Gestation: 32weeks

Well I’m feeling a lot chirpier this week even though I have a terrible sore throat, sound like a man and my nose is leaking worse than the water grid! FINALLY two weeks later I have my results back from the hospital. After calling around all over the place and being passed from pillar to post my midwife actually called me because I left a million messages on her mobile and was getting very frustrated.

My Baby Bump At 32 Weeks

My urine came back clear and the swab test shows that I have ‘pregnancy thrush’ which apparently is very common at this time but does nothing to explain why I bled. In a way it’s a relief to know that nothing had caused the bleed, but also unsettling to know that nothing can be fixed to stop it from happening again. And it was the most awkward phone call speaking to the midwife who is easily three times my age, cringing down the phone as she tried to explain to me what thrush is and how it can be treated… but strangely I have no symptoms and nothing downstairs has changed. The poor old midwife seemed to ignore the fact that I told her I knew what it meant and how to deal with it, and it became a bit of a ‘birds and the bees’ embarrassing lecture that I could imagine my mum trying to say to a fourteen year old girl, only I already knew all the answers and really don’t need to be taught to suck eggs!

So we have 8wks left today and Luca and I packed the baby hospital bag the other night, opening the little packets of nappies, wipes, booties, blankets, it was lovely. We were both sat with our heads in the baby cave looking through all of the little pieces, like on Christmas day when all of the shiny perfectly wrapped boxes get torn open, tags removed and suddenly it’s all a part of normal everyday life and the gifts and objects all merge with normal existence. It’s as if Gabriele isn’t just on order in a catalogue, he’s about to arrive and we’re standing at the airport ready!

We also packed a little bag for Millie, not knowing when or where it might all happen it seemed a good idea to have a few items of clothing, a nice book to read, pyjamas and spare underwear for her. We wrapped a lovely little Hello Kitty necklace and bracelet set for Gabriele to give to Millie when he’s born because we told her he’s very excited to meet his big sister and asked if we would get it on his behalf for her.

We’ve also got four new baby bunnies that are hopping around so that makes a total of EIGHT now! And little Millie is on tickle overdrive right now; her fingers start wiggling before she even gets to their cage through sheer excitement for holding the little babies. I spoke to her teacher at preschool the other day and we’re going to take the babies in for the children to cuddle before they break up for easter, and I’d imagine it will be a very proud day for Millie to take her babies to meet all of her classmates.

We’ve also now cleared 105,000 hits on youtube and Millie is asking me daily to record more videos with her, always wanting to sing and show me the new things that she’s learned. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to finish everything off before our little babba arrives! And we couldn’t be happier! Eeeee!  x x x

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