5 Must-Have Luxury Accessories for Business Professionals

If you are a business professional, then it is essential to look the part. Pretentious and superficial as it might sound, appearances matter – especially when you are trying to settle agreements and manage stakeholders. Just your outfit is enough to subliminally tell associates that you are a professional, that you value their opinion, and that you mean business.

Luxury Accessories for Business Professionals

Accessories are a major part of looking like the real deal. As such, we have made this list of all the must-have luxury accessories that business professionals should consider investing in when putting together their corporate ensemble. Of course, these goods won’t guarantee that you secure high stakes deals. But they will certainly give you a much-needed confidence boost. And so, without further ado, here are our top picks for must-have luxury accessories for business professionals: 

1. Handbags and/or Briefcases 

Where would we be without our handbag? Though briefcases and handbags are primarily a functional accessory, they can also be a brilliant way to show off some style and finesse. But what bags are best for business? Well, we recommend steering clear of anything that is too glitzy or bohemian. As nice as these aesthetics are, they don’t scream professionalism. You could end up looking like you are going to the beach or a nightclub instead of a business meeting. Instead, it is best to opt for something a little more understated. Leather or faux leather bags are the obvious choice here. There is something so timeless and beautiful about this sleek material. What’s more, leather and its counterfeit are hardwearing. Investing in a bag crafted from this material should last you for a solid amount of time. Man bags have become an increasingly popular style for business professionals over the last few years, too. Don’t be afraid to sport one of these at your latest meeting. Most importantly, though, we recommend finding a handbag or briefcase which is practical. You will likely need to carry valuable documents around for your business meetings and it won’t look very good if they are all crumpled. What’s more, other professionals might not take you seriously if you prioritise style above functionality. It is difficult to strike the right balance between these two things, but we believe in you! 

2. Designer Watches 

There are few things more subtle and stylish than a designer watch. If you want to make a good first impression on business associates, then it might be worth investing in one if you have the budget for it. With everything from Rolex and Omega to Panerai and Certified Breitling watches on the market, there are a lot of options to choose from. Like any item of clothing, it is important to find the right designer watch that suits you perfectly. Those with slender wrists could benefit from wrist straps with finer detailing, whilst people with more powerful hands would look good with a broader clockface. Ultimately, though, choose what you like the most. Especially given how expensive designer watches can be. A good watch is also much more than a professional accessory. It can be passed down the generations, from grandparent to parent to grandchildren. And, of course, there is the added benefit that you should never be late to another business meeting again! So, consider this a real investment. Take your time choosing because it will certainly be worthwhile in the end. 

3. Attractive Glasses 

Why not transform your glasses from a functional piece to a stylish accessory? The vast majority of business professionals have to wear eyeglasses nowadays. They can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your face. Making your eyes look larger and brighter or darker and shrewd. Or framing the shape of your face and softening other features. So, instead of rashly choosing your next pair, take your time and pay attention. Certain styles will suit you better than others, so try identifying them. Experimenting with glasses that you never would previously have considered is a good start. Nowadays, there is everything from frameless glasses to bold red. Plenty of guides on the internet will help you to find the most flattering styles for you. It might even be worth investing in several different pairs that you can mix and match with your outfits. Most importantly, choose what you feel suits your personality the best! 

4. Refined Jewellery 

Both men and women can benefit from wearing nice jewellery to their business meetings. Jewellery can subtly accent your colouring, bringing out your eyes or matching the tones in your outfit. It is also an incredibly discrete way of showing other professionals that you pay attention to detail. You put time and attention into things that don’t necessarily matter, but still make a great deal of difference. But what should you consider before buying some jewellery for your professional ensemble? Well, for starters, less is generally more. Blinding your associates with diamonds isn’t a good idea, nor is appearing too ostentatious. Instead, choose pieces that you genuinely like and that suit your outfit overall. If your ensemble has warm tones (such as red or pink) then gold jewellery always looks great. Conversely, silver jewellery looks lovely when paired with clothing that has cooler tones, like blue and white. If you’re wondering about what jewellery pieces to invest in, then we generally recommend earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces that aren’t too showy. In the same sense that you wouldn’t wear a sundress to a business meeting, don’t wear big dangly earpieces or chunky chains. As we mentioned before, jewellery for professionals is always best kept as a subtle accent. 

5. Perfect Pair of Shoes 

Never underestimate the power of a good pair of shoes. Not only can they make or break your outfit, but they can also provide you with a superhuman amount of confidence (which you’ll likely need in a high-stakes business meeting!). There is a huge amount of variety for professional footwear, from lacquered heels to leather brogues. Having at least 2 different pairs is always a good idea, so you can mix and match depending on what the rest of your outfit looks like. Generally, business professionals tend to wear shoes that are slim and sophisticated. As much as we all love a good pair of Doc Martens, they don’t make a good impression in a more official capacity. If you are wearing a skirt, then adding a pair of dolly shoes or heels is usually the way to go. Trousers can also be worn with heels, but leather brogues and elongated derby shoes are great choices, too. Chelsea boots can even look amazing, so long as they are the right style and made from high-quality material. But most important of all, keep your shoes clean! It doesn’t matter how fantastic your work shoes are, if they are scuffed and caked in a fine layer of dust or dirt, then you will immediately look unprofessional. So, make sure to invest in some shoe polish whilst you’re out shopping for business footwear! 

These are all the must-have luxury accessories for business professionals. Make a great first impression by donning either the most sophisticated handbag, stunning wristwatch, or attractive eyewear. Most importantly, remember to buy what you like and what you think looks good!

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