My Trio Of Surgeries In Turkey 2022

With lockdown restrictions finally lifting, for the first time in two years since Covid began, when I heard that Turkey was on the green list for travel it made the surgery plans that I’d put on hold last year finally possible.

I will shortly be having a blepharoplasty, tummy vaser liposuction for a high-definition six pack, laser lipolysis and jowl correction with liposuction at the Clinic Center in Istanbul, Turkey, in May 2022 and will be sharing my entire surgery diary here with you all very openly and honestly as always.

These three surgeries cost a total of €7700.00 / £6488.00 in Istanbul. In the UK blepharoplasty surgery costs between £2,000.00 – £6,000.00, Vaser Liposuction in the UK starts from £3,690.00 for one area and £4,845.00 for two areas making my potential UK surgery cost around £10,845.00 with a total saving of £4,357.00 by travelling to Turkey including all of my transfers, aftercare and a weeks stay in hospital / hotel.

Why Have Three Surgeries At Once?

Seeing as surgery involves having a general anaesthetic – where I’ll be put to sleep for the operation – it makes sense for me to therefore combine multiple small surgeries by having three minimally invasive procedures at once rather than having one large procedure, healing and recovering and then going back for another.

I have had nine previous surgeries which include:
2 x Laser Eye Surgery (local anaesthetic)
1 x Rhinoplasty / nose (general anaesthetic)
4 x Breast Augmentations (general anaesthetic)
1 x BBL Brazilian Butt Lift / buttock implants (general anaesthetic)
1 x Labiaplasty / designer vagina (general anaesthetic)

Because my three surgeries are shorter in duration than say a breast reconstruction or getting buttock implants, it is in comparison a quick nip and tuck here and there for me to have a single area of liposuction to my abs when I already have a low level of bodyfat, a minimally invasive procedure to reduce excess skin above my eyes, and a few stitches to define my jawline, which in comparison to my previous surgeries is a walk in the park.

(L) My On-Peak Physique (R) I’m A Healthy & Motivated Mother Of Two

Every surgery is obviously a very big decision and should never be taken lightly, these are procedures that I have been researching for years and debating on whether to have them or not. I am in no way glorifying surgery or advising people to change their appearance in order to find happiness; I’m simply sharing my surgery journey to inform and advise others of what is available to assist in fully informed decision making.

I love looking at before and after pictures from patients across the world, reading peoples surgery blogs and watching video recovery diaries on Youtube to understand the reality of cosmetic procedures to decide if it’s first and foremost a safe procedure and secondly something that would make a positive difference to my life.

Whether or not I have surgery I am still very happy in my life and feel body confident and positive about my appearance. I’m not looking for a quick fix, I’m not ashamed of any particular part of myself to want to change it, but through self-love and freedom of choice there are a few very subtle tweaks that I am happy to make which I can not otherwise achieve naturally.

The time feels right for me to have surgery now and it is my own independent choice, not to please others or drastically change my appearance for people to admire or accept me. They say that the sign of a good surgeon is no sign of their work at all and I feel that these three procedures will be virtually undetectable and will give me very natural results.

Before having any procedure, whether it’s temporary or permanent, cosmetic or medical, I cannot stress enough that you must always do your research, read up about everything involved in the procedure, view content from real people and have a firm aftercare plan in place to maximise your results and recovery whilst reducing your risk of complications or infections.

As A Model & Influencer I’m Prepared To Travel To Find The Worlds Finest Surgeons

Why Fly To Turkey (Again ) For Surgery?

I’ve had one previous surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, which was my most recent breast augmentation surgery in October 2019 to change my implants and the level of care, exceptionally high standards of hygiene and intensive aftercare was impeccable, far exceeding private London hospitals that are often outdated, understaffed and have huge waiting lists.

All of my surgeries have been private with the first five of them in the UK between London and Hereford, my rhinoplasty and BBL in Marbella, Spain and one breast augmentation in Istanbul, Turkey – I can very happily say that I will always go abroad for surgery now. Because the cost of living is so much more affordable abroad, everything about private hospitals absolutely exceeds that of the UK. Instead of having one nurse run between multiple patients on a ward and one hurried meeting with a surgeon prior to the procedure you have so much more time, care and attention abroad, your own private room, a whole team of nurses and face-to-face checks and visits pre and post-op with your surgeon.

There are obviously many horror stories about botched surgeries and things going wrong abroad when people look for cheap package deals with surgeons who are not as experienced, but in any country in the world this is a risk. Yes, having surgery abroad is more affordable than in the UK simply because of the favourable currency conversion from GBP, but that is not to say that the surgery or surgeon should ever be sub-standard as I for one am willing and able to travel to seek a specialist surgeon who isn’t from my own country, just as I wouldn’t expect a world class surgeon to conveniently live next door to me in the UK.

My surgeon at the Clinic Center has over 16yrs experience in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. He has worked in Ohio State University Plastic Surgery Clinic in America where he started as a lecturer in the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at Van Yuzuncu Yil University Faculty of Medicine and in 2011 became the head of the department. He received the title of Associate Professor in 2012 with the specialty degree in Maxillofacial Surgery having performed thousands of successful surgeries.

Why Blepharoplasty Surgery?

I’ve always had fairly heavy upper eyelids which make me look quite tired and squinty, perhaps from spending years without wearing glasses when I needed them or simply with age where skin gradually loses laxity and firmness over time because of gravity and/or genetics.

Sagging skin begins earlier with age on areas of the body where the skin is naturally thinner such as the eyelids, for which the excess skin can be removed through a horizontal incision often for cosmetic reasons to improve appearance by removing bagginess and droopiness from the eyelids.

I don’t feel that my eyes are excessively droopy or baggy at the moment as I have previously had a non-surgical eye lift with plasma fibroblast to my upper eyelids in 2019. This temporary procedure worked by instantly shrinking, tightening and eliminating loose skin without the need for cuts, stitches or incisions through a series of controlled electrical burns and I loved the results which have now ended as they typically last around three years, compared to surgery results lasting several years, as the body will always continue to age and skin will eventually get thinner and sag again with time, but it’s a great way to stop the clock until my mid-forties!

Upper eyelid surgery therefore provides a more youthful appearance to reduce heavy and sleepy looking eyes and is hailed as one of the safest cosmetic surgeries available. This minimally invasive procedure can be carried out under local anaesthesia – whilst you’re awake – in around 30-60mins but I will be having mine whilst under general anaesthetic because of my multiple procedures which made this surgery all the more favourable for me to combine with liposuction.

Having already had a free consultation with the surgeon via video link at my home I have already discussed the three surgeries that I will be having and asked every question that I could possibly think of, having made notes on my phone for points to consider and raise during the call which was incredibly helpful. The surgeon was incredibly knowledgeable, patient and informative, talking me through each procedure from start to finish and providing me with plenty of opportunity to ask questions throughout.

Blepharoplasty Surgery Is A Minimally Invasive 30-60mins Procedure

As I contacted the Clinic Center myself and already had these three surgeries in mind, for me there was no hard sell to buy a surgery package, not that I would consider these three surgeries that people would often combine – unlike a Mummy Makeover of tummy tuck, breasts and liposuction for example – but I wanted to understand if it were possible and practical to have these procedures at once given that some surgeries require to sleep on your front or back only which rules out combining certain surgeries.

