Vie Aesthetics Cheek & Jawline Derma Fillers

Kylie Jenner is said to be one of the most beautiful, followed and famous women in the world having transformed her appearance growing up in the limelight with the use of non-surgical enhancements. Being a fan of Botox and derma fillers myself, I love how such small and subtle changes can really enhance natural beauty, pause the clock and even turn back time.

With Vie Aesthetics having prestigious clinics in Harley Street London, Essex and Germany adored by celebrities and famous faces alike, it’s no wonder that patients travel from far and wide to receive the finest bespoke treatments. When I heard about the latest Kylie Jenner inspired beauty trend of combining cheek and jaw fillers I simply couldn’t wait to book in to try it out.

Vie Aesthetics Cheek & Jawline Derma Fillers

Greeted by the friendly staff at reception, I relaxed in the fresh and modern waiting area sipping on a cup of lemon and ginger tea whilst awaiting my appointment with medical practitioner Dr Ioannis Liakas.

An experienced practitioner in Aesthetic Medicine for over 10 years, Dr Liakas is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (FRCP), an Honorary Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary Medical School and an Associate Member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine. He is also an expert and lead practitioner in the new and innovative field of Soft Surgery and ensures that each of his clients receive treatments specifically designed for their individual features and requirements.

Vie Aesthetics Jaw Fillers

I have always believed that the sign of a good practitioner is no sign of their work at all, in essence, to look naturally beautiful, youthful and healthy without appearing fake or out of proportion to your existing features and frame.

It was therefore highly reassuring for me to have a consultation prior to receiving treatment where Dr Liakas talked me through the processes involved, addressed my requirements, answered my questions and informed me of realistic results based on my present features. We then went over my medical history and current health status before I was deemed as suitable for this treatment.

Vie Aesthetics Cheek Fillers

Having never had cheek or jawline fillers before this process was a first for me but is becoming evermore popular thanks to celebrities such as Kylie Jenner. Whilst I’ve been having Botox and lip fillers since my mid-twenties, and I am well accustomed to needles, I wasn’t sure how it would feel receiving treatment to these new areas of my face.

For this triple procedure I had: 2ml of Juvederm Voluma filler to my cheeks and jawline as well as a top up of three areas of Botox to my forehead, crows feet and the frown lines between my eyebrows. Our bodies are naturally asymmetrical, therefore our facial features may benefit from a more aesthetic alignment, extra volume and lift to create balance.

Single Side Treatment Before & After Cheek & Jaw Fillers Results

It is recommended that fillers are used sparingly to begin with in order to bring about a subtle change without going over-the-top as it’s easier to add a little extra where necessary rather than trying to remove or dissolve an area that has received too much and becomes swollen or puffy looking.

1ml of filler per area is a reasonable volume to begin with, especially for youthful skin, as this can be increased to 5-6ml in later life where more volume is lost with age. Dr Liakas began by treating one side of my face to show me the subtle yet striking difference that is made, as well as ensuring that I felt comfortable and happy with the treatment throughout.

If I hadn’t have seen my face part way through my treatment I may not have realised how incredible the results are. Looking in the mirror it was instantly recognisable how much tighter, more lifted and voluminous one side of my face had become as it lifted my skin, reduced the expression lines from around my mouth, sharpened my jawline, balanced my long face and reduced the bulkiness and roundness of my cheeks – it’s as if I’d lost 6lbs in weight in an instant!

Vie Aesthetics Botox

The jaw fillers are applied using a cannula to create an insertion point beside the ear and a finer needle threaded within to release the filler in fine strands for a smooth and undetectable finish. A local anaesthetic is used to make the procedure entirely pain free and as my face was tilted to one side I didn’t see nor feel anything, just a slight pushing sensation that lasted less than a minute.

The cheek filler was performed by injecting filler directly into the highest part of my cheeks which was equally as comfortable as my jawline and far less invasive than having lip-fillers. Being the first time having fillers to these locations the only difference that I noticed was a slight tenderness to touch for the first 24hrs which is expected with any procedure and nothing out of the ordinary. Small insertion holes initially show a dot of blood where the needles are used but this is easily blotted away making the treatment immediately undetectable with next to no downtime. I could easily have walked out the clinic after and nobody would ever know I’d had anything done.

The Vie Aesthetics Team Are So Informative, Professional & Helpful

Finishing my treatment with three sites of Botox, after the initial swelling and redness of the skin has passed after a few minutes, it takes up to fourteen days for the full results to show as my skin becomes more smooth and wrinkle free with every passing hour. My results will now last between 9-12months with lifestyle and smoking effecting this duration and varying for individuals.

Being fit, active and healthy I find high quality fillers and official Botox last for the full duration and would never advise using cheaper, less regulated alternatives because you really get what you pay for. Always visit a highly skilled professional, use only the finest products and lead a healthy active lifestyle to maximise your results.

Vie Aesthetics Gift Bag

Derma Fillers & Botox Aftercare

There is minimal aftercare required for fillers with swelling, bruising and localised redness expected at the injection sites immediately after treatment which is temporary. Makeup should be avoided for the first 24hrs to the treated areas, along with vigorous exercise, sunbeds or exposure to UV rays and extreme temperatures avoided for the first 48hrs to allow the injection sites to close over and heal – the same care you would apply to having a scratch. It’s also recommended that you do not go to bed or lay down for 4hrs after treatment which wasn’t a problem for me as I had an afternoon appointment.

Whilst I didn’t feel any pain, you can take paracetamol to help with tenderness if required as Brufen and Neurofen can exaggerate bruising and should therefore be avoided. I am absolutely thrilled with my results and love the subtle yet perfect difference it has made to my face and my confidence. I feel slimmer, fresher, more youthful looking and literally cannot stop smiling; a happy convert to cheek and jawline fillers. We all deserve to look and feel our best, regardless of age, with expert advice and professional practise we can safely achieve the aesthetics of our dreams.
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