Midas Touch Crafts Soap Making & Bathbomb Workshop

I’d like to think of myself as a rather crafty and creative person and enjoy turning my hand to new things. In the past I’ve tried jewellery making, knitting, sewing, painting and paper craft so when I discovered Midas touch Craft workshops in London I couldn’t wait to spend a wonderful afternoon making deliciously scented bath treats and gifts.

Midas Touch Crafts Soap Making & Bathbomb Workshop

I’m a newbie to bathbomb and soap making, and also being vegan, a little cautious about the use of animal fats and preservatives within products. What really drew me to Midas Touch Crafts was their vegan-friendly classes and strong support shown to charities and the idea of spending a couple of hours learning a new craft whilst meeting like-minded individuals before shopping in the city. Class sizes are chosen according to the craft to ensure that everybody learns at the same pace as well as having one-on-one time with the tutor and our sunny room of twenty or so crafters seated at several tables made for a fun, upbeat and welcome atmosphere.

Midas Touch Crafts Handmade Soap

This course focused on the melt and pour method of soap making whilst explaining the history of soap and it’s origin and purpose from the times of the plague. It was interesting to learn how soap came about, developed and changed with time to drastically improve health and lifespan as a necessity to becoming one of the most highly desired gifts of today. Being a mother to two young children I get through no end of hand soaps, washing powders and bubble baths but there’s something extra special and meaningful about receiving handmade luxury soaps and bath treats that I adore.

During the two hour class we were taught how to make traditional melt and pour soap, a bathbomb and jelly soap for which the knowledge and skills learned can now be applied at home by experimenting with alternate colours, decorations and perfumes. I’m keen to take my daughter to the craft shop for a girly weekend of petal pressing and perfume sourcing to give handmade soaps as gifts to friends and family as I know she’ll love making them just as much as I did. The class focused on educating on types of soaps, using fragrances correctly, health and safety, finishing touches, tools needed, colouring soaps correctly and decoration techniques and it was inspiring to see how the other crafters created such unique pieces from the same ingredients that we had to hand.

Midas Touch Crafts Jelly Soap

The class was extremely helpful for grasping the concept and technique of soap making which isn’t as simple as I first thought as the texture and consistency has to be just right for soaps and powders to set which you wouldn’t automatically understand from reading a textbook alone. To have an experienced tutor touching, testing and explaining what to do throughout, when to add more of a certain ingredient and how to extract the products from containers safely was ultimately the difference between success and absolute disaster and as a result of this I was very pleased to have mastered making all three types of soap in one session.

Midas Touch Crafts Bathbomb

The soaps smell amazing, look beautiful and really brighten up my bathroom giving me a sense of pride and achievement of having achieved a new skillset as well as the fond memories of a wonderful afternoon meeting couples and individuals from all over the country. Midas Touch Crafts have a wide range of classes to suit all interests from glass engraving and pottery to ice cream making, flower arranging, candle craft, furniture restoration, graffiti, jewellery making and massage to name but a few; despite just arriving home from my class I’m already checking my calendar for the next available slot!

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