I was therefore able to express my wishes and requirements for surgery as the surgeon could openly discuss this with me, see me on video and view the photos that I had sent detailing my current appearance. They then provided general and detailed information about my case, along with what can be done and how it will be done.

For blepharoplasty surgery general or local anaesthesia can be used which can takes up to 2hrs if you wish for upper and lower eyelids to be performed at the same time, I only require upper eyelid surgery.The surgeon makes an incision across the eyelid, removes excess fat and skin and tightens any muscles that are necessary before stitching the eyelid for minimum scar visibility as it sits in the crease of the eye and makeup can be worn 3wks after surgery.

I will have an overnight stay in hospital before being transferred to a hotel where nurses will continue to tend to me. Before I return to England I will have my stitches removed as well as receiving post-operative instructions for my home recovery.

Whilst results are visible immediately after the surgery, it is normal for swelling to last for three to four weeks for which scars may appear pink in the first few months before fading to an almost invisible clear line. The surgeon prescribes healing and scar creams to support blepharoplasty recovery which I will continue to use at home.

I Am A Vegan Bodybuilder & Yoga Instructor But Still Experience Stubborn Areas Of Bodyfat That Diet & Exercise Can’t Shift

Blepharoplasty Pre-Operation Instructions

  • I must stop taking any medications or, vitamin supplements containing aspirin, ibuprofen, all herbal medicines and diet pills because they can affect blood clotting and may cause complications involving blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory issues
  • I must stop smoking at least 4 weeks before surgery as nicotine slows down the healing period
  • I must stop drinking alcohol at least 2 days before surgery
  • I must not take any kind of medication without the doctor’s permission

Seeing as I’ve never smoked and don’t drink alcohol often I find that my recovery from surgery is always very quick and comfortable as I lead a healthy active lifestyle and follow all instructions from my surgeon by the book to get the very best from my procedures without complications.

The Day Of MyBlepharoplasty Surgery

  • I cannot eat or drink anything 6-8 hours before the surgery
  • Clothing that does not need to be pulled over the head is preferred
  • I cannot wear my contact lenses but my glasses are fine
  • I cannot wear makeup, jewellery or apply any kind of lotion, cream etc. to my face

As I have 19 piercings in at present, some of which have been fitted by a piercer that I cannot remove myself, I’m going to have to have them removed prior to surgery or changed to plastic jewellery rather than metal as the electrical current used to close incisions means that no metal can be present in the body during surgery for safety reasons.

Blepharoplasty Post-Operation Instructions

  • Bruising and swelling is expected after eyelid surgery which may last between 2-4 weeks or longer depending on individual recovery and aftercare
  • I must strictly avoid sun exposure and excessive facial movements especially sneezing and coughing for the first week
  • I must sleep and rest in an upright position on 2-3 pillows
  • I must refrain from bending down, heavy lifting and strenuous activity for at least a month
  • Intercourse is not recommended for at least 2wks after surgery
  • I may apply ice and cold compresses to the eyes based on the instructions of the surgeon
  • Possible complications include: scars, bleeding, seroma, infection, extrusion, swelling, bruising and pain, asymmetry, increased or reduced sensation, damage to deeper structures, unsatisfactory result, change over time, allergic reaction – chest infection, blood clots, heart attack, stroke or death, eyelid position
  • I can return to work 5-7 days after surgery

Whilst the possible complications of any surgery my sound scary, in my experience of nine surgical procedures and hundreds of cosmetic aesthetics, the only problem that I have had is my breast implants failing because of the PIP scandal 16yrs ago where the implant materials were switched to sub-standard after passing quality checks and being approved for medical use which should never have happened and is highly unlikely to ever be the case today with stricter checks now in place. As I am having no implants inserted, just tissue removed, this is not a concern for me and I usually recover very quickly from bleeding and bruising.

Why Abdominal Vaser Liposuction &Hi Def Body Sculpting?

Vaser liposuction is a plastic surgery which reshapes the body by removing stubborn fat cells. V.a.s.e.r. stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance which is a specific ultrasound technology used to disintegrate fat cells by releasing ultrasonic frequency waves.

This can be performed on nearly every part of the body that has fat, including neck and chin, the arms, chest, love handles, tummy, hips, back fat etc. It is a minimally invasive way to remove stubborn fat cells, improve muscle definition and contouring and is something I’ve consistently seen fantastic results for for some years and wanted for quite some time.

My Pre-Surgery Condition April 2022

At the moment I’m the chubbiest I’ve ever been because of Christmas and Easter, I’ve also spent the past 18months studying which has made me far more sedentary than usual and my training plan at the gym has simply been for maintenance rather than fatloss or building muscle mass as this is most definitely my off-peak season.

I’m a UK8 dress size at 5ft8″ and 65kg and have always been slim, but I struggle to build abdominal definition despite how hard that I train or how low my bodyfat gets. Oddly enough the most definition I had was during training after the birth of my second child when my skin was still a little loose and highlighted my muscles better. Now that my tummy has toned up the muscle definition is almost lost beneath my skin and my fitness results aren’t as visible.

Turkey is deemed as one of the best countries for liposuction, specifically Istanbul, as there are a lot of highly-skilled plastic surgeons located there which attracts patients from around the world.Despite going to the gym or leading a healthy diet some areas of the body are difficult to rid of stubborn fat for which vaser liposuction can target these areas.

(L) My Son & I In 2013 (R) Me In 2021

Vaser liposuction cost depends on different factors and as such each patient has a customised treatment plan depending on their age, body structure, surgery availability, type of natural tissue, and proportion preferences. Whilst results are typically seen after 6wks, they continue to develop for several months.

Again, as I’m having multiple surgeries I will only need to take 4-7 days off of work and wear a compression garment for 6 weeks with aftercare involving lymphatic drainage massages within the first 2wks post-surgery.

Vaser liposuction recovery is faster than classic liposuction as it is minimally invasive surgery, and as it is not traumatic most patients don’t require strong painkillers but as recovery is simply uncomfortable for 3-4months as bruising and swelling subsides. It is normal fortumescent fluid to come out of the incisions after surgery for which an absorbent pad is placed under the compression garment to catch this.

Vaser Liposuction Recovery Time:

  • During the first week of recovery the skin is discoloured in shades of purple or blue and there is soreness and bruising with some areas feeling numb for some time
  • 2 weeks into my recovery I can return to driving as well as work, but I must avoid exercise until day 14 when I may have completely healed or may still have some bruising
  • 3-5 weeks into my recovery I may not feel pain or soreness but could have some swelling amongst my results which will continue to define as the swelling and bruising reduces
  • 4 weeks into my recovery I can continue to do light exercises, but heavy exercise or excessive activity mujst still be avolided
  • 6+ weeks into my recovery most of the bruising and swelling will have gone but remaining some swelling may remain
  • Complications may include: Form asymmetry causing the skin to appear bumpy, wavy or uneven fat removal, bad skin elasticity, numbness, infection, interior puncture, fatty embolism, kidney and heart problems

Any liposuction is permanent as long as you don’t gain large amounts of weight, seeing as I have maintained my UK8 dress size my whole life I am confident that I will not reverse the results of this surgery and as I do not have a large amount of bodyfat to remove I do not expect to have lumpy or uneven results.

