The Vampire Facial: Medicci Aesthetics

I remember seeing stories about Kim Kardashian in the press back in 2013 talking about her love for the Vampire Facial, smiling for a selfie whilst covered in blood and I thought to myself “what on earth is that!?

I think it’s a natural response to react to the sight of blood with fear, shock and horror, but when you look past it the beauty benefits are plentiful and it’s not half as scary as it seems! Approaching my 32nd birthday I decided to book into Medicci Aesthetics for my very first Vampire Facial and I’m thrilled with the results…

The Vampire Facial: Medicci Aesthetics

What really appealed to me about the Vampire Facial is it’s ability to make the skin more youthful and fresh whilst targeting acne as I’ve suffered from hormonal acne to my chin for pretty much my whole life since my teens. This procedure focuses upon creating controlled trauma to the skin with varying lengths of needles in order to allow products applied to the surface of the face to penetrate deeper into the dermis and thereby increase their effectiveness.

Whilst most facials target the surface layers of the skin, which is already in the end stages of dying and being shed, these needles can range from 0.25mm – 2.5mm in depth. Beauticians are qualified to treat up to 2mm in depth whilst doctors can treat up to 2.5mm which is why I came to Medicci Aesthetics to see Dr Roya.

Dr Roya explained to me that the skin has a natural cell turnover which occurs every 28 days, this allows new skin to be created deep beneath the surface and provide the dead skin cells with enough time to shed naturally in order to make way for fresh skin to come up to the surface. Seeing as I have botox and fillers to my face, this anti-ageing treatment helps to prolong my results by supporting the structure of my skin, making each treatment go further and last longer.

When the skin receives a controlled trauma, at a deeper level than just the surface, it automatically promotes cell repair and renewal which in turn helps to reduce fine lines, acne scarring and dark patches of pigment; this results in more plump and elastic skin also creating a more youthful balanced complexion. When used alongside oil-balancing products it can also improve the condition of combination dry to oily skin and is something that you can discuss at the consultation before treatment as we all have individual skin requirements.

This is in essence a more intensive electronic step-up from the traditional home derma-roller with faster more effective results due to the greater depth and effective delivery of products used. Suitable for ages 18+ this is an effective way to refresh and renew the skin and can be performed every two weeks for maximum results. It can also coincide with the benefits of using chemical peels in order to successfully remove dead skin cells and create a more youthful glowing complexion beneath by alternating treatments each week – for example on week 1 you could have a Vampire Facial, week 2 a Chemical Peel, week 3 another Vampire Facial and week 4 a Chemical Peel.

The Vampire Facial Uses Controlled Trauma To Renew The Skin

It is recommended that you start with a gentle shorter length of needle and work your way up to the deeper more intensive treatment dependant on the areas of the face and condition of your skin. A topical anaesthetic can be used to numb the skin if required, however I happily had this treatment without pain relief and found the buzzing, scratchy sensation to my face only mildly uncomfortable at the deepest length ranging from a 5/10 to 7/10 for discomfort.

In areas of the face where there is little fat and tissue a shorter needle is used; therefore I had 1mm across my forehead building up to 2mm across my cheeks and chin where I have my hormonal acne which this has targeted.

I’m Very Pleased With My First Vampire Facial Results Which Will Continue To Progress

The face quickly responds by turning red and prickling dots of fresh red blood onto the surface which indicates that the trauma has been effective. It takes around 30-45mins to complete the facial which begins with a cleanse, around three passes of needles with products applied, a final cleanse, moisturiser and soothing massage to finish. Dr Roya used an AlumierMD Brightening Solution to brighten and lighten up my skin.

The full results will become visible between three days to six weeks post-treatment and makeup can be re-applied to cover any redness six hours later once the pores have had time to close to prevent infection. Directly after the treatment my face felt warm and fresh, as if it had been exfoliated and deep cleansed. By the evening my face started to feel slightly tight, which I was expecting, and the following morning my face is now a little red and lightly swollen (which I’ve moisturised) as the skin repair and renewal process is successfully underway.

I’m excited to see my final results with time but already my face feels much plumper, smoother and softer to the touch with my hormonal acne less red and raw. The quality and condition of our skin makes such an impact on our appearance and the way that makeup sits and responds because of it; it’s true what they say, beauty really is skin deep and it’s time that we started to look at what goes on beneath the surface.

UPDATE: 48hrs After Treatment

It’s now two days after my Vampire Facial and the warmth from my skin has subsided along with the swelling – how nice it is to feel normal again. My face doesn’t feel as tight as as it did after treatment because the top layer of skin is beginning to crack and peel away, most noticeably around my chin which was my main problem area.

The Redness And Swelling Has Subsided & My Skin Is Beginning To Peel 48hrs After The Vampire Facial

Whilst the surface of my face may look similar to the Sahara Desert and feels like the tough cracking skin of a crocodile right now, I’m continuing to moisturise and apply suncream and all is healing as it should.

The once red, angry and raw acne spots on my chin have settled down in size and colour and as the dead skin on top of them gradually lifts away, a beautiful, bright and smooth complexion beneath is exposed. It’s as if my spots are just dropping off – how exciting!

Despite my skin cracking and peeling it isn’t majorly noticeable and nobody I’ve seen or spoken to has mentioned it yet; perhaps they’re too polite to say anything or maybe they just haven’t noticed, I’m not entirely sure. But I was expecting somebody to say something by now, perhaps ask if I’ve been sunburnt or to question whats wrong with my face. I guess it goes to show that we’re far more critical and paranoid about the condition of our own skin and what other people might say about it than what other people actually think themselves.
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