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Having being vegetarian since the age of five and vegan for the past several years, discovering my dairy intolerance made such a big difference to my life as all of the symptoms and side effects that I experienced literally disappeared overnight and I’m now able to live pain-free.

Shockingly I am not alone in having lived with an unexplained discomfort for so many years, as it is estimated that approximately 65% of the population has a reduced ability to digest lactose after childhood and around 7% of babies are allergic to cows milk. With 2019 celebrating over 75,000,000 vegans, it is both exciting and uplifting to see the population turn to health conscious, cruelty-free plant-based alternatives for protein and nutrition.

When I discovered the new Raw Sport plant protein, BCAA and Pacifica range I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!


Something that really appealed to me about Raw Sport are their comprehensive range of female protein powders to support energy levels, weight loss and athletic recovery. I already know what you’re thinking, female protein powder? Isn’t all protein unisex? – Absolutely! However, this particular blend is specifically designed for women (other varieties are also available) with the addition of Red maca and sea buckthorn powder to support female health; these ingredients are nutrient dense to support hormonal balance whilst optimising energy pathways.

A leading professional sports nutrition protein, this focuses upon enhancing performance and recovery and is Informed Sport registered approved making it suitable for professional athletes. It is a combination of nutritional science meets nature and that’s what really gets me excited about this!

Made from organically grown ingredients and free from artificial additives, this protein blend is gluten, dairy, egg, soya, sugar and GMO free which sits beautifully with my intolerances. Vegan protein can have a bad reputation for taste and texture compared to traditional whey proteins, but the range of flavour options are mouth-watering to say the least and I’ve gone for the toffee fudge option with chocolate vanilla, vanilla cinnamon, wild berry, raw banana and unflavoured Stevia-free also available.

Each 25g serving provides 5 billion probiotics and 30g of protein making it a super easy, healthy and delicious way to hit my macros whilst the superfood powders provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and are individually batch tested for heavy metals and pesticides for added peace of mind.

This protein is perfect for supporting your health, performance and weight loss goals allowing you to improve athletic performance, enhance recovery time and increase your nutritional intake whilst enjoying a delicious shake. It has been developed by nutritional therapists and professional athletes alike in order to provide maximum effect in the purest way possible. Being smooth on the digestive system it also doesn’t cause gas or bloating like other brands which is a huge plus point for me as I also suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) which can really affect my training during flair ups.

Its plant derived digestive enzymes provide optimal absorption of nutrients with boswellic acid from frankincense being a potent anti-inflammatory agent and coconut water powder and grey sea salt supporting your electrolyte balance. This brand is a world leader in plant based recovery and training ensuring each scoop rejuvenates, regenerate and repairs the muscles after physical activity and is used daily by Olympic athletes, professional footballers, professionals boxers, gym enthusiasts and celebrities alike across the globe.

With a complete amino acid profile, it includes 7 grams Of BCAAs per serving to support optimal muscle mass, lean muscle and enhanced recovery consisting of the highest quality plant proteins from bio fermented pea protein, quinoa protein and vegan BCAAs. It also uses an Instantised 2:1:1 BCAA, derived from vegan fermented sunflower. Instantised differ from standard BCAAs due to their water solubility, making them far more applicable in the sports beverage market.

Raw Sport Elite Repair is best taken within 30 minutes post-workout, it can also be taken as a pre-workout 90 minutes before or used as a daily protein source. A heaped scoop – approx 33g – can be added to a blender or shaker with 300ml of oat, almond, coconut or hemp milk, fresh fruit and vegetables for delicious recipes; however I prefer to take mine alone with just water and the flavour is incredible!


I’ve also been on the lookout for a more natural vegan friendly multivitamin/mineral supplement and came across these Pacifica 90 Capsules which are a blend of ethically sourced Icelandic seaweeds providing every essential nutrient needed for optimal health suitable for men and women. Supporting hair, skin and nail growth, these capsules also boost the immune system and consist of 100% natural ingredients, are vegan, dairy free, soy free, non-GMO and gluten free, whilst containing four adaptogenic herbs to balance hormones.

These 3-a-day capsules can be taken at any time to fit into your daily routine and have been developed to combat fatigue whilst reducing the stress hormone cortisol – two very prominent aspects of my day as a busy parent, which I’m sure is also the case for most adults! With zero fillers, binders, additives or anti-caking agents, again these have capsules been developed by a team of nutritional therapists and professional athletes for incredible results in the healthiest way possible which is incredibly reassuring for me.

Sea weeds are renowned for their health benefits and are incredibly nutritionally dense containing 15 of the 18 essential elements of which the human body is composed of. They also contain the full B-vitamin complex which is vital for vegetarians as well as vegans and essential for optimum metabolic energy metabolism. The high mineral content of these capsules aids in the maintenance and repair of bones,  joints and connective tissues whilst also being a great source of natural Iodine – an essential nutrient for the thyroid gland, aiding in any weight loss program.

Combining these two products I have been able to supplement my training with optimum nutrition on a plant-based diet whilst still maintaining my energy levels, achieving my goals and eliminating the side effects of my intolerances. The more that we speak about nutrition and the importance of gut-health the closer we can come to living a healthier, longer, more active and sustainable quality of life. It really isn’t possible for me to recommend Raw Sport more highly; what an absolute game changer for the fitness industry!

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