Why Jowl Correction?

Again, the neck is an area of my body which I can never target with any amount of diet and exercise. I’ve always had this very stubborn little squishy area situated between my neck and chin that I would love to reduce or remove.

I don’t think that many people notice it and there’s certainly nothing wrong with it, but similar to the thinning of the skin on my eyelids, with age it’s something that I’ve become more aware of and would like to tweak to improve the definition, reduce the bulkiness and tone the skin. This fits in nicely with my other procedures and again is minimally invasive which makes it an ideal surgery to combine with liposuction and eyelid reduction.

These are my before images which I will use to compare my results both directly after my surgery and throughout stages of healing. I hope that you find this informative and useful should you be considering these procedures yourself, and as always I am open to comments, questions and thoughts should you wish to share them in the comment box below.

Travelling Abroad For Surgery After A Pandemic

I last travelled abroad in October 2019 before the Covid pandemic struck, having my holiday to the Maldives cancelled in April May 2020 when the UK was added to the red list for world travel. Two years on and the UK finally has the green light for me to fly from England to Turkey for my surgery.

To be suitable for travel to Turkey from the UK you can provide a negative PCR test within 72hrs of departure, a negative rapid antigen test within 48hrs of departure or a medical certificate.

At present, those who have recently recovered from COVID-19 are exempt from testing requirements and may provide proof of a positive antigen or PCR test, taken at least 28 days and not more than 6 months before arrival – these guidelines may change at any time so it’s important to always check the latest requirements before arranging travel.

The Countdown To My Surgery Begins!

My surgery is booked for 25th May 2022 and I will be flying to Istanbul for six days in total. Childcare is arranged and my flights and insurance have now been booked. I’ve scheduled my eyelash extensions to be removed, arranged with my piercer to switch all of my metal body jewellery to surgery-safe plastic and have scheduled to have my acrylic nails removed from both of my index fingers to allow my oxygen levels to be monitored during surgery. I’ve also booked my transfers both to and from the airport in England.

(L) My Travel Intinery From The Clinic Center (R) I Must Complete An Online Form For Entry To Turkey

The Clinic Centre will be taking care of everything from here on out and have my pre-surgery photos and flight details in preparation for collecting me directly from the airport upon my arrival. They have arranged all transfers, surgical details, recovery and return to the airport for me to come home at the end of the week and I have a detailed medical travel itinerary with day to day plans and pre-operative instructions as well as my hotel which is all very exciting to receive on a wet and windy cold afternoon in England!

I must also complete an online form for entry to Turkey within 72hrs of travel; all I need to do now is find cool and loose summer clothing to pack for my stay which is surgery suitable – basically no tight necklines – is this not the perfect opportunity for a summer shopping trip? I think so!

Surgery Week Has Arrived!

My surgery week has finally arrived and I’m now all packed and ready to go. I found the prettiest summer dresses at the weekend when I spent an afternoon shopping in the sunshine, it really feels as though summer is here now!

I’ll soon be leaving for the airport to catch my flight and can spend the rest of this week relaxing and recovering from my surgery in beautiful Istanbul, all whilst being looked after my nurses and checking in with my surgeon.

(L) I Bought Some New Surgery-Friendly Summer Dresses (R) I’m All Packed And Ready To Go

I’ve been trying to use up the rest of my fresh veggies in my fridge and fruit bowl so that they don’t go off whilst I’m away and it’s been an interesting week of meals from pea and runner bean pasta to toast with every topping imaginable. It’s nice to not have to worry about what I eat as I’m shortly having liposuction. It feels like I’m about to go on holiday, only I’ll be coming home slightly slimmer and more youthful than when I left rather than sunburnt and bloated from an all-inclusive!

I feel so excited and positive about my surgery journey and will no doubt be flooding my blog and social media with hundreds of updates, pictures and videos now whilst I’m away. I’ll try to detail as much as I can think of here as points to remember if you’re considering having surgery abroad too. Anything that I miss out, or that you’d like to know more about, please feel free to ask it in the comments section below.

Arriving In Istanbul Two Days Before My Surgery

Our flight landed at Sabiha Gokcen International Airport late in the evening which meant that we could eat, sleep and keep within our normal routine despite the two hour time difference. There are two airports in Istanbul, both of which can be used to access the Clinic Center. At present it is mandatory to wear a face mask throughout the duration of the 3.5hr flight when travelling to and from Turkey because of Covid regulations which wasn’t a problem for us as everybody on board politely complied and travel was no different to usual in any other aspect.

We were advised that we should go to the meet point upon arrival at the airport in order to be transferred to our hotel which is situated outside of the arrivals terminal. Taxis and relatives wait beside numbered columns where the Clinic Center had a board with their name on it. We text our travel coordinator first to confirm we had landed and were then met by a black people carrier with the Clinic Center logo on the side of it making it very easy to spot.

Our hotel is situated besidesa beautiful river and large family-friendly park just 20mins away from the hospital where my surgery will taking place in two days time. It’s ideal for taking a walk, hopping between cafes and restaurants and enjoying the sunshine, we also have our eye on the rooftop restaurant which we’re hoping to try tomorrow evening. I’m so excited to have arrived in Turkey and it all feels so very real now; finally we can relax, unpack and let the team take care of everything from here on.

One Day Before My Surgery

We had a hearty breakfast at the hotel this morning before we met with the Clinic Center staff in reception to be taken to the hospital for pre-surgery checks. The pre-surgery checks took a total of 15mins to complete, far quicker than NHS waiting times and hospitals for sure!

The Private Hospital Where I’m Having My Surgery In Istanbul

Bright, fresh, modern and with minimal patients present, the private hospital is a quick and easy car journey from the hotel. I first had blood taken from my arm to check my suitability for surgery, followed by a Covid test – both of which came back clear and confirmed my good health. I was also told my blood type of O+ which I hadn’t known before, but is always useful to note.

We were then taken on a wonderful tour of city which covered iconic and breathtaking monuments within Istanbul including the blue mosque, Ayasofya Camii, Theodosius Dikilitasi Egyptian, hippodrome square to name but a few. We stopped for ice cream, tea, coffee and roasted chestnuts along the way before visiting a bazar selling bags, spice, trinkets, lights, tea, perfume and everything else in between, fantastic for a spot of sight-seeing and shopping in the sunshine.

I Had A Blood And Covid Test Taken At The Hospital Today In Preparation For My Surgery

The tour concluded with a delicious rooftop lunch overlooking the water with views of a picturesque stone tower, hillside homes and the cobbled streets below. We clocked up 17,000 steps in total across the afternoon, finally walking down a high street similar to Oxford street in London, called the Istiklal Cd. with trams, vibrant singers and the familiar hustle and bustle of the Western world. What a contrast in history and culture from ancient monuments to modern brands, something for everyone.

