina Clinic is a fresh and modern hub for all things beauty, from hair and nails to lashes, laser procedures and aesthetics. I chose to come to this clinic for my first experience of skin boosters after my friend went and I adored her results, for which she recommended them to me and I couldn’t wait to get booked in for summer.

The staff were wonderfully attentive, kind, welcoming and knowledgeable, patiently answering all of my questions and talking me though the full procedure and consent forms so that I knew exactly what to expect. After first discovering, and very much enjoying dermal fillers and botox in my late twenties, now in my mid thirties I’ve shifted my beauty requirements towards a more natural and understated approach, consciously removing my eyelash, nails and hair extensions and embracing my natural skin – which could certainly benefit from a hydration boost for summer!

Being a gym bunny, having two children and finding heavy makeup quite uncomfortable and suffocating at times for my skin, the thought of being able to polish and perfect a naturally dewy complexion, rather than trying to hide my skin, really appeals to me as the warmer weather approaches.

I’m going on holiday shortly and can already imagine the dry skin from flying and staying up late into the night whilst I’m away, so a boost of pre-flight hydration is a perfect foundation for fresh and glowing holiday skin. The treatment itself is incredibly easy to receive, and feels much like having botox for the needle size and sensation. The face is first marked with a white pencil for the injection sites to the lower temples, jawline, cheeks and chin before numbing cream is applied.

(L) The Treatment Placement Is Marked In White Pencil (R) The Treatment Is Comfortable & Minimally Invasive

Each injection takes just a few seconds and leaves a small bump of fluid under the surface of the skin, just like having botox, which settles within an hour or two to make this procedure entirely undetectable and perfect for a lunch break tweakment. Results begin to take effect immediately, but are most noticeable around a week post-treatment, with 2-3 sessions recommended for optimal hydration, lasting up to six months before you can have a top up to stay looking your best.

I’m so happy with my treatment and can’t wait to see my results, so remember to pop back here soon to see how I’m getting on. If you’re ready to ditch your foundation and embrace your natural beauty this summer, then why not give skin boosters a go. With its deep hydration and rejuvenating properties, it’s just the helping hand that you need to achieve that coveted summer glow, all while feeling light and comfortable in your very own skin.

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