Veda Soul Organic Vegan Chocolates

One of the hardest things I found about turning vegan was quitting chocolate and ice cream as growing up I was never a fan of meat, fish or eggs. For the first few years I had no dairy alternatives to my diet and simply avoided every treat that I used to love but as times change and healthier more natural mindsets adjust fantastic vegan brands are constantly emerging and I simply adore the heartfelt ethos of Veda Soul who I met at the Vegan Life Live exhibition in London this year.

Veda Soul Organic Vegan Chocolates

Inspired by a personal detox programme after a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, the husband and wife team behind Veda Soul created the brand with a passion to make a difference and enrich wellbeing via a healthier lifestyle that still allowed for the luxury of chocolate by creating 100% organic vegan alternatives free from refined sugar. Sourcing only the finest ingredients from suppliers with equal ethics and care throughout the food chain these decadent delights carry their very heart and soul within every beautiful rose gold tin.

Veda Soul Rose Gold Chocolate Tins

After sampling their delicious range at Vegan Life Live I selected Love, Awaken and Power as my favourites. Power has an oat base laden with slivers of Brazil nut and chia seeds topped with a rich dark 75% chocolate that melts in the mouth with every bit. Awaken has a warmth of ginger and zesty unwaxed lemon balanced by an oat base and topped with 75% raw chocolate, coconut blossom sugar, Peruvian cacao paste and Medjool dates to leave taste buds dancing. And Love has the most beautifully light and uplifting rose petal and cardamom oat base topped with a deliciously dark 75% raw chocolate infused with geranium rose oil.

Veda Soul Vegan Chocolates

I love how dense and savoury the oat bases are as you bite through the thick glossy chocolate and each flavour merges together into a creamy rich and sweet, uplifting and deeply satisfying delight – I’m literally drooling again just writing this! Another beautiful touch besides the exquisite chocolates and stunning presentation tins are the motivational words on the cards that accompany them which read “Love is a healer that brings fear out of its own shadow” “Believe in your power and in doing so give it permission to work it’s magic” and “Awakening is the realisation that it is time to just be you.” A truly exceptional chocolate treat to naturally uplift the body mind and soul.
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