We Spent A Wonderful Day Touring The City Whilst Enjoying The Food And Culture

Upon our return to the hotel we concluded the evening with a romantic rooftop dinner at sunset before retiring to our room for an early night as I now have to fast for surgery from midnight to be ready for the hospital in the morning. It’s been such a lovely day and we haven’t stopped smiling, learning and soaking up the culture with our fantastic tour guide, wonderful team and so many delightful sights and sounds of such a vibrant city. It’s been so lovely to take a little break away together to relax, unwind, visit somewhere new and achieve the body of my dreams along the way! I just hope that I can actually sleep tonight with all of the excitement that I feel for tomorrow.

The Day Of My Surgery

As it turns out I had a wonderful nights sleep and nodded off literally minutes after getting into bed after such an active and fulfilling day. We were collected by the driver to leave for hospital at 9am this morning and I avoided all food and water at breakfast time as my partner enjoyed the continental breakfast selection and I gleefully watched.

It’s necessary to fast before surgery in preparation for the anaesthetic, my surgery time is dependent on the completion of the patient who goes in for surgery before me, so be mindful that expected times are likely to change on the day.

Leading up to my surgery I had an IV fitted to my arm, was given a hospital gown, slippers and support stockings to change into and completed all medical paperwork, checks and allergy information with the medical staff with an English speaking translator present throughout. These checks and processes were spread across a couple of hours with each member of the team greeting me in my private room where I had an en suite, TV and bed for my partner to spend the night in hospital with me.

Prior To Surgery My Surgeon Marks Me With Pen And Talks Me Through The Procedure

I was taken in for surgery at 1pm with the preparations taking approximately one hour to complete which began with transferring me on a hospital bed from my room to the operating theatre. Multiple members of staff accompanied me throughout, confirming my name, ticking off checklists and stats and each then passing me onto the next team member to complete their part in the process. I remember being given a sedative in the entrance to the operating theatre and smiling and waving goodbye to my surgery coordinator before watching my arm being placed into a support on the bed and the next thing that I recall is waking up feeling cold in my hospital room.

Markings Are Made On My Stomach, Eyelids And Chin In Preparation For Surgery

My actual surgery began at 2pm and took 4.5hrs to complete. I came back to my hospital room at 7pm where my partner was waiting for me and as I woke up I was covered in blankets shivering and asking for a drink. It’s normal to feel cold after surgery as the operating theatre has to be kept purposely cold to prevent infections and because of the anaesthetic you are not allowed to drink for 4hrs after surgery nor eat for 7hrs which sounds like a long time but the majority of that is spent sleeping anyway.

In My Hospital Room Directly Before And After My Surgery

With it already being the evening by the time that I woke up, I continued to drift in and out of sleep until the early hours of the morning. I vaguely remember members of staff knocking on the door to come in and change my drip, ask me questions and complete their checks but the finer details evade me as I was drowsy, sleepy and the lights were turned down low. I was told that I should remain in bed and rest as I had a catheter fitted which meant that I didn’t need to get up to use the toilet as a bell beside my bed would summon a nurse if I needed help in between my frequent bedside checks and monitoring.

With the lights turned down low in my nest of warm blankets, compression garments, a head bandage and the reassuring thought of being in safe hands, I had the most deepest, carefree and fulfilling sleep that I’ve had in years!

One Day After Surgery

Before the 4hr point post-surgery, not only did I have a dry throat from the oxygen tube used during the anaesthetic, but I started to feel a little sickly and thought that I might throw up, which is again a normal response after surgery. I’ve felt sick in the past with past surgeries but have never actually been sick until this time as I threw up twice – thankfully with an empty stomach. It was more of a reaching and gagging which produced a small amount of liquid but not any food which was wiped up.

The nurse gave me a sick bowl should I need it again but after that all sensation of sickness was gone and I was able to drink. By 5am I was able to have my first walk first walk which began with two nurses inclining my bed to an upright seated position, swivelling my legs to the floor and holding onto my arms to sit me up on the side of my bed.

At the count of three they assisted me in standing but I began to feel hot and dizzy so they helped me to lay back down and told me to try again after I’d got some more rest. I’ve always been able to stand up after surgery and pride myself on my ability to recovery quickly and keep active, so when the nurses left my partner helped me to perform the same steps at a slower pace as I took a moment to sit and breathe upright, with my legs down and finally standing.

I started by standing up beside my bed and breathing as my partner held me by the elbow, this gradually grew to taking a few steps to the door before laying back down and having a nap. Within a few hours I’d managed to walk to the end of the main corridor beyond my private room and past the nurses desk three times for which my catheter could then be removed.

My Neck Is Bandaged As I’m Too Claustrophobic To Wear The Compression Garment On My Face

I’ve never had a catheter fitted before and so when I got up to walk I carried the urine bag along with my IV drip and drains which were fitted to collect excess fluid from swelling. To remove the catheter the nurse laid me back on the bed and advised me that I would feel a pulling sensation as she carefully pulled at the tube. It took a matter of seconds to come out and it was nice to think that one less tube was in me and I could continue to be more and more mobile because of it.

I had my first meal seven hours after surgery which was a vegan protein bar that I’d brought with me from England for energy and a cup of grape juice with fruit that I sipped from a spoon. I’d also been served a tray of hospital food which was lovely, but being a fitness enthusiast I was excited to have my favourite chocolate protein bar. I started with small, gentle nibbles to not pull my neck as I chewed and progressed to taking sips of water from a plastic cup rather than drinking from a teaspoon and it felt incredible to notice my energy levels peak as I felt more alert and stronger.

(L) My Hands And Wrists Are Puffy After Having Surgery (R) My Hands Are Normally Slim And Defined

When I was able to eat, drink and go to the toilet the surgeon’s assistant then came to visit me and changed my neck dressing, removed the bandage wrapped around my head to cause tension to my jawline and checked my stomach area by opening up my garments as I laid flat on my back. Following this I was pretty tired and slept again as the effects of the anaesthetic were still wearing off, only waking up to eat lunch before the nurses removed my support stockings and helped me to put a loose summer dress on over my compression garments. I was cleared to leave the hospital and return to my hotel by early afternoon and was so excited to get back to normal and enjoy the rest of my time spent recovering in Turkey.

At the hotel I got into bed looking rather swollen in my face, hands, arms and legs. I laid down flat on my back and had another sleep until dinner time where my partner helped me to sit up and walk to the table to eat room service, use the bathroom and then get back into bed again. I was conscious to aim for 5mins of activity every hour as advised by my surgeon in order to improve circulation and reduce swelling, but in the early days following surgery even the smallest of actions can be rather draining on energy and any amount of activity is a good effort, you simply have to take it at your own pace.

Two Days After Surgery

I had the most wonderfully peaceful sleep yet again as I fell soundly to sleep the second that my head touched the pillow. By day two less sleep is needed throughout the day and as a result of this I spent more time sitting upright, talking and attempting to be active.

I ventured down to breakfast at the hotel today, taking the lift to the restaurant and sitting upright at the table with my partner. The hotel has multiple surgery guests staying at the same time as me, some with hair transplants, noses bandaged or floaty clothing as they walk slowly and carefully to suggest stomach and breast operation patients. It’s nice not to stand out or be the only person to have had a procedure and as such nobody has batted an eyelid or seemed shocked or offended by my face being bandaged as it appears to be an entirely normal experience here.

