FemmeLuxe Finery Wifey Material Edit

Seeing as I’m due to be Maid Of DisHonour at my best friends wedding – which may now get delayed because of Covid19 – I’m feeling a serious lack of ballgowns and tiaras in my life!

So this weeks fashion haul is what I like to call my Wifey Material edit, because it’s my hottest picks from FemmeLuxe Finery for rocking around looking effortlessly like a perfect Stepford Wife… enjoy!

FemmeLuxe Finery Wifey Material Edit

This is my “Hey baby, I was just heading to the store to collect some organic carrot juice and raspberries, can I pick you up anything?” tracksuit in the most gorgeous shade of wine red.

I love how it’s so incredibly figure-flattering without being hot, tight and restrictive like traditional tracksuits. It hugs every curve and slims down the torso with the most effortlessly chic cut and quality. I’ll be strutting past the perishables in Waitrose in this beauty imagining I’m walking past pap’s in Hollywood!

FemmeLuxe Finery Maria Wine Loungewear Tracksuit Set

So these are my “Honey, our little darling Elijah was such a joy at school today, he came first in his maths class for the fifteenth time in a row!” Obviously every good wifey needs to also raise immaculately well-behaved children; so what better way to show what an in-control life-creator you are than to wear neutral colours to the school run to make a point that you are not under threat from sticky-fingered snotty-nosed and unruly children!

These stunning stone trousers fit like a glove despite my bountiful booty and slim(ish) waist – let’s pretend those carbs and dip last night didn’t happen. FemmeLuxe Finery always have the most perfect cuts and tailoring to their pieces, literally my dream brand and so easy to dress my curves!

FemmeLuxe Finery Sunny Stone Cargo Slim Fit Trousers

I have to confess that I’m more than a little devilish when it comes to nude and neutral clothes as I always see it as a challenge to go commando to prove that your lingerie doesn’t show through. This is my “Sweetheart, I’m trying to water the kitchen herbs, why do you have to keep slapping my booty when I lean over?” loungewear set in the most delightful shade of peach. Of course, I love a good pat on the peach and this set never fails to deliver!

It’s next level sexy, fitted, ribbed and delightfully feminine; sure to turn heads and get the heart racing. But of course, it’s also innocently loungewear and can be as naughty or nice as you please.

FemmeLuxe Finery Mila Peach Ribbed Cropped Skinny Leg Loungewear Set

So after absolutely torturing your future-Mr with some tantalising wifey-material sets all day it’s time to kick things up a notch for the evening with this “Watch every step of me walking away leaving you wanting more” mini!

Cocktails, twinkling candles, perfume and fresh flowers, smiling, laughing, touching hands and exchanging flirtatious glances. I can literally feel date-night butterflies already! Strapless dresses with an ample cleavage are such a knock-out and I love the silky, ruched fabric of this second-skin mini dress. What a winner!

FemmeLuxe Finery Emery Nude Corset Strapless Bodycon Mini Dress

I think every girl – and maybe even guys – who feel good and love their style become all the more confident and charismatic when they’re wearing something they enjoy. These have been my wifey-material picks this week to make a man weak at the knees in an oh-so-innocent way.

I hope that you’ve found this weeks fashion haul fun and a bit tongue-in-cheek as I’ve really enjoyed picking out these beautiful pieces. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I should shop for next – a special event, season, trend or purpose. Fashion is all about finding a style that you’re comfortable with through experimenting with fabrics, patterns, cuts and trends; how do you choose to rock your ultimate confidence?

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