Celebrating Our Anniversary With Gold (Sphincter) Rings

Whilst it’s not unusual for couples to exchange rings on their anniversary as a sign of their love, perhaps a long-awaited proposal or meaningful eternity and infinity rings, I’ve never celebrated an anniversary before. Literally ever. It’s just not something I’ve ever done, or had done to me, as I guess in the past it was hard enough for partners to remember when my birthday was, let alone the anniversary of when we first met. But thankfully meeting my Mr Right changed all of that, and as the months lead up to our one year anniversary we’ve been excitedly counting down the days to our first landmark together.

Celebrating Our Anniversary With Gold (Sphincter) Rings

Whilst I’m in no hurry to wed and certainly don’t expect an engagement ring after just 365 days together, we both like the idea of giving a special gift to mark this very meaningful occasion for us both. Hence why we decided to extend on the traditional giving of rings and rather than focus on finger jewellery we’ve exchanged sphincter rings instead in the form of beautifully personal object d’art.

Our Edible Anus Engagement Sphincters

Weighing in at 0.1kg each and measuring 11 x 4 x 3cm; these two stunning solid bronze anuses cost £1,000.00 and are presented in black velvet ring boxes – capturing the magic of what every girl dreams of on her anniversary. Earlier in the year I came across the company Edible Anus whilst looking for quirky Valentine’s Day gifts for our first Valentine’s together. They proudly advertised their selection box of luxury anus chocolates worldwide on gift sites and social media which I thought was a fantastic idea and couldn’t resist. Manufactured in the UK, the luxury chocolates contain no preservatives and make gift giving fun and memorable.

We Love This Personal & Quirky Method Of Exchanging Rings As A Sign Of Our Love

Frequenting exhibitions and high street retailers to showcase their glass and precious metal anus range, they also create stunning, personalised and invested art that can be cherished for a lifetime – the ideal way to celebrate our anniversary. To create this anus I visited the UK headquarters in London to have a mould taken of my anus. This involved laying on a medical bed with my legs in the air, similar to having a smear test, with a towel across my lap for modesty.

Every Anniversary Should Be Cherished & Celebrated

A soft putty was prepared and the liquid poured between my buttocks which set into a rubbery paste within a few minutes. The moulding process was entirely pain-free and felt cool and wet which was a rather unusual sensation. The rubber mould was then dipped into clay to create an inverted cast and then set in solid bronze to create an exact replica of my anus. Every anus is individual, much like the intricacy of a fingerprint, no two are ever the same which makes this gift so very special.

The jeweller then refines and polishes the bronze anus to bring out its very unique and fine detailing and it’s clear to see that this is an exact copy of mine. At first glance I doubt most people would identify the object d’art as an anus as it’s not something that you would ever expect to see, but that’s what makes it so special for us. Exchanging sphincter rings on our first anniversary is something we will always smile about and tell friends and family of fondly. The best things in life are found and experienced when thinking outside of the box and breaking taboos; I couldn’t recommend this more highly!

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