Gestation: 14weeks & 2days

Well we had our next scan on the 3rd of November almost a week after our little one was sitting on its head! And this time we were so pleased to see that the baby and my womb are all as they should be, and finally we have a normal scan picture on our fridge! It was all very straight forward this time and relaxed and lovely to see how much the baby had changed by growing 1.4cm in the six days between the scans.

The sonographer measured the amount of liquid on the back of the baby’s neck to check for any disabilities and she was confident that it was well below the caution line so that was another weight off of our shoulders. We then had to go for a blood test, which again checks for any problems and the nurse advised we would get a letter in the post if all is clear or a telephone call if there are any problems. It’s been a week so far and I’ve not heard anything but I’m sure she said it could take fourteen days so fingers crossed we get our letter by post!

Our Second Scan

I’ve noticed more body changes this week, firstly I don’t feel sore and tender anymore as my stomach was so delicate I could only stand wearing stretchy leggings but now I’m back in my skinny jeans and I can sleep on my front again which seems to be the only way for me to fall asleep at night. I did look it up online as I was worried I might cause damage laying on my front but it said laying on your left side is best for circulation, and the right side and stomach are fine for as long as it is comfortable. But there was something about avoiding laying on your back for the pressure it causes on the blood supply so I’ve been trying not to lay flat too often.

My Baby Bump At 14 Weeks

I’ve also had more energy and I’m thankfully not falling asleep at 7pm anymore as by midnight last night I was still awake and alert which I’m hoping means I’ll be back to normal from now on. But one thing that has developed is head pains, especially down the left side of my face and the top of my head, I was in so much pain it made me feel so sick and I lasted two days with cold flannels on my head and drinking pints of cold water before I finally cracked and went to the pharmacy for pain relief. They said paracetamol is fine to take providing it doesn’t contain caffeine and that headaches are caused by high hormones in pregnancy and can be quite often and last up to three days with anything over being a sign of high blood pressure. Thankfully after I had the paracetamol across the second afternoon it started to disappear. It was so horrible it crippled me the whole time, I couldn’t concerntrate or eat properly and nothing seemed to shake it without tablets. I’ve been so cautious not to take anything during the pregnancy but I’m hoping that will be the first and final time I need to.

I think it’s the 16th that I have to go to the doctors for a urine test? Which I randomly have noted on my calendar so maybe it’s bloods as well? Who knows!? And I’m hoping before work on Saturday that I am now well enough to drop in at the doctors for my flu-jab as the last few weeks I’ve had a runny nose and dry throat and didn’t want to risk it.

We have our 20week scan booked for the 20th of December so we will be finding out if it’s a boy or girl then and I absolutely can’t wait! Such exciting times ahead and it feels like it’s flying by already, there’s still so much to do and everything to prepare for. We’ve decided to wait until next year to buy any baby bits but I can’t wait for the day to go and choose the pram and bedding. Eee the excitement is killing me!

Please grow big and strong our ‘half-a-banana-sized’ little angel x x x x mummy and daddy love you so much! x x x x


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