Mommi Allergen Free Raw Bar & Grill

When my friend first told me about the deliciously different vegan food and bespoke Peruvian cocktails at Mommi in Clapham, it was really only a matter of time before the universe drew me through the door and into a cosy booth for a late brunch – and boy oh boy what a treat it was!

Mommi Allergen Free Raw Bar & Grill

Celebrating their craft and draft beers, bottomless brunches and super trendy DJ booth, this indoor/outdoor uber funky dining experience caters for all tastes from meat eaters to gluten free, dairy free and vegan options alike, making them epically allergen-friendly – a big whoop for IBS sufferers, gluten and dairy intolerances!

With the option of a summery outdoor drinking spot on their colourful pavement-side terrace or a cool air-conditioned booth in their intimate restaurant, after a spot of shopping on Oxford street and the heat, hustle and bustle of the underground a spacious booth by the window to watch the world go by over great food and good company was just what I needed.

(L) Mommi Is Proudly Suitable For All Dietary Requirements (R) My El Pornotini Cocktail, Beans & Peppers

Being plant based I dined from the vegan menu whilst my friends had the main menu and we were all so wonderfully spoilt for choice! I instantly regretted grabbing lunch on the go earlier as there were so many creative and tantalising plant based options that I could have quite happily have ordered several dishes, making it ideal for sharing plates if you wish to immerse yourself in this culinary Peruvian experience.

I love how Mommi celebrate all dietary requirements and offer every dish as a gluten-free alternative upon request. A lot of restaurants have been stuck in a time warp for far too long now, focusing primarily on the the carnivorous majority of diners, offering little or no choice for the minority who wish to make healthier food swaps by reducing their meat and dairy intake or dining around intolerances and allergies.

I Dined Indoors At Mommi From Their Vegan Menu

Not so long ago, eating out was almost impossible for me with gluten and dairy intolerances, but veganism is now growing at an incredible rate and thankfully chefs are bringing such passion and love to our niche – a big high five for thinking of us all! It really is testament to a restaurants ability to listen to it’s diners needs and ultimately create something exceptional and desirable away from what is mainstream or routine to keep customers coming back again and again. This vegan menu isn’t just an after though or added extra to tick a box for inclusion; it deserves centre stage of it’s own accord!

I Started My Meal With Sides Of Salted Edamame Beans & Padron Peppers

From the vegan menu I chose two sides of salted and steamed edamame beans with flash fried sea salt padron peppers to nibble on accompanied by Mommi’s take on a pornstar martini, their el pornotini cocktail of brut reserva bubbles, vanilla spiked vodka with a passion berry twist and a glace cherry citrus garnish whilst watching the chefs in the open kitchen prepare my main.

I love the honesty of an open restaurant, allowing diners to see the food being freshly prepared, feel the vibe from the chefs and cheerful waiting staff and bask in the atmosphere and ambiance of great food, good company and an epic playlist that had me feeling such effervescent summer vibes to the chatter, laughter and energy of my fellow diners. We certainly consume with all of our senses and the sights, sounds and delicious fragrances combined whilst dining made this culinary experience all the more memorable for me.

Mommi Also Offer A Bottomless Brunch

Soft, sweet, succulent and uplifting, my plant based sides went down wonderfully as I sipped my cocktail to notes of fruity, vibrant freshness, enjoying the relaxed and laid-back vibe of the late afternoon in sunny London.

Whilst my friends merrily dined on steaks beside me, my eyes lit up as my main arrived. I went for the roasted cauliflower steak on a truffled fennel puree with salt baked beets, Andean herb chimichurri and pistachio and really wasn’t emotionally prepared for that last mouthful because all conversation stopped with each bite as I had a real close-your-eyes moment to relish in the sensational textures, taste and flavour.

(L) My Cauliflower Steak (R) Salted Caramel Ice Cream

The roasted purple cauliflower was beautifully succulent with a comforting charring to the tips that really intensifies the flavour. Teamed with a melt-in-the-mouth truffled fennel puree, I had the most wonderful flashbacks to childhood, picking fresh vegetables from my parents organic garden, tasting sunshine and love from within every morsel. Delicious, exciting, daring and imaginative, the combination of salted beetroot and radish made this dish dance its way fondly into my food-bank.

I finished my meal with the salted caramel vegan ice cream with agave syrup and puffed quinoa and it was at that very moment I knew I’d go back time and time again! My non-vegan friends couldn’t resist trying a spoon and ohh’d and ahh’d over how real my ice cream tasted; sweet, creamy and cool, it was perfect close to a wonderful afternoon which left me feeling beautifully sated from a healthy, geniously crafted meal without feeling over-stuffed or sickly – the level of expertise, service and love that every diner deserves to expect regardless of dietary requirements.
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