Love Layla Fun Father’s Day Gifts

When it comes to Father’s Day I literally cannot resist seeking something comically occasional for my father. My family are so accustomed to my tongue-in-cheek sense of humour now that I’d imagine they’d be rather concerned for my happiness if I ever gave them a highstreet greetings card!

Here I’ve stocked up on some giggle-inducing goodies from my favourite online greetings store, Love Layla, and I’m already chuckling to myself already over how upliftingly delightful these Father’s Day picks are – I literally can’t wait to see my dad’s face when he opens them.

Love Layla Funny Father’s Day Gifts

I’ve selected a card, notebook and cup for my dad this year which are not only entertaining but also beautifully practical. Whilst they have such a broad range of cards from super cute to all-out outrageous – depending on your vibe – I loved the pointy fingers on this card which reads “THIS IS WHAT AN AWESOME DAD LOOKS LIKE. Happy Father’s Day” as I already know that my mum will ask him to hold it up to his face as she spends several minutes squinting whilst trying to take a picture of him on her phone to proudly send to the rest of the family, because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be told that they’re awesome?

(L) My Love Layla Father’s Day Card (R) Dad Joke Loading… Mug

I feel that this sweet, non-offensive card will lead perfectly onto his new mug which reads “DAD JOKE LOADING…” He’ll undoubtedly defend his sense of humour the second that he reads the text based on friends and family politely laughing over the same several cheesetastic lines he’s used since the nineties; a rite of passage for every parent no doubt.

By this point he may even believe that I’ve grown up this year and my traditionally left toilet-humour gifts in my twenties, making it the perfect time to strike with his new notebook which reads “ARE YOU CHILDISH?” with the choice between ‘YES’ or ‘kNOb’ tick boxes. Ahh, what an unveiling it will be.

(L) Love Layla Notebook (R) Love Layla Thank You Note

I’m already grinning over the tuts, eye rolling and “go tell your mum what you’ve done” as I do my best Muttley impression and request a selfie to forward to my friends for our annual Best Inappropriate Parent Gift contest. Just the thought of this even entertains me greatly; imagine how much fun it will be in person this Father’s Day!
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