How To Create An All-Weather Outdoor Space for Yourself And Your Loved Ones to Enjoy

In truth there’s only one thing that is predictable about the British weather, and that being that every year it is predictably unpredictable. It can be 25C on a summer’s day in July, and during the very same month it can be 8C and heavy rainfall or hail falling dramatically from the sky. In Britain, the seasons are unclear blurring into one at times and changing pretty much from week to week due to the weather. 

How To Create An All-Weather Outdoor Space

More and more during the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, people have begun to relish and appreciate the joy of having outdoor open spaces available to them. Whether it be in the garden, at an allotment, going to local public parks, or walking the dog through countryside nature reserves, the British people in recent times have simply grown to love the outdoors now more than ever before! 

Do you have a garden or outside area at the moment at home that you’re not exactly sure what to do with? Here we discuss some great tips regarding the different ways that you can create all-weather outdoor spaces at home for yourself and your loved ones to enjoy spending some valuable quality time in. It’s time to go and embrace your gardens and outdoor spaces at home! 

Get Yourself a Greenhouse for the Garden So You Can Grow Some Exciting Fruit and Veg 

Peppers, tomatoes, sweetcorn, and squash all tend to thrive in hotter more humid climates than we have in Britain, therefore when growing these types of vegetables in the UK you will need a greenhouse for some vital assistance! 

Where Can You Buy a Greenhouse from Online? 

After a short search, you will find that there are multiple different online stores selling greenhouses, so it’s really a matter of taking your pick from a vast array of greenhouses online. 

Before buying a greenhouse, you should definitely keep in mind the size of your garden/outdoor space and be sure that it will fit alright in your outside space before spending lots of money on one. 

How Much Do Greenhouses Normally Cost to Buy? 

It’s hard to put an exact sum on the average price of a greenhouse. The price of buying a greenhouse varies quite a bit and usually depends on its size and the quality of the materials that it’s made from. A large sized greenhouse or polytunnel can cost several thousands of pounds. Whereas a smaller size greenhouse may only cost £100-300. 

The Greenhouse Could Quickly Turn into Your Latest Favourite Hobby… 

It’s very exciting getting fully into gardening and being able to go and check on the progress of the sweetcorn and tomatoes in the greenhouse in your garden. 

Get Yourself a Veranda So You Can Enjoy Mealtimes Outside and Take Full Advantage of Your Outdoor Space at Home 

What is a veranda? Some people may ask. A veranda to put it simply is a roofed open-air porch, situated outside and attached to a house or building. 

Would you like to be able to enjoy having a nice mealtime outside in your garden with your family or friends without having the worry of being rained on constantly? Then why not go and invest in having a patio glass roof veranda built in your outdoor space at home. Nationwide LTD is a home innovations company that offers quality custom-made verandas. 

Get creative with how you use your outdoor space and go and take advantage of the luxury of having a veranda. You can enjoy doing anything you like in your outdoor space, from playing cards with friends, to enjoying food and drinks with guests, reading books, listening to your music, outdoor chit chats, and whatever it may be that you may wish to spend time doing outside under your veranda! All of these outdoor things will give you a welcome break from Zoom calls and the rest of your household. Getting a veranda will allow you to socialize in your outside space and alleviate the fear of being soaked. And the weather spoiling things. 

Buy a Large Outdoor Shed and Turn It into a Den by Putting Everything You Could Wish for Inside It 

Many people love to enjoy spending some of their free time in the shed. And what if you could buy a shed with so much space that it could also have enough room for a bar, armchairs, a dart board, a television, a games console and so on and so on?! So take the leap of faith. On the internet nowadays there are plenty of sheds on sale that are perfectly big enough and suitable for building an ideal place to chill out, relax, and get some much needed down time from the rest of the world.


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