It’s Nice To Be Up At About As We Venture Out Of The Hotel Room For The First Time Since Having Surgery

Something that I also found reassuring is to speak to the other patients who come from all over the world for all different reasons. Speaking to a wonderful lady in her late forties about her “mummy makeover” I felt overjoyed for her when she told me she’d had a breast uplift and tummy tuck despite her children being fully grown because she wanted and deserved the body of her dreams regardless of how long ago she had her children.

There were a few couples sitting at breakfast helping one another to get cups of coffee and carry plates and it was so endearing to see that they were so supportive of assisting in their loved ones recovery and another couple had matching nose surgeries. What I took from it was that all people at every age and stage of life came to Istanbul for surgery to either make small or major changes to their appearance in a positive and supportive light which was so wonderful to see. It wasn’t just young people, it wasn’t just glamourous or loud people, but literally every kind of person that you could imagine passing in the street and I didn’t quite realise just how many “normal” people come for surgical enhancements. It felt like aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and neighbours all checking in and having tweaks, not just 18-25yr olds who all want to look like supermodels.

I Will Be Having My Surgical Drains Removed Over The Coming Days

Following breakfast my partner asked me what I’d like to do in the hotel room for the morning and I asked if he’d help me to wash my hair as I’m not allowed to get my dressings wet and therefore must stay dry for 7 days. Whilst I sat on a chair with my head tilted back he washed my hair and I then gave myself a wash at the sink with my compression garments on, shaved my legs, wiped over my face, brushed my teeth and put on some clean clothes which made me feel so fresh and clean.

With butterfly stitches on my eyelids, a surgical padding and sticky tape on my chin and three forms of stomach dressing of a flat board, corset and tight velcro wrap, I’m well and truly held firmly in place along with five drains which are tubes to take away swelling and excess fluid from my stomach which hang at my waist and can be carried around in a bag for convenience.

Today I noticed the swelling in my hands and wrists starting to reduce as the chubbiness and roundness of my fingers is gradually shrinking to show the definition of my veins as the swelling from surgery starts to clear from exercise.

Two Of My Five Drains Were Removed From My Stomach Today At My Check Up

In the afternoon I was taken to see my surgeon at his private clinic for my second check-up for which my surgery co-ordinator informed me of via Whatsapp and I met with her in the hotel reception as the driver came to pick us up. His clinic was a similar distance to the hospital, just a short hop from my hotel and I arrived with two other patients to be checked over following my release from hospital.

I had my chin redressed again and two of my five drains were then removed as they had collected enough fluid and were no longer needed. To remove the drains the stitch which holds them in place is cut with a scalpel and the drains which are small tubes running up the length of my stomach were slowly pulled out which felt like a hot dragging sensation as it moved beneath my skin. The drains, much like the catheter, take seconds to remove and lead to a great sense of relief that they’re out as I always find the thought of it far worse than the event itself.

I had my stomach checked over and was able to ask my surgeon any questions that I had. My first question was to ask when my other three drains will come out followed by how long I’d have to wear the compression garments for, when I’d be safe to drive and when it would be safe for me to ride a rollercoaster – my children will be on half term when I return to England and they’re desperate for some adrenaline!

I Saw My Surgeon At His Private Clinic Today For A Post-Surgery Check Up

Whilst my questions raised a few eyebrows at first, my surgeon very kindly and patiently explained to me in English that my three remaining drains would be removed at my next check-up, that I must keep all compression garments on for one month post-surgery, I can drive as soon as I return to England and providing I am only sitting in a rollercoaster seat and not bouncing or heavy lifting that I could attend a theme park ten days after my surgery.

The driver then dropped us back to the hotel where I had a little nap before we ventured out for the afternoon to the beautiful river and park opposite our hotel to enjoy the sunshine. We used the crossing to get across the road at a gentle pace, took little breaks by sitting on benches and drinking orange juice and enjoyed looking out over the water as I carried my drains in a bag and walked arm in arm with my partner enjoying the fresh air.

We Have The Most Beautiful View Of The River From Our Balcony

When we got back to the room we calculated the route that we had taken and were impressed to find that we’d walked almost two miles which took around an hour and a half including the breaks and slower pace. I feel so much stronger, healthier and more able with each and every passing hour.

We decided to have a room service dinner on the balcony this evening to enjoy our wonderful view and rest up after such an active and eventful day. Following this we both sat in armchairs to watch a movie on Netflix as being upright is also a great way to build stamina and I enjoyed a cup of tea as I wiggled my toes and watched Ryan Reynolds being hilarious as always. I’m excited for my next check-up tomorrow at the hospital where I hope that my final drains will be removed along with my stitches and dressings!

Three Days After Surgery

Today my partner told me that since I’ve been sleeping on my back, which is compulsory for a month after surgery, I’ve begun to snore and kept him awake last night for which he took a video of my honking like a fog horn with every breath. I normally sleep on my left hand side and tuck my knees up to my stomach but have to lay flat on my back with my legs out straight so as not to indent my stomach or sides from surgery nor pull my neck or eyes.

Whilst it’s an alien sleeping position for me to be on my back and not my first choice for comfort, I’ve managed to remain on my back throughout the night as it’s quite a task to lift and turn myself over due to my compression garments restricting my movement which has been a bit of a bonus because it prevents me from unconsciously rolling onto my side and affecting my results and healing.

We headed to breakfast this morning a half-step faster than I was yesterday, sat for a little longer sipping an orange juice after our meal and then met my surgery co-ordinator in reception at 8am to return to the hospital for my next check-up.

At this appointment I saw my surgeon and his assistant again and was able to ask my questions as well as provide feedback on my activity levels, progress, healing and take post-surgery pictures for reference. It took 30mins in total to remove all of my stitches, dressings and drains and I rather squeamishly squeezed my partners hand as the multiple stitches across my stomach were removed from a network of lines used to create the indentations of a six pack.

All of my previous ten surgeries had involved a single stitch or three to four inches of stitches in a crease of skin to close an implant wound, never multiple rows of stitches the length of my torso before so this was an entirely new sensation to me. Knowing that I get faint and dizzy when standing up for procedures, I asked to lay down for the removal process which allowed me to close my eyes, focus on breathing and to squeeze my partners hand.

My Stomach Stitches And Drains Were Removed Today And I Saw My Six Pack For The First Time

My stomach felt tender from surgery but wasn’t painful and the sensation of having my stitches removed was at times a short sharp tug with longer dragging sensations for wider areas of stitching being pulled out. I took a moment to rest and have a sip of water at the half way point as my hands were feeling clammy and my body was rather warm, partially from the nerves at the thought of having my stitches removed today and partly because I was still recovering from surgery which generally makes any activity more draining and involved.

The three remaining drains slid out as I breathed a sigh of relief and I was able to see my new stomach, eyes and jaw for the very first time uncovered. I literally grinned from ear to ear in the mirror and hugged my surgeon to thank him for being able to achieve such incredible results that I never would have managed no matter how many hour I’d spent in the gym or how clean my diet was – those stubborn areas of fat beneath the skin would never naturally shift and were impossible to target through diet and exercise.

