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Today my new Running Mat arrived in the post and I was so excited to finally use it. After having my two children, aged five and one year, I’ve tried to make a conscious effort to stay in shape and keep as fit and active as possible, eat healthily and get outdoors to enjoy the beautiful sun.

But when I go for a run or attempt to do a workout outdoors there’s a few obstacles to overcome first; running shorts and workout apparel never seem to have pockets for door keys, mobile phones and drinks so you either have to run with a heavy bag on your back which pulls on your shoulders and bounces around or struggle to hold everything in your hands. Secondly, when you’re out and about working out and you need to catch your breath or do some stretches and push ups it’s a game of russian roulette when you take to the grass and not only do my hands, knees and clothes get messy and stained but you never know what’s been on the ground before you. It isn’t pleasant doing push-ups on a hard and rough surface and I certainly don’t enjoy having a wet bottom to run home with when I’ve stopped for some breath for a sit down or to do sit-ups.

The Running Mat Makes Outdoor Exercise So Convenient

The Running Mat Makes Outdoor Exercise So Convenient

So you can imagine my excitement when my waterproof, lightweight and portable Running Mat arrived today, which simply fastens around your waist and carries everything you need for a workout in the sun (or rain). To get outside in the fresh air and the gorgeous weather, topping up on a tan whilst you keep fit and active is priceless. It makes working out outside so convenient and I don’t know how I ever managed without it! What a gem of an idea the Running Mat is and an essential for every fitness bunny and gym instructor out there, a big thumbs up from me!

You can buy your own Running Mat online here!

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