Eating Our Way To Extinction UK Film Premiere

Starring globally renowned figures and the world’s leading scientists, EATING OUR WAY TO EXTINCTION is set to take the world on a journey via a powerful cinematic feature documentary that addresses all that we fail to talk about regarding our planet. Described as alarming and entertaining this compelling feature documentary claims you will never look at your food or the food industry in the very same way again…

Set to explore the ecological impact of diets, the documentary isnarrated by academy award winner Kate Winslet who says that “time is running out’” whilst delivering some very hard truths about food production asEating Our Way To Extinction specifically focuses on animal agriculture and our global changing landscapes.

Being a lifelong vegetarian and vegan activist, influencer and campaigner I have been kindly invited to the red carpet UK premiere of #EOWTE and upon receiving the invitation felt uplifted and yet entirely devastated at the very same time. It’s saddening to think that such films have to exist in order to bring about change for the way that we behave after carelessly destroying what nature has so plentifully provided.

As a mother of two, my heart absolutely aches for what we have done to our beautiful planet and the impact that this will have in our lifetime let alone for future generations. I am incredibly thankful and fortunate to live in the English countryside surrounded by undisturbed nature, quaint cafes, cutesy coffee shops, peace and positivity; but the reality of the true state of out environment is a million miles away from the fortunate and sheltered life that I lead. We cannot stay silent anymore.

(L) We Are Fortunate To Live In The Beautiful English Countryside (R) My 13yr Old Daughter Millisent & I

Whilst children cheerfully queue for ice creams at the local park rainforests are burning, ice caps are melting, animals habitats are being destroyed and species are becoming extinct – contributed to by the dairy industry which puts the ice creams into smiling children’s hands as they walk through our sleepy village with nobody taking responsibility for their everyday actions and uninformed choices because it’s a case of out of sight out of mind.

We have this huge detachment from the reality of our lifestyle choices with many meat and dairy consumers simply selecting bright and attractive packaging from a supermarket shelf whilst daydreaming about what to have for dinner with absolutely no consciousness of the suffering and sacrifices that have been made for a simple snack or unnecessary ingredient within our diet. Blood, torture, suffering and sacrifice is exchanged for catchy marketing campaigns and cheap deals and promotions to lure custom.

Being a yoga instructor, professional vegan bodybuilder and nutritionist specialising in plant-based transitioning I am well aware of the value and importance of plant based nutrition to the body over that of consuming meat and dairy. But when telling others of the many health benefits the majority of people simply cannot think outside of the unhealthy routines and unnecessary treats and cravings that they face on an almost daily basis. In short, people do not like change, they avoid it at almost all costs and detach themselves emotionally and physically from the consequences of their actions, instead choosing to live in denial until eventually faced with disaster, the threat of illness, or worse yet premature death when prevention is far better than cure.

I Asked Millisent To Design A Positive Message On Our Outfits Which We Will Wear To The Film Premiere

For this reason, and to avoid being accused of brain-washing people to turn to plants and natural remedies, I instead share all that is healthy, happy and most beautiful about my life and lifestyle, allowing others to organically absorb information in their own way and at their own time; with this constant access to good health, educational material and positivity that over time has successfully changed the lives and habits of so many, a large number of my social media followers have achieved life changing results when they are ready to.

This documentary is set to take audiences on a journey around the world from Scotland to the Amazon Rainforest, telling the story of food production and the effects that it has on the environment. People at the very forefront of the climate crisis relay their experiences as well as featuring local activists, celebrities and scientists who add their verdicts on the most pressing issue of our generation.

The goal of this documentary is to create conversation and help people, industry leaders and governments alike to question their everyday choices and become accountable for their actions.The trailer which was released this week depicts thought-provoking examples of natural disasters and the reality of human destruction which I hope will ignite interest in every generation. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio sums it up perfectly when he says it’s “the film future generations will be wishing everyone watched today”. 

Millisent Designed The Slogan “Be The Change” & Spraypainted It Onto Matching Jackets That We Have

There is still time to make a change and turn the tides on our wrong-doings before it is too late, but the time has to be now! So who better than my daughter to experience this documentary with me as the future of our planet is inherited by our children and generations to come, so let us turn our efforts and attention towards inspiring and educating young minds on this crisis.

At school I have no recollection of ever addressing the subject of climate change, as we only briefly touched upon coastal erosion in Geography for which we were told some twenty years ago that it was a natural part of life before colouring in some pretty pictures and having a demonstration of the water cycle. I can only hope that nowadays children are more educated in this matter than the failures of my generation.

To bring further thought to this matter I asked Millisent to design a slogan for two matching jackets that we chose to upcycle from our wardrobes for the film premiere. She decided upon the words “BE THE CHANGE” which we have spoken about and said many times before when addressing the consequences of our actions. She printed this message onto a stencil, cut out and sprayed it onto our clothing. Talking about this, learning, better understanding, assessing our lifestyles and positively influencing others can and will make a difference, but the difference must be constant and consistent to bring about change. This isn’t an event, project or single speech – it must be a continuous and conscious effort for us all to change our habits forever.

