Gestation: 23weeks & 1day

My cold is almost showing signs of shifting, it really has lasted so long its insane! Millie had a lovely first day back at school and when I picked her up in the afternoon she came home and fell asleep on the sofa for two hours whilst I cooked her dinner. She loves learning and it fills us with so much pride to see and hear how she’s been getting on at her little pre-school. It won’t be long until she starts at big school and the real hard work begins!

My Baby Bump At 23 Weeks

My healthy eating lasted all of eight days which I’m almost proud of, I really couldn’t handle the temptation to eat cheese and crisps and I’m hoping once this horrible cold, rainy, storming and windy weather turns to beautiful blue sunny skies that it will give me the boost I need to be healthier. Although saying that I made a delicious salad and jacket potato for lunch… before I ate chocolate animal shaped biscuits with Millie! Ha.

There has been a lot in the news recently about breast implants which I had in 2006, mostly silicone implants that were administered across the world not being fit for surgical use. And clever me decided to do a spring clean before Christmas and chucked out loads of unwanted paperwork and rubbish, for which my surgery notes were part of! So now I have no record of the date, surgeon or hospital that did my breast augmentation, so I have no way of knowing if these potential cancer-causing implants are inside me. And what’s even scarier is the fact I’m pregnant and I have no idea how this may affect Gabriele or Millie who I also carried and breastfed after having had my implants put in. So far France and America is covering the cost of having thousands of women’s implants removed and replaced, and yesterday Wales joined the bandwagon but for some reason England is reluctant to say that anything is wrong. So for now all I can do is worry and wait…. Great!

I’ve made it my mission that when we get the weekend together, Luca, Millie and I will all go looking once a week for a few baby bits, nothing major but just to tick a few things off of the list gradually. This weekend just gone we got some weaning food pots and baby spoons, and the day before some teething rings. It helps to curb my enthusiasm slightly by having controlled baby indulgences as we come ever closer to our due day of the 8th of May. I also called the Midwife’s Office as I’ve had no contact since I was 12wks and wanted to book onto antenatal courses with Luca and so far I’ve heard nothing back, I actually think they’ve totally forgotten about me and I’ll have to give birth in my back garden on the day!

My car decided to give up over Christmas when my suspension spring above the front wheel broke in half fortunately when I was just off of my driveway. The cam belt and water pump went a week before and now I have a wheel bearing that also needs replacing so my baby savings are looking a bit strained right now in favour of the bottomless pit that is my car! Grr. Hopefully in a few months I can change my car for something a little bigger once Gabriele is here, I’ve somehow managed to keep hold of my car for six years and I think I’m definitely overdue a newer model!

Gabriele is growing well, as is my bump, which has now pushed me into the dreaded full-underwear or girl-boxers as I call them. I’m becoming a comfort monkey and feel as though I’m living in soft stretchy clothes instead of anything remotely fashionable. Still it won’t be for much longer and then I can moan to Luca again about losing my coordinating handbag to my favourite top and nail varnish. He kicks me every time I sit down or lay in bed trying to sleep and I can’t help wondering how he doesn’t have leg ache from all of the abuse he gives me, but it’s the sweetest thing ever. Millie is following the baby book with me and she keeps stroking my bump and talking to her little brother as he can hear us now. She’s getting more and more excited with everyday that passes and it is such a relief to know that she is as happy as us. I can’t imagine having two beautiful children, we feel so lucky it melts our hearts. x x x

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