Super Socks Personalised Gifts

When it comes to giving gifts I like to think that I’m quite a present-pro as I pride myself on always finding fun, cool, quirky and unique treats for my nearest and dearest. I find my inspiration for locating unusual items mostly whilst soaking in a nice deep bubble bath, scrolling away on my phone and full on belly chuckling as the acoustics of my bathroom are ideal for super-villain echo giggles!

Super Socks Personalised Gifts

My boyfriend Freddy loves is obsessed with our puppy Duke to the extent that he dresses him in little matching outfits with himself, sings to him in public, carries him in his arms like a baby and kisses him on the lips… his little dribbly furry lips!

I adore our cheeky little puppy and have previously painted my boyfriend a Dukeoushkie portrait – we have strange pet names – which he really enjoyed, or at least faked smiled really well when I gave it to him. So it made perfect sense to seek out a puppy-inspired present for his birthday.

Duke Is Our Beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback – Mastiff Cross Puppy

I stumbled across Super Socks whilst browsing online and literally laughed until my stomach ached as I scrolled through all of their quirky, charming and downright hilarious gifts. The site allows you to take and upload a picture of your pet in seconds which is then printed onto socks to pop on and rock at the office, or even church, in all of your finery and splendour.

Personalised Puppy Socks Make An Ideal Gift For Pet Owners

I used my boyfriends favourite photo of Duke taken when his puppy teeth were still coming through as he pulled the most hilarious cheesy grin and I know that everytime Freddy sees and wears his birthday socks that his heart will burst with love and he won’t be able to resist showing and telling people all about them.

If you’re looking for something uplifting, unique and extra special for your loved ones I would highly recommend making a personalised pet product – but if you don’t have a pet then fear not, you can hilariously upload your face onto underwear for your partner too!
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