FemmeLuxe Finery Evening Wear Haul

When it comes to finding the perfect evening wear I feel it’s all down to picking a dress that fits well, accentuates your curves and makes you feel sassy at every step. Us ladies typically have a favourite part of our bodies that we like to make a feature of or highlight – the cleavage, off the shoulder, open back or exposing some leg – I believe my latest evening wear haul has captured a little of everything.

FemmeLuxe Finery Evening Wear Haul

I tend to shy away from wearing white as a colour when going out for the fear of getting stained or splashed by food and drink; yet it’s a colour that really stands out and turns heads, brining a touch of Mariah Carey diva along with it which is why I’ve decided to now embrace it.

Bodycon dresses are so flattering for a fit physique and I love how the belt can be tied front or back to highlight or disguise the booty and stomach as necessary – an essential part of finding the ideal glamourous evening wear to accommodate dining and dancing.

Angelica White Belted Bodycon Midi Dress

Whilst the weather in England this winter is far from tropical, I couldn’t resist snatching up this beautiful mustard coloured crochet dress for my next summer holiday style. It can be difficult to find a dress that transitions from day to night as sizzling afternoons quickly turn into balmy evenings with extra social time calling for an overlap of styles.

This one shoulder asymmetrical design, teamed with a daring side split and flirtatious peep-pattern, makes this dress a must for sexy beach-bar sessions by simply throwing it on over a bikini and sandals or adding contrasting lingerie and heels for an evening out; here I’m being bold and wearing it commando!

Armelle Mustard Crochet One Shoulder Midi Dress

I have such a love for the royal blue as it brings such a regal touch to any outfit. This quirky cut features an exposed shoulder, sweeping cleavage, gentle side split and killer curves by clinging in all of the right places.

When deciding on a good bodycon it’s important to pick a thick, quality made piece as thin, stretchy and poorly designed dresses will cling to every lump and bump and highlight everything you’d rather hide. FemmeLuxe always have the most beautifully made pieces that hold everything in place, flatter and slim the body which is why I shop with them time and time again.

Sorcha Blue One Shoulder Midi Dress

Finally no dress haul could ever be complete without an LBD – little black dress. Whilst I typically go for short, fitted and revealing LBD’s I feel this one really has the wow-factor for how glamourous it appears – you could actually wear this to the Oscars!

I loved this dress in white so much that I had to get it in black too, and this goes to show how much a colour can influence how a dress makes you look and feel. Whenever I wear black I instantly feel more sexy and these bouffant sleeves and exposed shoulders are simply divine!

Angelica Black Belted Bodycon Midi Dress

Updating your existing wardrobe with a few key pieces each season or two is the ideal way to keep up with trends, try out new styles and enjoy a spot of retail therapy. Life is too short to umm and ahh over if we should buy something that we love, the chances are if you walk away whilst trying to justify buying it, by the time you’ve made up your mind that you want it and return it will already be gone.

You’ve earned it, you deserve it, say yes to a new dress!

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