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We all get a day when we just need to be a little bit extra, you know? When we sing at the top of our lungs to the radio as we’re in bumper to bumper in traffic, make a Santa Claus beard out of bubbles in the shower and order take out because it’s far more exciting than eating salad and doing dishes.

Sometimes we need to go above and beyond the norm just to remind ourselves what fun feels like – sometimes we need to be extra! It’s fair to say that I felt the desire to be extra when shopping for my latest FemmeLuxe Finery haul as all of this pieces a daringly delightful and I hope that you’ll love them as much as I do!

FemmeLuxe Finery Extra Edit

I’ve come to realise that I rarely buy trousers – leggings, shorts and jeans yes, but I can’t actually remember the last time that I visited a tailor. Perhaps it’s the fact that I switched working in an office for working from home, or that my clothing is more close-fit and stretch these days but I’m totally loving the cut of these wide-legged beauties.

It’s no secret that wearing a wider leg will make a waist look smaller because of the perspective of size difference and these high-waisted beauties do just that and then some! Swooshing as I walk, adding purpose and power to my stride, I love how officially awesome these trousers make me feel and I have a sudden urge to pick up my shiniest pen and start making plans. Extra level 6/10!

FemmeLuxe Finery Bethan Black High Waisted Wide Leg Trousers

I feel that shirt dresses have such a sexy and sassy sophistication about them that makes me feel so incredibly glamourous the second that I slip into it. Much like wearing your boyfriends shirt whilst you make coffee in the morning all bare legs and bedroom hair – it’s naughty but nice at the same time.

This gorgeous chain print satin dress screams Versace and is an item of clothing that is covered up yet tantalisingly curious as to what is beneath at the same time. Extra level 10/10!

FemmeLuxe Finery Rio Black Chain Print Belted Satin Shirt Dress

Rather than basic, plain and understated tops I’ve developed a penchant for statement tie and ruched tops since growing out of my twenties and I love how statement pieces can be mixed and matched to the classic black staples already in my wardrobe.

Sometimes a girl needs some frill, colour and bows in her life and this beautifully feminine rose tie-front is just the romance required for a day filled with smiles. A subtle way to be a little more extra during the day when teamed with fitted trousers and a boxy blazer, or of an evening with a body con miniskirt and heels. Extra level 5/10!

FemmeLuxe Finery Jillian Rose Flare Sleeve Front Tie Top

I feel that co-ords are a bold fashion statement already because we don’t often match our clothing so precisely. This white leopard print set absolutely unlocks my inner spice girl and I’m unsure which is my spirit animal-spice between Scary, Sporty, Baby, Posh or Ginger – perhaps I’m a mix of them all?

I love the daringness of the leopard print which ties in perfectly to my new red hair, teamed with some smokey black eyeshadow and a metallic clutch I can literally take on the world one power ballad at a time. Extra level 9.5/10!

FemmeLuxe Finery Jannat White Leopard Print Mesh Overlay Top & Mini Skirt Co-ord

Whilst you may not have many extra clothes in your existing wardrobe I highly recommend that you give it a go by investing in one or two pieces. We all too often play it safe, stick to what we know and miss out on having the best time or extra excitement because we’re scared to do anything different.

Shake it up, spice up your life and do something daring – whether that’s trying out a new colour, going for a bold print or an all out style overhaul, you never know until you try. Just how extra are you prepared to go?

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