4 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Fresh

If you’ve been in a relationship for several years, there are very few surprises anymore. You know everything about your partner, from their music preferences to their unusual eating habits.

How To Keep Your Relationship Fresh


When you first started dating, you no doubt felt that flutter of excitement and nerves whenever you saw each other. The budding relationship was energetic, amorous, and fun. Although you may still be deeply in love with your partner, it’s common to find that this initial spark can fade over time. 

If you’re now spending less time with your clothes off, and more time watching TV on the sofa, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Relationships change form over time, and it’s only natural to become more comfortable in each other’s presence. But you may still be missing those early days of passion.

The good news is, there are still plenty of ways to keep your relationship fresh and exciting. All you need to do is break out of your current routine and try new things. Here are four great tips to get you started. 


If you are worried your relationship is becoming stale, or you are longing for the passion of the past, you shouldn’t keep these feelings to yourself. Any successful relationship relies on effective communication between both parties. Whatever you are feeling, let your partner know. Of course there is a risk they may be offended, but on the other hand they may also be feeling the same way. Talking to each other about your concerns is the only ay to find a solution and move on.

Surprise each other

Just because you’ve been together for years, that doesn’t mean you can’t still surprise each other. You will just have to get a bit more creative about how you do it. And it doesn’t need to be a big, expensive romantic gesture either. Little actions like leaving love notes in their lunchbox or whisking them away for a surprise dinner date can go a long way.

Give each other space

Spending too much time together can be a little stifling, so ensure you make time for yourself. Go for long walks, an evening out with your friends, or evening a relaxing weekend away on your own. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and a little time away will help your relationship to blossom and flourish.

Be more active together

What do you and your partner enjoy doing together? Watching primetime TV and going shopping for Tylko’s wall unit shelving might be nice, but it’s not very exciting. Why not start a more active hobby together? Get the sweat flowing by training for a marathon, face your fears with rock climbing, or even pack your backpack and go for a long distance hike. Not only will this benefit your fitness, it will bring the two of you closer together. 

By following these four tips, your relationship will continue to feel fresh and new over time. Just remember to communicate and try not to succumb to the same old routines.

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