Cancer Research No Makeup Selfie

Whenever I’ve worked with charities I have always been told that raising awareness for the cause is just as important as the fundraising itself. I had absolutely no idea what the no-makeup-selfie was about until I woke up to a nomination on my phone to take a picture without makeup or a filter to share the message of breast cancer awareness.

My Cancer Research No Makeup Selfie

My Cancer Research No Makeup Selfie

After doing my no makeup selfie I then helped to share information on how to check your breasts in the hope that women will take heed. From the point of the charity they are looking to save lives through encouraging people to notice change sooner rather than later, and hopefully avoid the condition getting any worse and the procedures becoming more intense. Treatment is very expensive and prevention therefore is key.

How To Check Your Breasts

Breast Cancer Care

If a girl sees a picture that reminds her to examine her breasts then I have no doubt that she is more likely to do so, just as if I received a note telling me to check the tyre pressure of my car then I would, otherwise it may never have crossed my mind. Charities use many different ways to cause a viral advertisement and involve the masses, yet the majority of people moan about and refuse to share sickly pictures of ill people begging for help. From an advertising point of view, asking people to fancy dress, take off their makeup and post certain statuses and fun chain letters is key to ensuring the message is shared and received by the masses. The no makeup selfie is in my eyes for the greater good, and what seems a very simple action has the ability to change and save millions of lives.

Although the No Makeup Selfie campaign has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for cancer research, you don’t need a reason or occasion to donate as cancer is sadly a disease that never sleeps. So please give generously throughout the year as and when you can, for the benefit of not only yourself but future generations and loved ones. Thank you, together we will beat cancer.

You can make a donation to my JustGiving page on behalf of Cancer Research here.

You can make a donation directly to Cancer Research UK here.

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