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A happy home is somewhere that you feel safe and protected. It’s the place that you look forward to coming back to after a long day, and somewhere that you want to see at the end of a long holiday. It’s a place where you are happy to play with your children or entertain your friends. A happy house is somewhere you can relax, have fun, chill out and enjoy yourself. A happy home makes you feel satisfied and even loved. It’s the one place in the world where you are free to be completely comfortable. 

A big element of a happy house is how you behave in it. Your actions and habits help you to create a positive and inviting atmosphere. When you are happy and have a positive outlook, your behaviours reflect this, and your house becomes a cheerful space.

But, your décor and other choices in the home also have an impact on the atmosphere, how your house feels, and how happy it is. Let’s take a look at some of the choices that you can make to help your home feel more contented. 

Make the Most of Natural Light

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Natural light is one of the best ways to improve the atmosphere in your home. It can help you to feel alert and energetic, improve your mood, boost your mental health and even have a positive effect on your physical health. 

How you make the most of or increase natural light in your house depends on the space, and what you have got to work with in the first place. Adding bay windows from is an effective way to welcome more light into the rooms in your house. Cleaning your windows, moving clutter from the frames, and trimming back any hedges or bushes outdoors which may be blocking the light will also help.

Then, cheat. Hang large mirrors next to, or opposite your windows to give the appearance of more light and use other reflective surfaces. 

Fill it With Things That You Love

An easy way to make your home happier is to fill it with things that you love, that make you smile or that bring back happy memories. Look around your room, you shouldn’t be able to see anything that you don’t like, or that doesn’t have some positive connotations.

Find furniture that you love, whether it’s simple or statement. Hang artwork that makes you smile, or feel a positive emotion, and include photos in your décor that bring back happy memories. You should also include mementoes from holidays and trips, things that you’ve collected from important events, and anything else that brings a smile. 

Offer Freedom to Be Creative

Creativity is something that makes us happy. But also, something that gives us a way to express ourselves when we can’t find the right words, and an easy way to reduce our stress levels. A happy home can help you to feel more creative and make practising creative hobbies easier. But it works the other way too. Add instruments, canvases, sketch pads and pens and other ways to practice creative hobbies, even if it’s just a shelf full of adult colouring books or a draw of baking supplies, and you give yourself plenty of ways to be happy and to unwind. 

Find a Relaxing Space

Some days being happy is all about having fun with a canvas, cooking for our friends, or doing other things that we love. But these active hobbies aren’t the only ways that we explore our happiness. Sometimes, happiness is a much more serene emotion. Some days, you are happy but don’t want to sing and dance. Instead, you want to enjoy some peace. 

Add a relaxing space to your home, perhaps a reading corner or a den, where you can be quiet and thoughtful. 

Remember That Colour Affects Mood

The colours that you paint the walls and fill your home with can have a significant effect on your mood. Dark colours bring feelings of gloom and negativity. Light colours help you to feel more alert and energetic. Then, bright pops of colour, such as pink and yellow can bring a smile, help you to feel more playful and less serious. 

You might want to keep your walls light, but add splashes of colour to your wall hangings, accessories and textiles. 

Add Plenty of Textiles and Soft Furnishings

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There are times when what we need to make us happy is a simple cuddle. When this isn’t possible, your home can do a fair impression. Add cushions, blankets and other soft furnishings, and add a comforting depth by using different textures and some deeper colours, and you’ll always feel like you can get a reassuring cuddle, even when you are on your own. 

Add a Large Eating Area

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If you live with family, one of the best ways to create a happier household is to make time to eat together. We live busy lives, and few of us actually have time to sit down with the people that we love every day. Mealtimes offer a great chance to catch up and to share news.

But you’ll never be able to do this as well if you are eating on the sofa with the TV on in the background. Add a large dining table, to the back of another room if you don’t have a dining room, or even a breakfast bar so that you can all sit and eat together at least once a day. 

Place Extra Seating in the Kitchen

You may have heard it said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it can be if you let it. Add seating to the kitchen, and you will spend more time there. You’ll chat with your family or your guests while you cook, instead of rushing to get everything done as quickly as possible. You’ll eat better, taking more time with the food that you prepare, and other members of your household are likely to get more involved with cooking too.

Keep on Top of Chores and DIY

It’s hard to be truly happy at home when there is always a lot to do. If your home is always messy, or always needs cleaning, or there’s a giant list of DIY jobs that need to be completed, your house won’t just be unhappy. It might even be unsafe or unhygienic. Try to keep on top of things and get help if you need to. 

Display Homemade Work

Remember when you were a kid, and you’d feel so proud when your parents stuck your painting on the fridge or displayed a piece of your schoolwork with pride? That feeling doesn’t stop as an adult. Display things that you have created proudly, and if you have kids, hang all of their artwork on your fridge. It will help you to create a more personal and happier space. 

Focus on Air Quality and Aroma

You spend a lot of time in your house, so it’s important that the air quality is good, and that it smells nice and fresh. If your home is damp, or the air is very humid, you might not want to be there, you might find it hard to relax, and you may even become ill. Improve the air by opening windows often and using a dehumidifier if it is damp. Then, add air fresheners, scented candles and fresh flowers to create a pleasant smell. 

Have Regular Hydrotherapy

Did you know that hydrotherapy isn’t just a way of helping people recover from sports injuries, but it’s also a method of relaxing and de-stressing? Virtually everyone can have regular hydrotherapy.

For example, if you’ve got a bathtub, you can have a warm soak in it and infuse the water with some scented bath bombs. Hot tubs are also excellent hydrotherapy options. What’s more, your family and friends can all enjoy relaxing in a hot tub with you.

Invest in Plants and Other Natural Elements

Plants smell great and can improve the air, but they have many other advantages too. Plants make us happy; they enhance the mood in a space, and they help us to relax. Other natural elements, such as water, stone walls, chunky wooden tables and metallic fixtures, can also be beneficial. 

Get Comfy

There’s not much worse than being uncomfortable in your own house. So, invest in good furniture, which offers support and comfort, and replace it when needed. Your mattress, sofa, and other seating are all exceptionally important, and a comfy rug or thick carpet under your feet will never hurt. 

Prioritise Your Bed

Your bed is probably one of the most important things in your house when it comes to your mood and your health. So, make it a priority and turn your bedroom into your own haven from the world. Get a comfy bed, supportive mattress and stylish bedding, then finish the room with scatter cushions, blankets, photos, and bookshelves filled with all of your favourites.

Add a Focal Point to Rooms

Filling your house with things that make you happy can take time, so start with a focal point. Add one thing that makes you happy to every room. Perhaps a fun feature wall or a large piece of furniture, that you absolutely adore, and always catches your eye. 

A home with a happier atmosphere can help you to cope with the stress of life. When something bad happens, you’ll know that you have a haven. When you have a bad day, there’s a place to welcome you back. Equally, a happier home can help you to have fun, build relationships and enjoy your hobbies. You might be more creative, more productive, and more at peace. All just because of a few changes in your house


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