Gestation: 11weeks & 1day

I had my midwife appointment two days before we left for holiday, she took some blood and urine samples and filled out a massive folder with details about the family and my pregnancy with Millie. How times have changed since I had Millie, even though it’s not quite five years ago there seems to be so much more involved now. I didn’t get the reassurance of checking the baby as such, I didn’t get to hear a heartbeat or have actual physical evidence that all was as it should be, just the knowledge that my bloods etc. are being monitored and compared at our next visit which will be the scan. But the good thing that came of it is that Luca has agreed to quit smoking and I’m over the moon! Although I don’t think it’ll be straightforward and he’ll probably have more sissy fits than me regardless of the hormones, but he wants to do his best for the baby and it’s better late than never!

Well holiday was fabulous and we all had such a lovely time. Millie loved the beach and ate so much pasta she’s almost turning Italian, only I can’t keep up with her as my pasta making abilities are considerably lacking. Holiday was very relaxing and it was nice to take away some of the stress and worrying in exchange for shopping and sun bathing. I had my 24th birthday on the beach, which is a first!

My bump was a bit of a showman on holiday, in the morning I hardly looked pregnant, and by the afternoon I actually looked like I was due to give birth, I’m not sure if it was from the walking or altitude, maybe the pressure from flying or over eating every meal! But I thought you either have a bump or you don’t, whereas the size of my stomach went up and down all day everyday. I had a fair bit of morning sickness and found new cravings of oranges, tomatoes; ridge cut crisps, risotto and lentil soup. Every morning I had four delicious croissants and a slab of butter, soup, salad and potatoes for lunch, and rice, tomatoes, bread, potatoes, more soup, cauliflower and cheese for dinner. Then all day we were walking about eating WHOLE pizzas, crisps, ice cream, cake, oranges, snacks and gallons of freshly squeezed orange. I can’t work out if I was healthy or incredibly greedy, as my portion size seems to have doubled even though I’ve always eaten massive plates of food as my normal intake.

Me In A Bikini 10 Weeks Pregnant

Well this was my bikini the week before we went away, and only a matter of days later it definitely felt more snug and I wouldn’t wear it if we were to still be away today! I’m feeling a massive change in my body shape and seeking retreat in my baggy jumpers and long dresses, it feels really stupid to say but I’m worried about overeating and causing strain on the baby as opposed to not eating enough and malnourishing it. I just don’t want to do anything wrong or harm it in any way, I had a terrible headache the other day and couldn’t take any painkillers and it dragged on for hours. But I keep thinking if I eat too much birthday cake or treats that the baby will grow up craving junk food and suffer with bad health because of it; I ate so much white rice when I was pregnant with Millie as it was a strange craving I couldn’t avoid and now she loves plain boiled rice and eats it by the bowlful so there must be some sort of connection between the two.

I’ve had a few more stomach cramps and they seem a little more frequent but nothing I can’t handle, they may be down to over eating or my womb adjusting, but thankfully there hasn’t been any blood. Anyway, no more stressing, all is well and that’s that. Today is Luca’s 28th birthday and it’s his last birthday before he becomes a daddy! As is our last Halloween and Xmas before we become a family of four. So I’ve been trying to make it special for Millie to give her all of my attention as an only child, but at the same time we try to talk as much as we can about the baby coming and how we will all share our toys and help out when the time comes. I don’t want Millie to feel like she is being pushed aside or replaced so we’re trying to break her in slowly and associate everything baby with fun.

We have our 3 month scan next Friday which has totally crept up on us, I’m so excited but able to wait. Luca’s parents got us our first baby present of a baby blanket from Italy and it’s beautiful in white. The strangest thing is there are no neutral coloured baby clothes or toys in Italy as at the 12wk scan they are told the sex of the baby so they only make blue or pink baby things because the parents already know what they’re having. I really wanted to have a scan in Italy and when we went to Naples we actually walked past a hospital but I wouldn’t have been far enough then for them to have told me, and that’s if they would have been willing to randomly scan a british tourist! I’m hoping at our scan we might be able to somehow get an indication of the sex even if it was just a vague guess because we would both love to have a boy to complete our little family, but a girl would be lovely because I know Millie would love a sister, either way we will both be over the moon.

Well until next time, grow well little bean x x x x Mummy and daddy will be seeing you soon. x x x x


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