Shakesphere Metallic & Matte Protein Shakers

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away… well I think it should be a shake a day keeps the muscle-loss away! Being an absolute gym-bunny I take my shaker to the gym with me everyday and it’s just as important to me as my headphones for a good workout.

There’s nothing worse than mixing up a shake post gym-sesh only to get a powdery lump of protein hit you at the back of your throat or to find a huge lump of gloop at the bottom of the shaker when you come to wash it up – what a waste!

Shakesphere Metallic & Matte Protein Shakers

Voted best protein shaker 2019 by Men’s Health, these award-winning ShakeSphere shaker bottles are literally revolutionising the way that we drink sports supplements because no mixing accessories are used; wave goodbye to grids, wire and spring balls in your shakers which trap protein in small grooves and wreck dishcloths!

The fashionable, functional and eye-catching patented capsule design of Shakesphere prevents protein from getting stuck to the bottom of the shaker allowing for zero waste from every shake whilst saving money, time and making cleaning up after a workout super easy.

Shakesphere Metallic Rose Gold Protein Shaker

With a slide-cap non-leak lid featuring a hygienic silicone closure, because nothing gets trapped in creases then nothing can smell bad – even if you accidentally leave your shaker in the bottom of your gym bag!

The shakers aren’t only perfect for flawlessly mixing protein powders and pre-workouts, they’re also great for smashing up soft fruits and combining oats too. Hand-wash only, these gorgeous 700ml shakers come in a range of colours with cool effects including frosted, matte and metallic to suit every style.

Shakesphere Matte Black Protein Shaker

My boyfriend and I have his and hers Shakesphere shakers, his in matte black and mine in metallic rose gold and literally everybody comes up to use when we’re training to ask where we got our shakers from and if they can touch them!

I find that a huge part of staying motivated and positive about fitness is having a consistent routine, wearing comfortable clothing and using practical and functional equipment and accessories – after all the higher the convenience the better the use of your time will be, which ultimately leads to achieving your goals faster and keeping those results. These shakers are the perfect gift for every fitness fan this season!
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