3 Ways Your Style Can Showcase Your Personality

Are you in a rut with your look? Do you have a great personality, but worry that you come across initially bland and dull to others? It’s time to make a change! Looking good on the outside helps you to feel good on the inside, boosting your confidence and allowing you to enjoy life more. Here are some ways that you can go about embracing change…

3 Ways Your Style Can Showcase Your Personality

Paint your bedroom a colour you love

It’s easy to get lost in the gorgeous neutral homes on Pinterest, Instagram and home magazines. Everything looks so serene, beautiful and perfectly styled. Chances are you’ve tried modelling your own home after this kind of look – but maybe it’s just not ‘you’. Plus, your home isn’t a show home, it’s your own personal space. You want it to feel like ‘yours’ and so decorate it how you want, not just how you think you should!

If you’re unsure of going all out, keep three walls in a neutral shade and paint or wallpaper one feature wall in your favourite colour. Add accessories in the same shade and homely touches that bring you comfort. Why not showcase your favourite kind of plant on a shelf with some travel souvenirs you’ve  bought from different places around the world or hang frames with pictures of loved ones and ornaments that catch your eye. Forget trying to style your room or your home in general in the way that you think it should be done for others and start creating spaces that will genuinely make you happy. 

Modify or change your car

Your car says a lot about you, and just like your home, it’s actually a way for you to express your personality. You might not have the money to buy the car of your dreams – but who does?! Yet you want to be reasonably happy with what you’re driving. If you’re able to change vehicles to something that suits you better then go for it. Otherwise, you could always make modifications to what you have. A big modification would be a paint job in a unique or vinyl wrap to make it really personal to you – but this can be expensive.

Cheaper options would be seat covers inside, and private number plates. You could change the wheels to modernise or give it a different look, or even have the interior seats re-covered completely. When you’re out on the road, other road users see you as your car. You’re not ‘the person driving the Volkswagen Beetle’, they see you as just the Volkswagen Beetle if that makes sense. Many of us get our first cars based on what we can afford and what’s low on insurance, but as time goes by it might be possible to upgrade to something a little more stylish and you. Do some research, have a think about what vehicle feels most uplifting – a big, bad, SUV? A cute girly hatchback? Or a sleek and chic saloon car perhaps? 

I Love My New Bright Orange Hair!

Drastically change your appearance

Have you looked the same way for years? It happens to us all! Maybe you’ve not done much to your hair since you left school, perhaps you’ve always dressed in a ‘safe’ and plain kind of way, you might even have done your makeup the same way since you started wearing it. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, try something new and be a little bit different! Cut your hair short or buy some extensions so you can wear it longer. Dye it a different colour or have a hairdresser cut you a fringe. Treat yourself to some clothes in a style you’ve always wanted to try because what’s the worst that could happen? Stop playing it safe all the time, and use your appearance as a fun and adventurous way to express yourself. 

If you feel plain, dull or just a bit rubbish on the outside then it’s going to affect the way that you feel inside. So take pride in yourself and your belongings, make changes for yourself based on what will make you feel good and most like ‘you.’ Many women can find themselves having a bit of an identity crisis when getting out of long relationships, changing jobs, after big life events or just through age. Don’t just settle, make changes for the better!

How do you express your personality with your style?


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