Pampering And The Park

At the weekend I celebrated my mothers birthday with the family and had such a fantastic time. It’s practically impossible to put into words how much she means to me, she never fails to amaze me, inspire me and support me. There is no other bond like that of a mother and her child and I know that regardless of where I am or at what time in my life we will always be there for one another. She is my angel on earth.

Having a Chinese in the evening after the excitement of Gabriele man-handling his dinner from the highchair, rubbing it in his hair and demanding food from everyones plates, it was lovely to have the family altogether. Millie loved putting on her pretty clothes and celebrating Nanny’s special day; and after dinner we all opened our fortune cookies. Now I can’t help but look for signs in life, in the strangest and most far fetched places and it’s become somewhat of a habit for me. Whether it be for reassurance, divine intervention or simply entertainment, but nonetheless I look for a sign when I reach a crossroads in life and it always seems to come to me in the most amazing way. I’ve had feathers blow into my car, blinding sunlight suddenly come through the clouds and even pictures fall from the wall in front of me. I don’t look at it as a toss of a coin, but more so as confirmation of the decision that I’ve chosen to make is in fact the right one. And if I hadn’t have received a sign it’s highly likely I’d have still made the same choices, but it’s so amazing to find acknowledgement when you seek it. And after dinner, I opened my fortune cookie and smiled to myself as it gave me the sign that I had asked for earlier that day. I realise that fortune cookies are manufactured and pretty biased towards good fortune, but nonetheless it was the cherry on top of my crossroads cake.

My Fortune Cookie Made Me Smile

A Fortune Cookie Made Me Smile

Millie had a fantastic three day break away staying with family and played with some adorable kittens. Now that she’s home again I literally can’t stop squishing her she seems to have grown so much in just a few days. As it’s the summer holidays we’ve been going on walks, making crafts, playing at the park and visiting grandparents and it’s lovely. Life is thankfully normal once again, the sun is shining, the children haven’t stopped smiling and I’m in such a good place right now.

Millie's Enjoying The Summer Holidays

Millie’s Enjoying The Summer Holidays

And Gabriele is just growing by the day and changing so much. He loves to run and climb on everything within reach, he has absolutely no fear at all and is such a thrill seeker balancing precariously on one chubby little foot with the biggest grin on his face. He’s starting to say real words now as opposed to baby garble and some of his finest vocabulary consists of “mum” “up” “there” “ta” and “plop”.

Millie And Gabriele Love The Park

Millie And Gabriele Love The Park

I had my final check at Optimax Milton Keynes this week following my laser eye surgery earlier this year, and it’s made such a fantastic difference to my life to now have perfect vision. The haze has been lifted from my eyes, heart and mind and it’s possibly the worst cliche in the world but I really can see clearly now the rain has gone! To think that correcting my vision has had the biggest impact on my outlook is incredible but true, as I’m no longer squinting or straining to see, frowning or having headaches from blurry vision I can start everyday on an even par instead of on the back foot.

As I’m now healed from my breast reconstruction I’ve been on a constant shopping spree to restock my wardrobe as my body shape has changed entirely. Since having Gabriele fifteen months ago my hips have now got wider but my waist smaller and from my surgery my bust size has gone up from a 30DD to a 30FF so I finally have an hourglass figure after years of looking like an ironing board! But this also means that none of my underwear fits, my jeans, skirts and dresses all hang off of me and won’t stay up on my waist so pretty much the only clothes I still have use of are my socks right now. I was already a difficult shape to dress before my reconstruction as I wear a UK8 but small sizes seem to accommodate for a small bust. So I juggle with dressing oversized and baggy in order to fit my bust, or squeezing my top half into something smaller which fits my bottom half. But I’m far from complaining as what girl doesn’t love a bit of retail therapy, albeit on a rather grand scale! 🙂

I Had A Lovely Pamper At The Hair Salon This Week

I Had A Lovely Pamper At The Hair Salon This Week

And after a trip to the hair salon I have some lovely new highlights and a re-trim ready for the summer. I’m feeling good in myself, life is pretty hectic right now but it’s better to be kept on your toes than sitting on your backside, right? And you can be sure of one thing in life, it will never be straight forward, because if it was it would be incredibly boring and nobody would appreciate it. Coldness makes us appreciate the joy of heat and the darkness makes the light even more beautiful when it finally shines. This week is lining up nicely already and time is just flying past these days. I guess right now I look at my life on a daily basis, deal with whatever obstacles fall into my path and try to keep my head above water for the days in between. Anything above and beyond the norm is a bonus and whatever puts a smile on my face is most welcome. Carpe diem, and all that jazz!

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