Hippo7 Complete Vegan Multivitamin

Optimum nutrition is something that we should all be conscious of to ensure our bodies receive the vitamins and minerals vital to good health regardless of our age, gender or diet – after all we can always be healthier!

Veganism is hailed as a natural way to reduce the risk of many diseases and cancers, but on a vegan diet – consuming only plant-based foods – it’s important to ensure that you don’t become deficient in certain vitamins which can lead to fatigue, a lack of energy, fainting and even mood swings. Thank goodness for Hippo7!

Hippo7 Complete Vegan Multivitamin

The first of its kind, this Hippo7 multivitamin is designed especially for vegans and plant-eaters alike containing all seven essential nutrients. Whilst many brands prefer to use cheaper alternatives of vitamins and even miss out on including every nutrient because of their inconvenient forms not fitting into tablets, including them all together in a more expensive soft gel capsule makes this daily dose so superior.

I take two soft gel capsules together each morning after my breakfast and love how convenient, easy to swallow and tasteless they are. Within seconds I can fuel my body for the day and ensure that I’m getting everything I need that I couldn’t possibly have found in food.

With the highest quality B12 at single supplement levels, superior Vitamin D3 instead of cheaper Vitamin D2, Organic kelp Iodine, naturally vegan Calcium, gentle Iron and absorbable Zinc each capsule is packed full of goodness leaving you to lead a natural lifestyle worry-free and nutritionally complete.

Hippo7 Complete Vegan Multivitamin

By taking two gels a day with food these multivitamins help to provide higher energy levels, improve your mood, increase focus and concentration, enhance immunity, improve heart health and increase optimised health.

Only what is absolutely necessary is used to keep quality high and prices reasonable making these multivitamins 100% vegan, non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free and allergen-free with no artificial colourants or synthetic fillers – something I’m always cautious off as I’m gluten and dairy intolerant.

Hippo7 Complete Vegan Multivitamin

Whilst people are now starting to wake up to the importance of good health, and how it is priceless to repair once damaged, there is still some way to go to ensure future generations can live healthy happy lives through a sustainable diet, which is why I choose to share my vegan journey with the world. Multivitamins are a must!

I have personally seen the damage and difference that good and bad nutrition have had on my body. As a hard working single parent I celebrate good health, high energy levels and rarely falling ill because of supplementing my diet with multivitamins – a far cry from how I used to be constantly yawning, tired, weak and unable to get through my day; health really is wealth!

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