Surprising Activities That Are Flourishing Post Lockdown

Even though we are still waiting for all pandemic-related restriction to go away, it’s fair to say that we’re far from being stuck at home. Indeed, in the last few months, a variety of outdoors activities have become popular. Everybody’s favourite hobbies, such as cycling and running, are more important than ever during the pandemic; they get people out of the house. 

Yet, families need entertainment, stress relief, self-confidence, and creativity. As a result, Britons have turned to new outdoors sports that can bring people together. After several months spent at home, we want nothing more than to be together with the people we’ve missed. And that’s precisely what these trendy hobbies enable us to do: entertaining togetherness. 

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Corporate van/bus escape 

If you didn’t play escape rooms before the pandemic, chances are that you have experimented with digital games during lockdown. Even companies also began to appreciate the role of escape room puzzles as team-building tools during lockdown. Therefore, corporate clients who are bringing their employees back to the office have been planning activities with their local escape rooms. For aspiring entrepreneurs, it’s the opportunity to run an escape room business without rental costs. From the traditional mobile rooms set in used vans to large transportable escape boxes, escape businesses can offer outdoor experiences for professional teams. For safety reasons, large teams can’t yet attend indoor venues; hence the experience comes directly to them. 

Axe throwing

It’s hard to explain what is so exciting about axe throwing. But one can’t ignore the correlation between lockdown frustration and the appeal of the axe. So first, let it be said that axe throwing is completely safe and hugely entertaining. The combination of strength and accuracy makes it an interesting and challenging activity. But, at the core of it, throwing axes is probably the best and quickest way to relieve the tensions you’ve accumulated during lockdown. It’s hard to define what it is, but it certainly makes you feel like a superhero. 

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Go ape and similar treetop activities

When you want a true taste of freedom, treetop parks are the place to be. Go Ape, one of the most popular facilities in the UK, has 34 locations across the country, so you’re sure to find one close to you. People love the combination of adrenalin rush, fitness disguised as fun, and breathtaking views. For a brief moment, you can forget about day-to-day stress as you rush through the trees on a zipline or climb on top of a high platform. You’ll be humming Nelly Furtoda’s I’m like a Bird as you make your way to the tree line. 

Outdoors quest and investigation

For families and friends who are not ready to book an indoor game, escape rooms also have created a safe outdoor quest. Set inside large cities, the quest is accessible via an app and takes you through some of the most popular spots as you search for clues. Puzzles are delivered via the app, but they are connected to your surroundings. It’s a great way of seeing another side of tourist areas. 

As the summer break is approaching, you can be sure that many more outdoor entertainment locations will open for bookings. These hobbies are ideal to avoid the crowd and reconnect with those we’ve missed for the time being. Hopefully, this can tempt you into trying an outdoor treasure quest or going axe throwing!


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