Top Living Room Decorating Ideas to Conjure a Cozy Ambience

What is ambiance? The word refers to a relaxing, friendly environment. Ambiance can lend itself to romance, but it can also facilitate small social gatherings. Here are some top living room decorating ideas to conjure a cozy ambiance for your home…

Top Living Room Decorating Ideas

Close Seating 

Most of us recognise that the purpose of a love seat is to be close to someone you love, be it a child or lover. If you want ambiance, you need close seating, though it may be chairs just a few feet apart rather than piling everyone onto a couch. This is why you should consider getting a sectional for you home. You have the ability to assemble it into a single sofa or break it into several seats. Do whatever people are comfortable with. 


A darker room is foreboding, unless the goal is romance. But very bright lights are intimidating, unless you’re lighting up a work surface. This is why rooms with “ambiance” tend to have lower lighting levels than work but not as dark as a candle-lit table. You’ll often find areas with bright lighting, whether it is a light over the game table or a reading light in the book nook. 


Ambiance requires a relaxing environment. You’ll get this with comfortable furniture, whether it has soft material or plush pillows, though it should ideally have both. You won’t get it with hard plastic chairs. On the other hand, you don’t have to use leather, though that’s a traditional option. Try to keep the look and feel of the room the same throughout, because discordant interior design will be jarring. 


Ambiance requires a measure of privacy. You could get it by having a small private room or separating the gathering space with curtains from the rest of the room. Or you could get it by having small groupings separated from everyone else. For example, bars and restaurants create a sense of ambiance by putting people at small tables or in booths, where they really don’t see or hear other people except in the background. 

Consider using materials in the room that dampen sound. Then the conversations in that room don’t echo down the hall. Water features and music that dampen outside noise can provide a measure of privacy. On the other hand, these won’t make up for the lack of privacy in a space if strangers are walking through the room on their way to the kitchen or otherwise intruding. 


You can get a relaxing atmosphere by serving food and drink that everyone shares. This is why tea rooms and coffee clubs are perfect for forming new relationships. You can create the right ambiance by having two or three single person chairs gathered around a table holding the snacks. You can also create 

the right atmosphere by having a friendly gathering point like a gaming table or wet bar. You can enhance the atmosphere by having things for guests to discover as they look around the room. This could be sports memorabilia, artwork or other artifacts. Note that this is why the most popular restaurants have tons of stuff on the walls.


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