Gestation: 15weeks

I had a letter from the hospital today and felt so nervous opening the envelope it was ridiculous! I’d totally forgot about the downs syndrome screening test from when the hospital took my blood, and to receive the letter it didn’t jog my memory that they would be contacting me, I guess that’s the wonders of a forgetful pregnancy.

But scanning down the page my heart stopped beating as I read, “Your recent combined screening blood test has shown your baby is in the lower risk group for downs syndrome. Our estimate of your individual downs risk for this pregnancy is 1 in 100000. No further tests are recommended.” And as much as it was a relief and weight off of our shoulders to know that all is ok it made me feel so terribly sad for all of the parents at the same stage as us who are told the opposite results and the emotions and decisions they must face for the rest of their lives. It made me realise how lucky we have been and how thankful we are for everything being ok. I have no idea what decides which baby will have problems and which won’t. It seems life comes down to a very fine balance and we take for granted that a pregnancy will result in a healthy happy baby.

It really has touched me how much I feel for mother’s at this time, and I know that my hormones are all over the place and I get emotional for no reason, but it has opened my eyes to the fears of others, and I wish I could help. If we are able to hold our charity event this year after the baby is born I’ve realise I’d like to raise money for babies. I’m not sure what charities are out there but I’d like to raise awareness and funds to help these poor families who suffer with complicated pregnancies and babies who have health issues. We are so fortunate that everything is ok this time; we won’t forget the others who aren’t. x x x x

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