The Butterfly Stitches On My Eyes Were Also Removed But My Chin Dressing Remains In Place

I had a dressing reapplied to my neck to keep the upward tension on the skin until I return to England which is the only surgical dressing that I have now. We also discussed my aftercare and how to apply protective cream to the stitch and drain holes on my stomach and eyes before and after each shower which I can take one week post-surgery. I was shown how to massage my chin to encourage healing, told when to use and remove my stomach board to avoid indentations and given additional compression garments.

Now that my drains and stitches are out it is so much easier to move as there is no more pulling or restriction and I don’t have the concern about dropping or catching a tube and accidentally pulling it out, not that I ever have! As soon as my stitches were removed I felt a little tenderness as I’m recovering from surgery which isn’t pain or discomfort but totally normal and to be expected as some areas of my body are bruised and sensitive whilst others are swollen and numb which will subside over the coming weeks.

My neck dressing can come off in two days time when I return to England and I’m looking forward to being able to shower once I get to one week post-surgery. I’m absolutely amazed how quickly and easily my eyes have healed, how big and bright and open they look and how defined my jawline looks. When I saw my six pack for the first time I wanted to cry over how fantastic it looks! I’ve put in so many hours at the gym, trained until I can’t train anymore and led a clean and healthy diet and lifestyle for the majority of my life, yet after having two children with loose skin and natural fatty deposits I just couldn’t budge those stubborn areas of bulk until now.

I’ve Had My Eye Dressings Removed And My Eyes Are Still Swollen

My surgery has given me that final bit of definition to complete my active lifestyle and I’m amazed at how incredibly natural and uplifting it looks. I still look and feel like me, just a more polished and better defined version post-pregnancy.

After what was such an empowering and awe-inspiring final check-up with my surgeon we returned to the hotel just in time for lunch and I felt motivated and enthusiastic to continue my healthy lifestyle with my new body and asked my partner if he fancied a walk. We took the same relaxing and picturesque stroll down the waterfront and through the park, finishing up at a lovely little restaurant for lunch where we whiled away the afternoon, clocking up over three miles of walking by the time we returned to the hotel for a nap.

I felt ecstatic to realise that the swelling in my hands, fingers and wrists had entirely subsided and that my neck, eyes and stomach would be next to follow suit. Room service for dinner, sitting up in bed chatting and giggling about my impending-snoring was the perfect evening as we watched the sun set on our final night, well fed, well rested and ready to return home tomorrow.

Four Days After Surgery

It’s now four days since my surgery and time to return to England, it feels as if it’s passed in the blink of an eye yet we’ve been in Turkey for a week now already and I’ve really enjoyed not wearing any makeup or having the responsibility of being back home.

It’s been lovely to rest up, relax, go sight seeing, have romantic meals and soak up the sun this week as I recover from my three surgeries; now I’m feel far stronger and have bags more stamina to return home to the children which I wouldn’t have had if I’d have gone back home the day after surgery in England and been faced with laundry, housework, school runs and meal times.

We Spent Our Final Morning In Istanbul Sitting In A Park On The River Watching The World Go By

Coming away to Istanbul has allowed me to receive such valuable aftercare, to have far more communication and time with my surgeon, to properly rest and recover and also to selfishly catch up on some well-needed sleep as I’m sure most parents are used to burning the candle at both ends in daily life. Staying in a beautiful hotel in a warm and friendly country with an expert team of surgical and medical staff tending to your every need is a well needed tonic and essential me-time regardless of having a procedure or not, we all need to reduce stress, relax and unwind.

Whilst I’ve worn sunglasses when out and about to protect my eyes from the sun and prevent burning in the heat, I can wear my contact lenses if I choose to providing I don’t pull on my upper eyelid. As I can take it or leave it with glasses due to my mild prescription, I’m going to return to wearing contact lenses when I get home as I haven’t been watching much television, reading or working at a screen to need to focus whilst I’m away.

I’m Excited To Return Home To See My Friends And Family

So we’re all packed up with our cases in reception, our checkout is at midday and we leave for the airport at 3pm for which our driver will meet us outside. We’ve said our final goodbyes to the lovely team and other patients that we’ve met along the way and we’re going to spend the next few hours walking the river one final time and going for ice cream.

We’ve had the loveliest stay in Istanbul, my surgery has been a great success and I can’t wait to get home to see my wonderful family and friends and unveil the new me! This has been such a positive, enjoyable and wonderfully memorable experience that has given me the results that I’ve dreamed of and desired for so long. I hope that in sharing my surgery diary that I might have helped you to understand what’s involved in these procedures and whether that may be useful to you.

Five Days After Surgery

We arrived home in England in the early hours of this morning as our flight home was delayed leaving Istanbul and we then had to travel home from the airport. I managed to sleep on the flight which was conveniently in the evening and again allowed me to remain in a normal sleep routine which I highly recommend.

Today has definitely been the longest and most active day since my surgery and our walks down the river for strength and stamina were perfect preparation for airport queues and sitting upright on the flight and in the car home. It’s so important to be active after having surgery, to keep your steps up, take small walks around the hotel room or down the corridor and not just lay in bed all day doing nothing. Sleeping well, eating healthy food and keeping active where possible is the best way to recover.

We Returned Home To England In The Early Hours Of The Morning To Continue My Recovery At Home

I’m fine walking up and down the stairs at home, took my time to unpack my suitcase and put the washing on, have had several cups of green tea, plenty of my favourite protein shakes and walked the dogs with the children. As it’s half term we can have a little lay in bed in the morning without rushing to school, I can take it easy whilst continuing to build my stamina and we can spend some days together making beautiful memories before returning to school.

Will I be riding a rollercoaster by day ten? Considering the weather forecast isn’t exactly in our favour I think a trip to the cinema, bowling and shopping is looking a little more likely!

Seven Days After Surgery

Today it is one week since I had my surgery and I feel like a totally new woman. I’m no longer taking pain relief and my antibiotics finish tomorrow which means that all of my medication will stop. It’s also the first day that I’m allowed to take a shower and must apply my protective cream to my scars before and after washing and am back to wearing my contact lenses instead of glasses.

I managed to wash my compression garments today whilst taking a shower and I really expected to feel so free and relieved to be able to take them off and let my skin breathe but as soon as I was out of them I wanted them back on.

Not only do the compression garments hold you in place after surgery but they’re also incredibly supportive and create shape, without them I felt so loose and squishy and found myself hunching over like when I’d first had my surgery.

I also found my breasts incredibly heavy without a bra in the shower, more so than usual, which can either mean that they’re swollen from fluid or that my back and core muscles are weaker than normal from having rested and not being to the gym. Either way, all swelling will reduce and I can go to the gym again in 6 weeks time so it is only momentary.

One week on from surgery and my stomach is certainly more defined but still incredibly swollen and so these results will continue to sharpen and look more natural with every passing week. My skin is loose and squishy to the touch from the fluid beneath it and I had some redness at the scar sites along with some light yellow bruising. My stomach feels rather numb and rubbery in places, along with being tender in others but each day that passes a little more sensation is returning and my cuts from surgery, stitches and the drains are healing.

