A Female Empowerment Photoshoot

Today I had the most fantastic photoshoot based upon female empowerment and let my inner queen run absolutely wild!

I teamed up with a new team of creatives photographer Michael Dayo and makeup artist Dilani Perera to create a collection of different styles for fitness, lingerie and fashion and I’m absolutely over the moon with the results. Here’s a cheeky little sneak peek of some of the looks from the studio and I’ll be sharing the rest on my blog and social media profiles shortly….

When asked how makeup artist Dilani got into the industry she says: “I was at university studying law when a friend of mine (who was starting to do photography) encouraged me to use my love for makeup and art to become a makeup artist.”

Dilani continues: “To be honest I was not sure about it because of my strict parents and background. Pursuing something in a creative form has always been a dream but I always pushed it back because I had to become a lawyer. I persevered and did my degree but also started doing makeup. I got bookings within 2 days of posting my portfolio online and haven’t looked back since.”

Dilani Created The Most Beautiful Look For The Shoot With Hair & Makeup Styling

Asking Dilani about her favourite looks to create: “My favourite looks are definitely the editorial ones! Creating something new and working with a team is the best job ever! Oh and I get to travel the world.” I’m having major FOMO now, it all sounds so amazing and I love how passionate she is about her work!

Dilani says of our shoot: “For todays shoot I wanted to make sure that Tracy looks like herself yet enhance her beauty. I chose bronze gold shades for the eyes to make her blue eyes stand out more.  Orangey blush as she has a nice soft tan and it goes well with the golden highlight. And a soft nude lip to keep with the glam look and make sure it goes with all the different outfits.”

Photographer Michael Dayo Has Such A Creative Talent

I love how bubbly, kind and considerate Dilani is and the look that she created for todays shoot. She asked me what I would like and how I feel most comfortable in makeup and I told her to do whatever she thought would creatively suit me for a mixed fitness and fashion shoot.

The colours she chose are so soft, gentle and feminine yet sassy and confident at the same time and adding curls to my hair with extensions for extra volume and length made me feel so powerful and preened. I arrived in casual gym wear with my hair still drying en route from the shower and within an hour had been transformed into a catwalk ready queen!

Stepping into the studio with Michael was so much fun as he had me smiling, laughing and fully involved throughout. Whilst he encouraged me to pose however I felt comfortable, I loved the corrections, adjustments and tweaks that he made to my poses and posture to take it from great to fantastic and I certainly think we got more than a few front cover images from today.

Michael Dayo’s Studio Was The Perfect Location For Our Shoot

It’s so important to have a good rapport with your creative team to bring out your best on camera and attention to detail is everything. From flawless makeup to upbeat music, a bright and modern studio, confident and experience crew and feedback and previews throughout. It really is a team effort and the energy, atmosphere and enthusiasm means that the pictures really speak for themselves.

I’m so excited to see the final edits as Michael is keeping it a surprise until he hands them over to me and for the very first time I haven’t chosen any previews, just had a quick sneak peek at a couple of shots on the back of the camera at the start of our shoot.

This has been such an empowering shoot for me because of the styles that we have touched upon which I feel encompasses the female form so beautifully; from the strength and dedication of our fitness set to the femininity of lace lingerie and the power and sass of our high end fashion look for which I even wore a crown!

We Captured Both Photos & Videos Throughout The 3hr Shoot

Everybody deserves to look and feel a million dollars inside and out at any age; to love the skin that they are in without fear of judgement or criticism for their appearance or lifestyle. I had a vision to capture the many aspects of being a woman, each side, shape and curves along the way that you might notice on the surface as well as the strength of spirit and passion from within.

The team absolutely blew me away with their professionalism and expertise and I can’t wait to share the outcome of our shoot with you all on my social media in the coming weeks. Looking through their portfolio of shoots from around the world I have to confess that I’m more than a little tempted to put a few more stamps in my passport and get booked in for our next shoot!

Hair & Makeup By Dilani Perera:
Instagram: @DilaniPereraMakeup

Photography By Michael Dayo:
Instagram: @MichaelDa

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