Eat Fruit: Fresh Fruit Delivery Box

Being a gym-loving vegan mother of two it is safe to say that we get through quite a lot of fruit in the Kiss household! So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across Eat Fruit, a delivery service which provides beautiful fresh fruit boxes, fruit baskets, juices, milk, tea, coffee, healthy snacks, flowers and much more directly to your door.

Eat Fruit: Fresh Fruit Delivery Box

Their ethos is to bring the freshest, most nutritious, tastiest fruit boxes and baskets to homes and offices across the UK from sustainable and ethical growers to keep work forces and families healthy. With only the finest fruits making the cut, there are a selection of boxes available to suit all needs and numbers of nibblers.

Seeing as I work from home, and my children eat fruit daily, it works perfectly for us a family to have a fresh selection of fruit in the kitchen and makes for a great snack -instead of savouries and sweets between meals- which helps to keep us all fit, active and healthy throughout the week.

EatFruit Have A Selection Of Boxes To Choose From

Available UK wide, the fruit boxes are eco-friendly and contain no plastic with all packaging being re-usable which is really important to us. You can arrange weekly deliveries in just a few clicks online for any day of the week, or multiple days if needed without the confines of a contract.

Our box is packed full of bright, fragrant and delicious fresh fruits including grapes, peaches, pears, apples and bananas which are perfect for the children’s school lunches, whizzing up into smoothies as a dessert or chopping up and topping onto morning porridge.

My Fresh Fruit Box From EatFruit Is Bursting With Healthy Goodies

It’s recommend that you plan for around 2 to 3 pieces of fruit per week per person which would be 12 pieces for the four of us – if we didn’t have vegans and vegetarians in the house of course! Rather than aiming for five-a-day servings of fruit and veg in our meals we actually strive for seven-a-day and so we all have 1 or 2 pieces of fruit each day with a box of 50 pieces taking around a week for us to nibble through which is ideal.

Each fruit is hand selected to ensure only the very best and freshest pieces arrive at your door which makes a change from picking up unexpectedly bruised and mouldy bags of apples and bananas at the supermarket that you have to throw away when you get home.

Fresh Fruit Is Perfect For Making Smoothies

The children love helping me to make smoothies and it’s a great way to get them involved with food and to consume fresh fruit and vitamins in place of sweets and shop bought treats or desserts. They love chopping apples and plucking grapes to put into the blender and enjoy holding contests to see who can come up with the best concoction and recipe for each days fruit smoothie.

For this delicious summer smoothie we used two bananas, a handful of grapes, two apples and two peaches mixed with 400ml of fresh orange juice which we blitzed up in the blender and served in glass jars. This is enough for a family of four to have full drink each and with the addition of a lid and straw there’s no need to worry about hungry wasps or spills!
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  • that’s great! Cost-wise, I reckon it could perhaps be a bit higher than if you were to go to the store or fruit market yourself. Then again if you factor in the time & effort plus of course the expenses (ie the cost in terms of fuel & parking charges & for some people, toll charges), it would probably cost the same in the end. Home delivery is actually quite convenient though.

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