Gestation: 31weeks

Here we have our newspaper feature from the week to celebrate our success on Youtube. At the time of going to print Millie had 60,000 hits on Youtube and just a week later she now has 85,000 views! We are so proud of our little girl.

Our Family In The Newspaper

I called the doctors for my results yesterday and still no word, they told me to call the midwives’ office and surprise surprise my midwife is on annual leave. I asked if they could get a different midwife or doctor just to tell me my results and they said somebody would call back, and guess what they never did

Today Millie and I are ill and tired, with horrible sore throats and blocked noses, every joint and muscle in my body aches and I have no energy. But she’s still at school bless her, and I’m just about to leave for work. It’s a bit of a down time at the moment and I’m just holding out for the day when I can stop hanging onto returned calls that never come and appointments that don’t happen. I’m so frustrated and tired, I really don’t want the hassle anymore just a beautiful cuddle from my babies and Luca. x x x

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