My Stomach Before & One Week After Surgery

As my neck is still swollen and I can feel fluid to the touch, these before and one week after pictures are going to look very different in a week or two from now, yet I can still see progress. There is less of a defined ridge or bulge to the skin, instead with a more gradual slope.

I haven’t felt comfortable to wear the compression garment that wraps across my neck, face and head because of my claustrophobia, but once the grazes from my incisions and stitches have healed I will begin my lymphatic massage technique that my surgeon showed me and help the area to clear of fluid to see greater definition.

My Jawline Before & One Week After Surgery

My eyes are making great progress and the swelling is gradually going down, instead of looking puffy from surgery I am probably back to my pre-surgery puffiness, so as I continue to heal and the fluid clears I will now start to see greater definition and a difference as the eyes heal very quickly.

The scars are so fine and delicate, they leave just a thin red line much like a winged eyeliner which will fade over the coming weeks to natural skin colour and my surgery will then be entirely undetectable.

My eyes have been so easy for me to recover from as I’ve hardly noticed them at all, they haven’t stung, felt sore or caused me any trouble – considering I’ve also had my stomach and chin done at the same time it’s almost made me not notice my eyes at all. This is such an easy procedure to have and I love the results so far.

My Eyes Before & One Week After Surgery

I sent my week one progress pictures to my Aftercare Specialist Gamze at the Clinic Center today to check in and was told that they will be in regular contact regarding my healing process in order to evaluate my current condition and give crucial advice to prevent any complications and maximise my results. To do this I will be sending the above pictures of my treated areas from different angles 1, 3, 6 and 12 months post-surgery. I may contact then anytime should I have any concerns, problems, incidents or need a consultation or aftercare in London.

Further AfterCare Instructions to keep in mind:

-Bend slightly forward while walking during the first couple of days after the procedure not to stretch your skin that will be already feeling tight after the liposuction procedure
-Wear your compression garment for as long as your surgeon recommend 4- 6 weeks
-Avoid using the bath, Jacuzzi, or swimming pool at least for a month after the procedure in order to minimise the risk of infection
-Do not take your support garment off except to wash it or take a shower
-Drink plenty of water 
-Don’t apply ice-packs or heating pads to your treated area
-Don’t perform strenuous activities for a few weeks after the procedure. However, you should start walking as soon as you feel up to it as this can prevent blood clots
-Don’t lift anything heavy for at least 3 weeks after the operation
-Don’t drink alcohol at least for 3 weeks after the procedure.
-Don’t use nicotine products including second hand smoke for at least 4 weeks after the procedure
-Please bear in mind that liposuction is not a weight loss surgery. Follow a healthy lifestyle after your procedure to protect your current fit shape

It was then confirmed that my results at one week post-surgery are all as expected and I was reassured that swelling is completely normal after liposuction surgeries; drinking plenty of water and having short and frequent walks daily will help to reduce it. For my eyes any bruising, numbness, soreness and shooting pains are all expected reactions but I have only experienced redness and swelling.I can’t wait to share my progress at weeks 2, 3 and 4 with you all!

Two Weeks After Surgery

I’m so excited to have already reached the half way point in my recovery as I’m now 14 days post-surgery and feeling fabulous. So here’s a few pictures that I’ve taken today for my surgeon as an update on how I’m getting on.

Seeing as I’ve popped my compression garments into the wash it’s the perfect time to update my progress before I put them back on for my final two weeks of healing.

I am ridiculously thrilled with the definition on my stomach, despite the fact that I am still very clearly swollen, red and slightly bruised with a yellowish tinge, the progress is undeniable! I’m really looking forward to the puffiness reducing around my ribs and for the scabs and redness to heal and drop off.

My Stomach2 Weeks After Surgery

I also have some dissolvable stitches at three points across the width of my bikini line which I hope will drop away in the coming weeks to make my surgery entirely undetectable. I’m slowly getting more sensation back to my skin, am feeling less fragile and have great flexibility and comfort in walking, sleeping and pottering about throughout the day.

Moving onto my eyes and I’m amazed at how precise, neat and tidy the scars are, with just a very fine pink line running along the natural crease of my upper eyelid. The only tell-tale sign of my healing at the moment is a pink dot on either side of the eye where winged eyeliner would sit which will fade to a natural skin colour over the coming weeks.

My Eyes And Jawline 2 Weeks After Surgery

My upper eyes are still a little puffy, but they are becoming more and more defined by the day as I keep hydrated and take plenty of gentle exercise by walking the children and dogs to and from school each day.

I also have three dissolvable stitches in my chin, one either side of my jaw and a third directly in the centre which will again drop out over the coming weeks. I’m now able to touch and massage my neck which is helping with the lymphatic drainage and swelling and showing just how effective targeted liposuction to this area of the body is. I’m super excited for how great my results will be at week three!

Three Weeks After Surgery

Three weeks after surgery and I can finally wear makeup on my eyes – just a splash of eyeshadow and powder eyeliner for now without lashes as I’m allowed my extensions back next week which I’m so hyped about! I headed to the city for cocktails and brunch with the girls and had the most amazing time with nobody even realising that I’d had any of my procedures because my scars are that discreet!

It felt great to get dressed up and go out after three weeks of resting up and recovering, looking less than glamourous. It’s lovely to get back to a more normal preening routine, to pluck my eyebrows, have a tan and get out and about without feeling stiff or looking like I’ve just come out of hospital.

My abs are looking incredible at the moment and I’m still pinching myself over how much of a difference it has made to my physique. Whilst I wasn’t exactly heavy, I do carry a little extra weight off-season whilst still maintaining a dress size UK8. This surgery was for definition, not weightloss, and as such I’m still the exact same weight on the scales by the details on my abs and washboard stomach makes such a difference to my appearance.

I Wore Eyeshadow For The First Time After Surgery For A Night Out

My dissolvable stitches are now also starting to drop off which is super exciting as it feels like the last physical sign of my surgery to go – aside from the scars, redness and swelling of course. But the dressings, bandages and stitches are a big part of recovery and to have them naturally lift away is so motivating as I heal and make progress.

I have just a few more scabs left to drop off at the larger incision sites on my stomach, one in my bikini line and the others mid-way on my ribs. I am applying the scar gel from my surgeon twice a day to each scar site to help it to recover and fade back to a normal skin tone and have been careful to keep my new skin out of the sun to allow it to heal – despite it being a heatwave in the UK right now with the temperature being in the thirties which isn’t fun in compression garments.

My Upper Torso Swelling Is Reducing Three Weeks After Surgery

I have just one more week until I can remove my compression garments, in the meantime to cope with this heat I have cut the legs off of the suit as it’s not necessary for my healing because I didn’t have liposuction to my thighs. It’s so much cooler to be able to wear shorts and skirts again in this weather and also means that I won’t get any funky tan lines or look like I’ve been tanning in a wetsuit!

One Month After Surgery

I’m now one month post-surgery and what a week it has been this week! I’ve been having so much fun with my children, friends and family as life is literally now back to normal and I finally have my lash-extensions back too!

