Anal Bleaching At HB Health Clinic

I can’t say that I’ve ever given the colour of my anal area much thought before today and I certainly never considered the many shades and colours skin in sensitive and intimate areas can come in. However, finding myself deep in conversation with my boyfriend about it recently, I curiously discovered the technique of anal bleaching during an online beauty search. A favourite with celebrities and models alike, lightening the anal area has become incredibly fashionable for brighter, lighter and more pink-ish skin. It’s very much like disguising dark circles under your eyes in an attempt to look more youthful and fresher – but down there!

Anal Bleaching At HB Health Clinic

The area around the anus has a thinner more delicate density compared to regular skin and as such it darkens a lot easier; age, lifestyle, genetics, hormonal changes and skin type also play a role in determining the shade of your anus. Whilst it’s not a part of my body that I particularly pay attention to myself, I do realise that it’s something my boyfriend sees rather often and just as I pamper, preen and like to stay clean ‘down there’ for him the thought of improving the appearance of my anus certainly appeals to me. Before any treatment the best way I can describe the colouring of my fair skin in that area is a weak latte (beige) fading inwards into (bright) pink – I’ve popped a computer representation of this procedure before and after at the bottom of this post.

Anal bleaching is therefore used to achieve a more uniform colour around the anus and by using a minimally invasive laser created by world renowned Dr Alexandros Bader, revolutionary side-to-side techniques allow the melanin layer present in the skin to break down and be removed by white blood cells, thus treating the source of the undesirable colour permanently. A local anaesthesia is used to make the laser as comfortable as possible and the cosmetic results achieved are said to be “excellent without any scars or bruising”. Typically three sessions are required to achieve optimum results, although every skin type is different, with each treatment lasting around 10-15minutes in duration.

My Boyfriend Attended My Appointment With Me

I booked into leading aesthetic clinic HB Health of Knightsbridge for my procedure and took my boyfriend Freddy along for moral support. The clinic was beautifully bright, fresh and modern and we arrived strolling hand-in-hand through the door, greeted by an immaculate and friendly member of staff who checked me in and presented me with a health questionnaire to complete. Shortly after I was shown upstairs to a treatment room where I met Dr Minoo Madhok, taking a seat at her desk we discussed my present health, ran through the processes involved in the procedure and she answered any questions that I had – primarily will it hurt and does it last?

The procedure itself took around 10 minutes which began with removing all lower garments – my leggings and underwear – before laying on my back and covering myself with a paper towel for modesty, similar to having a smear test. I was given special glasses to wear to protect my eyes from the laser and Emla cream was then applied to the surface area to allow the skin to numb for several minutes before treatment began. I was free to talk to Freddy and ask questions throughout which made me feel a little more relaxed about the thought of having lasering in such a delicate area of the body.

Dr Minoo Madhok Answered All Of My Questions And Made The Procedure Quick & Comfortable For Me

I felt a little apprehensive about the initial lasering as I didn’t know how sensitive I would be for the very first zap and I didn’t want to jump with the surprise of it. I’d imagined it would be painful but over with quickly, similar to intimate waxing, and as I’ve previously had lasering for hair removal to my underarms and rosacea on my face I’ve always found the sensation to be a short sharp and heated sting which is instantly over with.

However using numbing cream for the very first time I was hopeful that it wouldn’t cause me any pain at all. I was asked to roll onto my side for the procedure to begin and I covered my eyes in anticipation of a stinging sensation by instantly giggled with relief when I discovered that it was nothing more than a faint ping down there that lasted several shots and was over with. It was certainly an unusual sensation, far easier to deal with than shooting pains during pregnancy or period cramps and not something that I would classify as painful at all. As soon as I got used to it it was over.

The Procedure Was Similar To Intimate Waxing

Several zaps later with less than a second’s rest in-between, the procedure was over and an ointment applied to soothe the skin. I was advised that the area must be kept clean at all times and was given a healing cream to apply twice a day from home whilst refraining from intercourse for a week. Directly after the area feels completely normal and it’s as if I haven’t had anything done, it’s only slightly warm but isn’t tender or uncomfortable and my g-string didn’t cause me irritation.

The only noticeable difference I have is applying a small amount of the healing cream twice a day which I suppose is similar to the treatment for piles and isn’t something that I’m used to having moisture in that area, but assists in safe healing and calming of the skin. Other than that I can’t soak in a bath or take strenuous exercise for the first 24hrs like most cosmetic treatments, and the procedure, healing and aftercare is pretty straight forward from there on.

A Before & After Representation Of My Anal Bleaching Results

It was a really liberating experience to lighten my intimate skin, I’m thrilled with the results and am glad that I had my boyfriend on-hand for moral support when I initially felt nervous about the laser – although I now know that I needn’t have worried. The treated skin takes 2-3 weeks to lighten and three treatments are recommended for best results which can also be performed on the vaginal area just as successfully. Whilst Freddy doesn’t mind accompanying me to the hairdressers and gym, surprisingly this wasn’t majorly different and certainly nothing I feel that people should be embarrassed by – we all have beauty treatments, intimate waxing and health checks throughout the year as adults anyway, we should be pleased to share and celebrate finding a beauty treatment that works.

I believe men and women alike have the right to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, particularly in intimate areas. As fashion changes for grooming and it becomes more preferable to shorten or remove the majority of pubic hair this exposes areas of the body that may not have previously been seen nor thought about often. Whilst I’ve never had any negative comments on the appearance of my intimate area to make me feel the need to change it, I appreciate the results I’d seen whilst doing my own research online and felt that I would feel happy with the same or similar myself. The staff at HB Health were all professional, the procedure quick and convenient and the results permanent and aesthetically pleasing; exactly how beauty treatments should be!
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