(L) Some Words Which Really Touch Me (R) Attending The Worlds Largest Vegan Festival #vegancampout

I’ve recommended previous documentaries, series and content that I’ve seen online and in person to people, with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat as I’m absolutely lost for words, expecting the very same hard-hitting reaction from others only to find that they immediately continue their bad behaviours afterwards and simply brush it off and even justify their detachment by telling themselves it isn’t their responsibility or battle to fight – the stark reality is the responsibility of our future is in all of our hands and we have to act now.

As a mother, woman, vegan, nature-lover and humanitarian I will continue to spread the word in a loving, kind, compassionate and considerate way so as not to alienate others, but passively and organically show a consistent and better, more sustainable way of living. It’s not about being perfect, it’s not about being better than others or removing all that you love and enjoy most in your life, but about making small conscious changes to everyday actions that together add up and change the world. I can do it, you can do it and together we will get through this. We all simply have to contribute what we are able to and if making a positive contribution is not possible then please at the very least do not take or cause suffering to others and the world around us.

Millisent’s Thoughts Prior To The Film Premiere

My daughter Millisent 13yrs says: At school I was taught a lot less than I would have liked to about climate change and the environment but we were always been told to have a balanced diet that includes meat, fish and dairy and as I have grown up; I’ve since found that that is actually the worst thing I could have done because of the impact that dairy farming has on our planet.”

She continues: “I think that climate change is a huge issue that people say they are trying to fix but aren’t bothered to because they are relying on the next generation to take care of it as a fail safe. With my generation being the future, what hope do we have if our parents don’t even know what they should be doing to help us as well as themselves?”

My Daughter Millisent & I Will Wear Her Words To Bring About Kind & Compassionate Conversation With Others

Millisent concludes: “It doesn’t affect my daily life but it is a worldwide problem that needs to be solved. Although it may not affect myself here and now it has a massive impact on others who live in parts of the world where climate change does the most damage; like when people’s homes are flooded, coastal erosion and forest fires. I don’t know how this will truly impact my future so I’m thankful that a documentary like this exists to educate people on this topic.”

“I recycle plastic and cardboard at home, never waste food and walk instead of driving, but I would like to be more involved in saving our planet as I’m sure many others my age also do. I really want this film to make a difference but with previous documentaries like Seaspiracy, it shocked people but then no one I know actually stopped eating fish. I just hope more of a difference can be made with this film to leave a lasting impact on people’s lives, but it definitely won’t be easy to change bad behaviours.”

08/09/21 – The UK Red Carpet Premiere Of #EOWTE

Wow, what an event. I’m lost for words at where to even begin as I am both filled with such pain and love at the same time; my heart breaking for the suffering and destruction that I have witnessed tonight but incredibly honoured and humbled to have met director Otto Brockway, held his hand and thanked him from the very bottom of my heart for bringing this to light.

I have no doubt that the incredibly selfless actions of this man and his team will leave such a positive footprint on this earth and future generations forever. His desire to show the true reality of the consequences that we face, and the enormous change that is necessary, has given us all a second chance to right our wrongs. I pray that people listen and take heed.

Millisent’s Thoughts After Seeing The Film

“I found the film horrifying but it brought light to the darkest depth of the planet and I’m so happy and encouraged that director Otto Brockway is able to take this message worldwide.”

“I learnt many things from the film but what hit me most was the fish farms and how the fish were sterilised and cleared of lice. All I could imagine was how they were tossed through a machine in order for them to be slightly more edible yet still filled with mercury and antibiotics that cause illness and disease in humans. Imagine if a human had a disease and we were then thrown into a machine against our will so that we could be sterilised and fed to others humans and animals.”

(L) We Can Inspire Young Minds To Be The Change & Learn From Our Mistakes (R) Director Otto Brockway

“The most shocking thing I found was how inhumane people were acting when they were removing the indigenous people from their homes to create space for more farmland to feed animals to be slaughtered. It killed me to know that so many innocent people lost their lives because they didn’t want to leave their ancestors home’s and were then shot in cold blood. How would we feel to be kicked out of our homes or even killed just so that we can feed animals that will be killed sooner than they should be to feed others when we can have enough crops to feed the world without any unnecessary death.”

“The last part of the film brought hope back to me and the audience when it finished on the story of a man who plants trees daily to try and regrow back what we have lost. I’m happy to see that his story was shared and that he had been making a difference since he was five, he has definitely inspired me to do the same.”

(L) Tracy Kiss (R) Millisent Kiss 13yrs : We Owe It To Our Children To Educate Them On The Truth About Food

“I would much rather have every person in the world watch this film than a fictional movie about romance, because this is a very real problem that needs to be heard and I’m happy to know that there were so many influencers who came tonight and have the power to spread a stark but positive message like this.”

I’m proud to say that I can eat vegan now because the plant based options are slowly growing. I have a mix of hope and despair towards what I have watched but I just hope that we can now change the course that our planet is currently going down before it is too late.”