My eyes are healing so wonderfully with all scabs and stitches completely gone. I now have just a thin pinkish-red line across the crease of my eye flicking out to the edge.

The puffiness and swelling of the upper lid is reducing by the day and now that I can wear makeup on my eyelids again I can totally conceal the fact that I’ve had surgery. I thought that I would need to use cluster lashes instead of individual lash extensions due to my surgery but my lash technician confirmed that I had healed enough to have my regular extensions fitted.

My Upper Eyelid Surgery Is Entirely Undetectable Now When I Wear Makeup

The only difference to my lash treatment when I had a full set put in place was that my upper eyelids were not taped in order to access the inner and outer corners of my eyes to fit the extensions. I am absolutely thrilled with the results and feel so happy to have such beautiful definition to my eyes and lashes.

My neck is also healing beautifully with all stitches having dropped out and just a few small pinkish-red dots from the incisions for liposuction which will fade in time as I continue to apply my scar gel. I still have a little numbness to the middle of my neck which will improve with time, but it’s exciting to see that where my neck once bulged and looked plump it’s now firm, tight and slim!

The Numbness And Swelling To My Neck And Stomach Is Gradually Reducing

The top of my stomach around my ribs is still the numbest part of my abdominals which is gradually reducing in swelling, although I still feel the floatiness beneath my skin where I can press against fluid and feel it moving which won’t be the case once I am totally healed.

I have just one dissolvable stitch left on my right hip which has somehow lasted longer than all of the others and still seems quite happy to stay. Each stitch that has dropped out has scabbed, fell off and revealed a pinkish-red mark beneath it which will fade to my natural skin colour in time. I was asked to send in my weekly progress pictures to my surgeon in Turkey today who confirmed that everything is perfectly on track and no further aftercare is needed, but advised that I may call or contact the clinic at any point in the future should I need to or have any concerns.

I Have One Dissolvable Stitch Left On My Right Hip

I am so thrilled with my surgery journey and love my results so far. From this point forward I will update my progress once each month until all numbness and swelling is entirely gone. To top off such a fantastic week I finally made it to the theme park with my children and we spent the day on rollercoasters in the sunshine.

I was fine going upside down and super fast without any compression garments or additional clothing or protection needed after my surgery. The only part that was a little uncomfortable was one ride that had a safety bar that pushes down and digs into your lap to hold you in which pressed against my one final stitch but didn’t stop me from enjoying the ride. Had I realised prior I would have worn my compression garment and additional padding just to prevent it from knocking the stitch/scab off, but it’s remained in place and continues to heal fine.

At One Month Post-Surgery I Spent The Day Riding Rollercoasters With My Children

My eyes were fine on the rollercoaster with contact lenses in and we made some absolutely wonderful memories that we will cherish forever. I look forwards to sharing my month 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 updates with you shortly and hope that you have a wonderful summer!

Five Weeks After Surgery

Just a quick little update this week as I’m now five weeks post surgery and have started training light weights in my home gym. Whilst my workout is upper body machine focused so as not to put any strain on my core, it was wonderful to earn the burn and feel a little pumped.

Health and fitness are a very prominent part of my life and I can’t wait to rebuild muscle mass and definition over the coming weeks. I’m taking things slowly and will increase weights gradually when it is safe to do so in order to get my biceps, triceps, quads and calves looking as amazing as my abs! I’m looking forward to checking in over the coming weeks to share my progress.

Six Weeks After Surgery

This week I shot a music video for rapper and TV show host Big Narstie with Shizzio and Creed for their new garage track that comes out this summer. Changing from lingerie to sports wear and dresses my surgery is now undetectable and I can model, act and appear on camera as normal which is fantastic.

The makeup artist was able to cover any red marks on my stomach from my surgery with concealer and I had bags of energy and enthusiasm to shoot for a full day on set despite recovering from my three procedures which I had in May. I feel like a new woman and nobody realised I’d had a little helping hand from my surgeon to look as good as I felt!

I Filmed For Rapper Big Narstie’s New Music Video This Week

I’m gradually reintroducing weight training into my daily routine, still keeping it very light and focusing on my back and legs more at the moment. As of next week I will start to add in some gentle core work and see how it feels.

There are still some numb areas to my stomach which is perfectly normal, as well as the upper stomach still being swollen and squishy, but the results speak for themselves because it makes me feel so incredibly elated to see abdominal definition without the need to flex or train. Can you imagine how amazing these results will be when I train abs!?

6 Weeks After Surgery My Abs Show Definition Without Flexing

My eyes and neck look absolutely amazing, there’s no longer any change to my appearance or swelling to subside anymore, they’ve healed so fast and been hardly noticeable throughout. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Seeing as I’m now back into the flow of normal life, working, training, taking care of my family and living life as usual it’s crazy to think that not so long ago I had three surgeries and wore my compression garments daily, was on antibiotics and had to take things slowly. It’s all flown by in the blink of an eye and I’m having so much fun enjoying my new body and living my best life!

2 Months After Surgery

Now that I’ve reached the two-month mark of my surgical recovery it feels like the perfect time to compare my before and after photos to remind you of the huge progress that I’ve made and how fantastic my results are. I’m still pinching myself over the difference to my body from just 8 weeks ago – it’s absolutely life changing!

To see these two photos side by side looks like two entirely different people and I think had I not had my tattoos most wouldn’t believe this was me before and after surgery because the results are so incredible.

The definition that I now have is everything I’ve ever dreamed for and more, reversing the effects of pregnancy and allowing me to be in the very best shape of my life as a 34yr old mother of two.

(L) Before Surgery (R) 2 Months After Surgery

I still have a little numbness to the very top of my abs and a slight amount of swelling still to clear but the definition is mind-blowing this far and will only continue to sharpen up and improve over the coming months.

My abs are rock hard without any “mummy tummy” bulge or loose skin as I really struggled with a protrusion from the belly button downwards before which is now entirely gone. Finally the results I’ve built in the gym for the past several years are able to shine through and be seen now that those stubborn pockets of fat are gone once and for all.

(L) Before Surgery (R) 2 Months After Surgery

This before and after picture of my face once again astounds me. Whilst I always felt that my upper eyes were puffy and my lower face plump and round, I didn’t quite gauge the full extent of my amazing post-surgery results until I saw my before and after pictures side by side here.

I feel so much slimmer in my appearance, despite my bodyweight and bodyfat percentage being exactly the same as before surgery. To target my neck, jawline and jowls have given me the most amazing definition to my lower face and whilst I still have a little swelling in my eyelids the bulkiness is reducing week by week. I literally cannot wait to see next months results!

My Jawline Is Defined 2 Months After Surgery

And finally a little scar/incision check which has healed so beautifully throughout as I continue to use my scar gel from my surgeon. The three dots under my chin – left, middle and right – are fading to a pale pink as are my eyelid scars which look like a little flick of pretty pink eyeliner and are easily covered by makeup.

I’m able to massage my neck and stomach now that all dissolvable stitches have naturally dropped away and live my life as normal. The children now have their summer holidays where I can be just as active and adventurous with them as always, looking as wonderful and young as I feel within!

Remember to check back soon to see how I’m getting on and feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below! x
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