Quarantine Colouring By LoveLayla

I remember the first time that I found a humorous, funny, quirky tongue-in-cheek greeting card for my family; I literally felt like a superhero sending it in the post, effervescent with enthusiasm for the giggles it would create for the unsuspecting recipient.

Fast forward to 2020 and it’s safe to say that literally everything I send to loved ones now has a little dusting of humour and hilarity and it’s come to be expected from me, which is why I love LoveLayla and their outrageously cheeky gifts soo much!

With the world shut indoors amidst a global lockdown because of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is now more than ever that we need to really pull together, raise spirits and support loved ones, friends, family and the community.

Mental health is predicted to take a sharp decline as we all focus, and dwell, on the darkness that surrounds us, so taking moments to relax, unwind and stop thinking about the things that are out of our control is essential for reducing stress levels. And let’s face it, colouring-in is great fun at any age!

Colouring Is A Great Way To Relax & Share A Positive Message

As a small family business LoveLayla have decided to make the big decision of closing their hilarious online gift store during lockdown because of the Coronavirus to protect their staff, families and the posties and delivery people who handle the gift orders.

They have very kindly created a range of free printable colouring sheets to keep the nation smiling – fantastic for tongue-in-cheek adults and families alike and a great way to pass a sunny afternoon in isolation, carefree and giggling.

There Is Plenty Of Choice For Those With A More Adult Sense Of Humour

Whilst their gifts are not deemed as essential products these quirky print outs are a way to expand their humour for free to raise some eyebrows and hopefully also some smiles in this very challenging and uncertain time for all.

Whether you mock the toilet paper stockpilers, plead for assistance with alcohol supplies or thank the NHS, I think they’ve created some really lovely, kind, funny and downright hilarious ways to turn some frowns upside down!

The Nation Has Turned To Colouring To Show Solidarity

LoveLayla hope that members of the public will enjoy their free printable colouring pages and display them with pride for all delivery drivers, posties, neighbours and local keyworkers to enjoy and share a smile because we all need some good belly laughs during this awful time.

My daughter and I have proudly coloured (mostly) within the lines to thank the NHS for their selfless work at saving lives and remind one another that we are so very fortunate to be together at this time.

Keyworkers Are Keeping The Country Going So That We Can Stay Safe At Home

Until the world is back to business let’s fill our days with colour, kindness and positivity. Remember to continue to support local independent businesses when doors are safe to re-open again; your support and custom is needed more than ever.

And if you’re proud of your pencil skills like us then send a snap of your creations to LoveLayla on social media and they may even share it!

We All Know A Friend Or Relative We Would Colour A Cheeky Poster For!

For my next task in lockdown today, I shall be washing all of my dirty windows because I had absolutely no idea how disgusting they were until we put our posters proudly on display!

I love how bright and pretty these words make our home, a symbol of light, love and hope to keep us going as we come ever closer to freedom from isolation and a new healthier, happier kind of normal.

Spend A Sunny Afternoon With Your Loved Ones Showing Support & Raising A Few Smiles!

If you spot a business, craft or service that you think deserves a shoutout or share then please tag them in my posts and send them my way. Keep safe, stay positive and be thankful for your good health and windows!

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