The #EOWTE Red Carpet Was Green In Honour Of Mother Earth

“When I was younger I had the choice of whether I wanted meat and dairy, but as I’ve grown up I realise how much I never really wanted or needed it. Saying that, I also never wanted to be vegan because it was branded as just eating salads, and I and many other people, crave flavour. I’m happy now to become vegan and eat vegan because it has become so wide spread and we now have so many plant based options that it tastes the same, if not better, as eating meat and dairy whilst being far healthier for us and more sustainable for the planet.”

Tracy’s Thoughts After Seeing The Film

We display calories on bright and attractive food packagings so that we can make a conscious choice on fat, sugar and salt content in a world plagued with over-indulgence, obesity and poor health – yet the true cost of the food that we eat shouldn’t be measure in calories but the suffering, destruction, land and water consumption used to produce it which not only causes the loss of the life of innocent animals, vital rainforests and oceans but through the consumption of chemicals and antibiotics used to force grow the meat supply we too become sick and diseased, limiting and deducting from our life expectancy with every meal, whilst also attributing to the extinction of the human race and our planet.

Meat & Dairy Farming Is The Problem But A Plant Based Diet Is The Solution; M&S Shelves Do Not Reflect This

We cannot and should not sugar coat, dress up and hard sell that which is causing our demise unnecessarily when safer, healthier and far more sustainable plant based options are available to us all. We have to be accountable for our own actions and face up to the consequences of our lifestyle choices by voting with our feet as consumers and holding brands and suppliers accountable for their stocks and shares in meat and dairy.

It’s no longer not ok to sit back, do nothing and simply tell yourself that your actions as one person on this earth will not make a difference because it will; together we must all take responsibility and tackle this crisis head on for our own sake and that of future generations. As people we lead such small and ignorant lives, moving within a short radius of where we live and socialise without being truly conscious or sympathetic to the wider world and the problems and very stark risks associated with, and because of, climate change.

(L) The Pun “Nice To Meat You” Is Used Playfully On Meat Packaging (R) Glorifying Meat & Dairy As Desirable

Because this suffering and destruction doesn’t happen on our doorstep, take priority or maintain exposure in the media we do not think, feel or act upon it, instead busying our lives with idle gossip and easy entertainments whilst the invisible clock of man’s extinction ticks loudly above all of our heads. We need to open our eyes, hearts and minds to this crisis and switch our diets immediately, passionately and indefinitely to a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of life through plant-based foods.

Whilst many aspects of this film were heart breaking and such images of suffering, destruction and death lay heavy on my soul, there is also a great message of hope and recovery here if we become proactive rather than reactive to the devastation the meat, fish and industries has caused to our planet. One line from this movie in particular which resonates with me is the notion of not wanting to tell future generations how we “used to have trees”. We have been blessed by the miracle of life and the environment which provides us with an abundance of good health, peace, love, opportunity and security which we have taken for granted for far too long, used, abused and bled dry to the point of our species now facing extinction.

(L) We All Have The Ability To Choose A Plant Based Diet For Better Health & The Future Of Our Planet

Now it is our time to balance the scales and restore the karma we have single handedly and selfishly destroyed. I believe this film will change lives, save lives and resonate with the entirely world if we all share this message; the sooner this message is heard the sooner we can begin righting our wrongs, removing corruption, injustices and unnecessary suffering to animals, our quality of life, health and lifespan and the condition of the environment. We must learn from such tragic mistakes and prevent future occurrences at all costs.

Returning home we stopped for some food at M&S whilst waiting for the train and it sickened me to not only see the proportion of plant based fresh foods being such a tiny minority of the shelf space, but of meat products jovially being advertised and promoted at high traffic areas by the tills with one package of BBQ beef jerky using a playful pun reading “nice to meat you” and advertised for the price of £1.65 for 25g when the true cost of this product is the enormous impact upon millions of lives and the extinction of mankind – there is no laughter, sugar coating necessary or profit to be made from greed and suffering in the saviour of our planet and existence. 

There Is The Hope Of Recovery If We Take Heed Of The Warnings We Have Been Given Today

Now that we see first hand the true cost of our diet I cannot comprehend how could anybody with a heart could ever see this film and continue to contribute to our demise. Meat, fish and dairy is very evidently the cause of our destruction and plants are the solution; we need to see and feel the harsh reality of our actions on a daily basis, continuously, prominently and factually eye-openingly in the forefront of the media like this in order to bring about the great change that is necessary.

As parents we do all that we can to protect our children from danger and the harsh reality of life to give them a happy childhood of carefree innocence, yet in disassociating them with reality we are knowingly walking our children and future generations directly towards the extinction of mankind. These young minds need facts and information, as hard hitting as it may be they deserve the understanding and knowledge to be able to make a properly informed choice with their own actions. We cannot sugar coat extinction, we must give them the love, respect and tools that they deserve to be able to save themselves.

If one little boy at the age of five has gone on to now plant millions of trees in Brazil to regrow the rainforest and another kind man has delivered the gift of this incredible film to educate and inform the world, just imagine what the intellectually vibrant and creative, compassion young minds of the youth of today are able to achieve for the good of mankind within their lifetime. Please take heed of these warnings, change now for yourself and the sake of others. It is not ok to simply do nothing anymore or continue such bad habits. If you are not a part of the solution you will remain a part of the cause of our destruction #GOVEGAN
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