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After having two children I was thrilled to snap back to my pre-pregnancy weight, compete in natural bodybuilding as a vegan and place in my vest first fitness contest earning my PRO card. My boyfriend Freddy and I train at the gym everyday and love leading a healthy active lifestyle, however we struggle to achieve and maintain a six pack throughout the year as it takes months and months of self control, clean eating which is quickly ruined by cheeky treats and having meals out together – an essential part of dating.

The loose post-pregnancy skin on my stomach also sits away from my muscles and somewhat hides my abs beneath because it isn’t as tight as it used to be – like putting a baggy jumper over a slim body, the shape and definition is lost. Therefore when I came across the worlds leading skin-tightening Endopeel treatment at Vie Aesthetics we couldn’t wait to try it out as a way to better enhance the fitness results that we both work so hard to achieve.

Hailed as the solution for perter buttocks, defined abdominals, lifted chests, taut faces, tightened knees, slim inner thighs and no more bingo wings; jowls, saggy tummies, man boobs, jelly bellies and wrinkled knees can all be treated to look more lifted, tighter and youthful in an instant.

We Train At Gym 6 Days Per Week

Vie Aesthetics have introduced this revolutionary treatment to the UK offering a non-surgical solution to a variety of problem areas. Endopeel injections essentially lift the body and face to instantly create a plumper, more youthful, shinier, firmer appearance toning the muscles and increasing muscular mass with the use of naturally occurring acids.

Developed in Switzerland the injections consist of an oily patented solution containing carbolic acid mixed with peanut oil acid which, when injected into loose skin tissue and muscle laxity, create a tightening to reverse the signs of ageing.

After Having 2 Children The Skin On My Stomach Is Loose No Matter How Much I Workout

This technique doesn’t use filler, nor anything to create volume but instead repositions tissue, skin and muscles back to where they used to be in order to maximise a healthy youthfulness with natural results. A local anaesthetic cream can be used beforehand for comfort however Freddy and I had this procedure without pain-relief.

There is zero downtime and you can resume normal daily activities directly after aside from saunas and extreme expertise which causes sweating for the first 24hrs. Whilst the results are visible immediately they will continue to improve for up to 12 days and maximum results are achieved from having three sessions consecutively followed by a once annual top-up for maintenance.

My Results Before & 24hrs After The Endopeel Treatment

I’m pretty accustomed to needles having had two children – midwivesjust love to take blood – various surgeries, botox and filler. This procedure used 15 x 1ml syringes at around 80 injection sites ranging between my bra and underwear line across my entire naval. After we completed our medical consent forms, health checks and consultation, Dr Ioannis Liakas drew a grid formation in white pencil onto our stomachs where he would place the injections.

Having Freddy in the room with me allowed me to talk, relax and ask questions throughout which made the 15-20min procedure feel far shorter than what it actually was. It was also very helpful for Freddy to see what to expect for when he had his treatment straight after and it lightened the situation as I think most people freak out about needles thinking it will be worse than what it actually is.

My Boyfriend Freddy Is Afraid Of Needles But Found The Endopeel Treatment Bearable

To prepare for the treatment we were asked to remove our tops and lay on a medical bed, much like when visiting the dentist – minus the skin on show of course! After having an antiseptic cleanse the short, very fine needles were then inserted both directly into each square on the pencil grid at a depth of 0.5mm as well as an angled depth of 1cm in order to create the lift.

Each injection lasted around one second in duration and was just a slight pinch like that of Botox, we both happily had our treatments without any pain relief or numbing. Despite Freddy having a fear of needles he handled it so well and chose not to watch as I stood beside him and we enthusiastically talked about who would win the rugby match we were going to watch after – it was an ideal distraction for him and the treatment was soon over before he knew it.

My Boyfriend Freddy’s Results Before & 24hrs After The Endopeel Treatment

Seeing as Freddy has a larger surface area to his stomach than me, he had 20ml of treatment with 100 injections – slightly more than me – and both of our results were immediate to see. There is just a small amount of very mild bruising which is a pale yellow-brown in colour and will pass in a couple of day as our results continue to improve, sharpen and add greater definition.

We’re absolutely thrilled with our results, feel more body confident, fit and in-shape which as a result has led to us making more healthier lifestyle choices as we skipped our usual snacks whilst watching the rugby in favour of brown rice and broccoli to enjoy and maintain our results. For fitness fans and gym-goers alike this treatment is amazing and has helped us to achieve that extra push and extra edge on our training regime that we wouldn’t otherwise have achieved.

UPDATE: 7 Days After Endopeel Treatment

Now that we’re a week post-treatment the minimal bruising has faded to a yellow shade and the results are looking even more incredible by the minute. Whilst my tattoos distract from the entirety of the results, when I run my hand across my stomach skin the loose ‘mummy tummy’ I’ve had since becoming a mother aged 19 has literally disappeared.

My skin feels so tight, strong and youthful and is so much smoother and healthier to the touch. I love the indentations creeping down and around my belly button as this is the part of my abs which are most difficult for me to define. It’s so exciting to wake up each day looking stronger, tighter and fitter each time that I stand in the mirror.

My Results Before, 24hrs After & 7 Days After The Endopeel Treatment

It’s incredible to see the difference between my before and after pictures, to think that my body looks this way after just seven days is absolutely mind-blowing. I’m still gymming everyday and eating a high-calorie vegan diet to provide the nutrition and energy that I need to take care of my family and keep active.

To think that my lifestyle hasn’t changed at all, I haven’t starved myself, punished myself with a fad diet or suddenly doubled my exercise regime to achieve these results – it’s entirely from a quick and convenient treatment that can naturally benefit so many looking to feel their best after having children, achieving weightloss or simply through age.

Freddy’s Results Before, 24hrs After & 7 Days After The Endopeel Treatment

Freddy says: “My stomach felt a little tender the first couple of days after treatment with some slight bruising around the abdomen. I took it a little easy the first couple of times back at the gym but a week on and now I am back to my normal routine. My skin feels much tighter and so I don’t feel I can run properly just yet as it bounces slightly and pulls, but apart from that my stomach looks great!”

UPDATE: Second Endopeel Treatment

Today I had my second Endopeel treatment and I’m loving my results. Whilst it may not be entirely obvious in these photos, the tightness and firmness of the skin on my stomach is really so much better. I’ve gone from having loose and squishy stomach skin to now being tight and firm like a drum which as a bonus better exposes my muscles beneath.

The Results Of My Second Endopeel Treatment

The second time around there is even less bruising this time with just a few very pale yellow dots across my abdomen. Immediately after the treatment I felt fine, carried on with my day as normal and returned to the gym the following morning. I needed no downtime or recovery aside from keeping my skin clean and dry for the day of the treatment – the same care and hygiene you would apply to any procedure that breaks the surface of the skin, cuts or bruises.

I love and discreet the procedure is, how instant the results show and how it continues to develop over the coming weeks. I’m so excited to see how my stomach looks after my third and final treatment and will continue to keep you updated with my progress!
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