Save Money On That Big Home Redesign

Do you feel like you’ve outgrown the style of your home, is it time for a fresh, or are you looking at redecorating in a new home? Once you start budgeting it out, it can look like a much larger project than you initially thought.

It doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom, however, as there are ways to be smart and cut the costs of redesigning and even renovating a room. Here, we’re going to look at a few of them…

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Don’t Be Afraid To Go Second-Hand

It might seem like an obvious tip, but a lot of people will have an unnatural and (to be honest) unnecessary aversion to all things second-hand, with furniture and ornaments chief amongst the items they don’t want to buy.

Second-hand furniture doesn’t always have to be in any less of a decent condition than you would expect from new. Even so, a few scuffs or scratches here aren’t the end of the world, especially if they can be buffed out or painted over. Aside from saving yourself a lot of money, you could also do good for the environment by saving resources and reducing waste.

Consider Going With A Minimalist Style

It might sound a little like making excuses for having very few knick-knacks and decorative pieces in the space, but minimalism is a trend that’s becoming a lot more popular for good reason. Many of us are used to having a home full of stuff that we don’t need, which eventually tends to become stuff we don’t really care for.

Living like a minimalist doesn’t have to mean a Spartan lifestyle. It can simply mean not feeling like you have to decorate every inch of space, and only going with the ornamental choices that really spark joy.

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Get You The Kind That Can Do Both

If you’re looking to go for a minimalist style, this is another tip you’ll want to keep in mind. Otherwise, it’s good for those who are looking to save money anyway. There are a lot of items that can go in the home that are multi-functional. These multi-tasking items do the job of two, meaning you don’t have twice two separate pieces of furniture.

For instance, chairs and tables with hidden storage compartments and convertible sofa beds fit this role very well. Take a look at some of the types of multi-tasking furniture around and see if they still fit your style. There might not as much room for diversity of look given that they tend to be more for function than anything else but that doesn’t mean they can’t suit your style.

Update And Upcycle

Perhaps you have a few older pieces of furniture that you don’t think still suit your style. You don’t necessarily have to get rid of them to make way for brand new purchases, however. In fact, if you’re still fine with their general shape and look, but its the colour or pattern you don’t like, then you can take it an upcycling studio.

Upcycling can include changing the paint, new upholstery, and even using reclaimed materials for totally new designs. Of course, you might be able to save even more money by upcycling it yourself. If you’re handy with a paintbrush, you could totally refinish and repaint most wood furniture, for instance.

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Don’t Forget About The Clearance Aisle

Buying furniture that’s on clearance is always a reliable way to save a little cash. However, furniture isn’t the only thing that stores sell for less when they can’t justify selling it at full price. Carpet remnants are, as the name suggests, remainders of carpets that weren’t able to be fully used by another customer but are too large to throw out.

If you have a slightly smaller space or are willing to be flexible with the exact style of carpet that you have, you can get a really good deal on the carpet that goes in your home. Flexibility is crucial because it’s not likely you will find a carpet store with the same selection size in their remnants compared to their usual stock.

Be A Veteran Discount Hunter

Perhaps your favourite place might not have quite as much in the clearance section as they usually do. When it comes to furniture and decorative pieces, then you’re always going to be able to find discounts and vouchers if you know where to look.

Thankfully, deal-hunting is all the rage on the internet, so much so that there are now several websites dedicated to collecting and posting all of the different stores and brands offering discounts, voucher codes, and more. If you’re still in the inspiration-finding phase and are willing to be flexible, you’re bound to find something you will like getting sold for less than it usually would through those deal-finding websites.

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Think About Value, Not Just Cost

This tip might not apply to everyone, but perhaps cutting the budget of the home isn’t your biggest concern. Perhaps you’re looking for the more cost-effective way to update the home instead. This means more than cutting costs, adding value could be just as relevant to your needs. To that end, look at weighing your budget most in favour of the upgrades that are going to add value to the home.

For instance, in the kitchen, updating the countertops and the cupboards might end increasing the value of the room and the home more than, for instance, changing the backsplash or the curtain. Similarly, improvements that boost the home’s energy efficiency are very much in, as far as the market is concerned.

Sell What You’re Not Using

Find yourself getting rid of the old to make room for the new? If you’re in a rush, then you might immediately take it the skip or to whatever charity shop will take them. However, if you’re willing to take a little time, there’s a very good chance that your furniture and knick-knacks could make you a little money to help contribute to your budget.

There are Buy, Sell, Swap groups popping up online for places all over the country, and a very good chance that you’re close to a centre precisely just for that, too. If you really have trouble off-loading it keep dropping the price until someone is willing to take it off your hands.

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Do It Yourself (but not alone)

When it comes to the physical aspects of redecorating a space, the work of repainting, repapering, moving furniture, changing the floor, and so on, is going to take some work. If you have always been the type of person to pay to have that work done for you, then that could be the reason your budget is so inflated in the first place. DIY home decorations aren’t as hard to learn as you might think. They can, however, be timely. For that reason, get the best of both worlds by inviting your friends around to help. Offer a bottle of wine to share and make dinner for them or call in a few favours and you could get the home dolled up in no time.

The bigger the room and the bigger the project, the bigger you can expect the costs to be. However, if you’re willing to be flexible, then there’s a lot of money to be saved. It might mean you can’t always be as picky when it comes to style, but if you’re finding your redecoration getting out of budget and out of hand, the tips above can help you reign it back in a little.


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