Fun DIYs To Make With A Wooden Pallet

In the summertime, many of us like to enjoy a project to make our homes and gardens look fresh and new. If you are looking for a few great DIY ideas to try this summer, grab yourself some wooden pallets and try these fun ideas below. 

Fun DIYs To Make With A Wooden Pallet


An outdoor bench 

The first of the DIYs we want to share with you today is to create a fun little outdoor bench for your family and friends. Outdoor seating can be expensive, but by making your own you will save a ton and it will make your summer parties even more special. To create your little bench, simply grab a wooden pallet and 4 planks of wood, and create legs out of the planks. Spray paint the pallet your favourite colour, get some Foam Cut to Size for the cushion, and cover with fabric, finishing with some teflon spray for waterproofing. 

A herb garden 

If you are an avid gardener, a fun herb garden is a great choice for your pallet this summer. This vertical planter will be ideal for your herbs and other plants. Take a pallet and place it upright, with the backside facing you. Take some extra wood and create a shelf at the top, middle and bottom of the pallet. Fill with soil and plant your favourite herbs!

A bookshelf

Making a simple bookshelf is similar to the planter above and involves bringing together some shelves on your pallet for books to sit. You can make 5-6 shelves on a pallet, spray paint your creation, and you’ll end up with a stunning bookshelf to add to your cosy nook in the home. 

A shoe rack 

Looking for a more organised way to store your shoes this summer? You can make a simple shoe rack from a wooden pallet that will keep all of your shoes tidy and in a simple place this year. To make a shoe rack, all you need to do is take 1-2 pallets and saw them in half and use some wooden planks to stack them on top of one another to make 3-4 shelves. Sand down the edges and paint your shoe rack, and this will be a useful bit of shoe storage for you to use every day. 

A small storage sofa 

One simple DIY you can try with your pallet this week is a small sofa ideal for a conservatory or a foyer area of your house. All you will need is some wood to make legs, your pallet, spray paint, foam, and fabric. To create your sofa, first cut your pallet lengthways in half. This will create a seat and a back for your sofa. Screw one half to the other at 90 degrees to create an L shape. Now you can add your legs. Once you have your sofa shape, spray paint it whatever colour you want. Add foam to the back and bottom of the sofa and secure with a staple gun. Cover with fabric and secure, and enjoy this small feature in the home.


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