Gestation: 22weeks

Gabriele is growing well and becoming more active by the day. The build up to Christmas was absolutely hectic, and on top of having a terrible cold I had the worst backache, stomach pains and spotting… on Christmas day!

My Baby Bump At 22 Weeks

Millie opened her lovely presents and the family was filling the house with laughter and jokes between playing on the Wii and drinking mulled wine while I had my berry flavoured fizzy water. Mum helped me to cook Christmas dinner and the day had been perfect up until lunchtime. I just felt so awful, I was desperate to keep running to the toilet and must have been for three or four poo’s (sorry!) in the morning alone and the aching cramping feeling just wouldn’t go away. I’ve never felt so run down and in such unshakable discomfort so I reluctantly sneaked to the bathroom to discreetly call the doctor who put me through to the out of hours emergency team – oh how I love the emergency team! Again just as with our miscarriage they took notes on my symptoms and advised somebody would phone me back at some point during the day so I was hoping to get the dinner served so as not to cause a drama or disrupt the family. But the phone rang back within minutes and a half hour later I was in hospital with the poor tired skeleton team of doctors and nurses who work on Christmas day.

As they didn’t have the baby unit open I wasn’t able to have a scan or too many checks on the baby but the doctor asked me how long I had been feeling bad and when the blood occurred. I racked my brain to think when it was that I actually noticed the sudden discomfort, but I realised it had built up over time and only just became unbearable. I somehow remembered that at 16wks into pregnancy the doctors had picked up on a potential water infection that hadn’t quite developed for which I had no symptoms, and following a urine test the doctor at the hospital confirmed that there was blood/protein in my urine. He said combined with the baby pushing on my organs, the infection and doing so much over Christmas this would explain the pain, so he set me on a week’s medication and painkillers and I’ve been so much better! I still have a terrible cold which has again lasted two weeks now and shows no sign of easing up, despite me having had the flu-jab already grr! He was confident that Gabriele was ok as he had been kicking and our 20wk scan was only a few days previously and everything had been ok. So now I just have to work on getting better and resting properly, ha. I finished the dinner which had gone soggy in the switched off oven whilst at the hospital, and the rest of the day went ahead as usual.

So January is finally here and we are so pleased to be in 2012 – the year that our son will be born!  And very importantly, shopping time! I dragged Luca to the sales to buy baby bits, and would you believe it, everything we chose was full price, but it’s lovely. His parents have offered to buy the pushchair and cot so we just have the little fun bits to source. Within an hour of shopping I’d got the breast pump, bottles, steriliser, dummies, nappies, wipes and cotton wool, highchair, a baby bath, shampoos and lotions, muslin cloths, nipple cream and sanitary towels. We got a set of storage drawers to keep it all organised and all of our baby treasure is now sat happily in the baby cave and its beautiful to look inside the cupboard and see. Just like with Millie’s wardrobe when I was expecting her, there’s something so magical about setting up a new little life.

Millie came to a family gathering with us for New Years and wore her favourite velvet party dress and light up shoes, which she was very proud of, and she looked so beautiful it melted our hearts. She didn’t quite see midnight in bless her as she cuddled up to me ticking my hair until she fell asleep at about ten, but she gave it her best try! It was my first ever year of being pregnant at New Year’s and it was a little unusual to not be in a nightclub with a glass of champagne and crowds of people to welcome the New Year with a bang. But it was lovely to see the family and I was fortunate for my cosy chair in the corner and pot of twiglets so I could rest my ankles and indulge in treats.

I’ve made it my New Years resolution to quit all junk food because I’ve been a bit naughty recently and overeaten sweets and chocolate, cake and desserts over Christmas and the entire winter if I’m being honest! So for the last two days I’ve managed to stay away from junk and fast food and I’m making sure I strictly eat only healthy nutritious food. If anything I wouldn’t want Gabriele to grow up craving Mars Bars or Skittles, and after he’s born I don’t fancy spending the rest of the summer wearing maternity clothes when I’m no longer pregnant. So its not a diet, just a detox for us both, and although I’ve managed it so far I’m craving sponge cake and a nice box of chocolates which I hope will disappear after a week or so and I’ll have my will power back.

Millie is back to school tomorrow and shes very excited, although I expect when I wake her up in the morning she won’t have the same enthusiasm. Bless her, not long until the Easter half term will be upon us, and our little boy will grace us with his presence! We can’t wait! x x x

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